Make Halloween costumes was on my list for this year.  

Jones has been reading the Big Bad Wolf and decided he should be that.  He really wanted Thea to be 3 little pigs but I couldn’t make that happen so I made her Little Red Riding Hood.  I found a pattern online for the big bad wolf and then when we went to buy fur jones it was $30/yard on sale!  I needed two yards so very quickly I decided I would not make his costume if the expense was that great and we ordered it online for $20.  For little red I did make her costume except for the dress which I had already in the closet.  I patterned the cape from one of her hoodies and made the apron using her overalls as a template.  The tutu was basically tulle tied onto elastic.   It was pretty easy to do.  

We went to several Halloween events including the Halloween parade where they were picked for a top costume and won free pizza.  They were a little sad when Halloween was over and Jones has already requested to be a ninja turtle for Christmas.  Lol. 
Both costumes have been now recycled into the dress up bin.


Theaburf 18 months

18 months little bird.

You talk talk talk.  At 18 months you should say 2 word sentences.  Yesterday you said a 6 word sentence. 

You run away from me when I need you and then play get me by running around the car, table, room whatever it is.

You still have wispy blonde hair and blue blue eyes.

You weigh about 22 lbs.

You are becoming a picky eater you don't want to even try foods that look unfamiliar.  But you still love peas, carrots, broccoli and yogurt.

You don't want to be left and often will run after me when I am leaving shouting "I am coming!"

You don't really want to listen to books but will sit on my lap and play when I read to jones. 

You like to write usually with an ink pen rather than crayon or marker.

The other day you picked up your toys while I was in the kitchen changing over laundry.

You get soooo upset when you get in trouble.  I have started making you look me in the eyes when disciplining you and you fight me but then will soften and say sorry.

You are starting to learn to peddle your bike.  

You looooove to pull the wagon or ride in it.  

You tend to copy jones.

You also like to play simon says. 

You are 18 months going on 3.

Love you bunches!


Tuesday 10 - Looking Towards Fall

Summer is ending how is this possible?  The pool closed, we are needing jackets and long pants around here.  Although I must admit I am looking forward to fall. 

1. The Apple Orchard - jones has already proclaimed he wants to visit the orchard again.   He planted apple seeds to grow his own. 

2. Jockey Yoga Pants - so soft and pockets adore.

3. Fall Weather - sweaters weather

4. Jones playing soccer.  - Hilarious and amazing.

5. Thea's Style - the girl loves glasses, rain boots, bracelets and jackets.  

6. Finishing up the garden project. 

7. Jones can pedal his bike.  

8. Company discounts on insurance.  I will be saving $$. 

9. Quilting the Ugly Quilt - it's a little bit of chaos. 

10. "Honk Honk" - Uncles JJ & Rob are in Hong Kong and Jones keeps saying "Honk Honk" when he talks to him and sees photos of his trip.  


Tuesday 10 - Summer is ending

1. Pools open late.  This has been so good.  

2. Violet Kraft paper piercings this peacock

3. Kraft Mac & cheese - always a fav

4. Solar Eclipse - of course the clouds covered it but still cool before/after

5. Indy Modern Quilt Guild Show - always amazing we had an excellent turnout.  I just love these ladies

6. Jones's first day of school.  He loves it.

7. Randomly finding World India Day (ps the mayor Joe Hogsett is there in that photo dancing love it).

8. I found my missing iPad :)

9. Plain black tee shirts in uber soft cotton (I have three I love them).

10. State Fair


Theaburf - 17months ago

Ahhhh a little late for 17 months but in all fairness i actually took the photos before you were 18 months.
Little bird you are so clever. 
You mimic Jones and others (mostly Jones).
You parrot oh so many words.
Your favorite being "No" and "Mine".
You talk, sing, run, Jump and dance with such passion.  
You love to play babies, cars, and kitchen.  
You are learning to peddle your bike.
You are swinging on big kid swings.
You climb to the top of the highest ladder and go down the tallest slides.
And you recently became a water baby loving the pool.
You even are learning to use the kickboard.
You are sooo messy.
Usually going thru 3-5 outfits a day. 
You like to eat brocoli, mac and cheese and "sauce".
You demand outside most times of the day.
You hug me when you know you are in trouble. 
You like to see dogs from a distance and for some reason you dislike cats. 
You are starting to count. 
You are fiercely independent.
Oh I love you so.
Love mommy 
(photos taken at Spring Street Treats).


10 - Young Wild and Three a party for Jonesy

So two months back now we had a birthday party for jones!  I went back and forth between having it and not.  Paying for a place or taking chances with the park.  I ended up deciding to just go with the local splash park where they had picnic tables in the shade too it it's hot. I made signs because I am not sure many people had been to this splash park.  
I asked him what he wanted for a theme and he requested monster.  So I rounded up a few monster goodie bag treats and let him make them.  We also made a monster cake together.  
Anyhow it worked out perfectly it wasn't too hot. Lots of friends came, we had exactly enough cake.  
He enjoyed his party and he was super tried and ready for napping when we got home.  
He also requested a Fitbit so that's what I bought him.  


38 - Sleepover at Grandmas

So back in June I was in a wedding.  My kids came to spend the weekend with Grandma and Lita for a sleepover.   They had such a good time.  Although they are always glad to come home.  

Tuesday 10 - Posted On Wednesday

This was totally queued up last night and I never got it posted so here's a Tuesday 10 on Wednesday.  

1. Reading Handmaids Tale

2.  Dear Stella - Dark and Stormy Fabric.  Those sharks.  Those pirates.

3. Back2School Shopping.  I got some good deals on things mostly for Jones.

4. Cooler Summer days.  It's been low 70s.

5. Prayers - at church Sunday two people prayed for me one who randomly just felt the need to without even knowing me.  It was so sweet.

6. Breaking out my Hexies again.

7. New pants on sale at TJMaxx

8. Clean sheets

9. Kids at Skate Park

10. Slip N'slide


3 years Jones Boy!

Holy cow!  3 years old.  

This is three and it's so fun!

yes my child is repping a single sock and his pride robot shirt with his red sweatshorts.  

He dresses himself most days now and the struggle is real.  

He also calls these pumas his "memorial day shoes" because they are red white and blue.  

He is always super into the dinosaurs at the museum and says hello and bye bye everytime.  

He asks me a bazillion questions like what do dinosaurs eat, where do they sleep, when will they come to my house etc etc it's so tiring.  

He also insists some answers I provide to his life lessons are wrong.  

His current favorite food is cherries, he likes 80s-90s pop in the car, he requests we read transformers and Pete the cat.  

He is swimming more and more and getting more proficient.

He gives me this cheesy smile when I ask him to smile for pictures.  

He is potty trained except overnight.

He loves plants and is interested in gardens.

He asks to make "projects" aka crafts usually daily.

He has such a sharp memory. 

He enjoyed his birthday. 

He declares things his favorite. 

He often will ask "this or that" and then waits for you to respond. 

He snuggles me when he's tired.

He will kiss my forehead when he deems that it's needed.

I love you so much jonesy.


Theaburf 16 months

16 months
Thea girl- 
You are super fiesty and fierce.  
You parrot everything and have such and understanding of what we say.  
You learned to summersault and jump.  
You are just over 20 lbs.  
Your legs are slightly bowed but this does not stop you. 
You have wispy blonde hair and blue eyes.
You give me kisses when you think you are in trouble.
You want to keep up with Jones.
You eat just about everything.  Macaroni and cheese and peas are probably your favorite things.  Except perhaps sauce which you eat with your fingers.  
You love babies and purses.
Live mommy