Summer Reading - Bossypants book 20

Already up to book 20 huzzah.  Let me preface by saying that the cover of Bossypants by Tina Fey creeps me out just a little.  Overall the book was a quick read humorous and entertaining.  I appreciated the stories from her childhood I can safely say that my mother also ordered the period book kit thing so it was relatable.  I also appreciated her opinions on women in the workplace even if they weren't in your face but rather delivered in humor.  I also appreciate her "real"ness throughout the book.  Overall it was worth reading and I would read it again although not for some time.  Onward to the next game of thrones I really need my other library books to come in already.


Another week spent in NYC followed by our road trip.  I started a new small group in the city and decided I am not a super fan of summer in NYC - many places are not air conditioned, their also seems to be rain showers on the random, and the subways are extra smelly, extra humid, extra hot, and extra gross.   But yet here is the summer and I'll be here for most of the season.
Monday - The NYC Public Library Lions
Tuesday - Book for Small Group
Wednesday - subway music
Thursday - Stuck in traffic
Friday - life jackets for dragon boats
Saturday - two dragons
Sunday - pancake and movie date


To Nashville to Nashville to race a Boat oh wait it's Knoxville!

Dustin and I took a road trip this weekend to Nashville scratch that Knoxville to participate in Dragon Boat fundraiser for Knoxville Area Rescue Ministries. (I thought the entire time we were going to Nashville but it was Knoxville!  Doh!)  We raised money for their ministries, along with some of our friends at wheeler mission and drove down.  After our long drive with some traffic in Louisville but we made it to Knoxville.   Friday we had a practice session where our boat full of rookies realized its harder than it looks to paddle in sync.  Basically a dragon boat is a long skinny crew or canoe like boat, it seats 22, 20 paddlers, a drummer and a steersman.  You are ridiculously close to the person in front of you so you absolutely must paddle with the person in front of you or you go no where fast.  Our team was pretty evenly balanced size wise with the center of the boat filled with big burly men to row with strong pulls.  Practice was a mess and both Dustin and I were drenched afterward.
Saturday was the big race with 62 teams.  Bethany got us ridiculous dragon hats that were a huge hit, and had our drummer wear a childsize dragon costume.  We did pretty well although I had issues paddling our team got two respectable times, and finished 22.  I also got to take a swim in the lake so it was a win win.  We stayed with our friend Ty and his grandparents- we've missed Ty - and they were so accomdating.  It was a fun event all around.  WTG KARM on all the fundraising and a successful event we loved it!  
then on the drive home we stopped to see some "big things". Nothing like a pink elephant or roaring lion to complete a quick roadtrip.

Project Life week 22

This is from week 22.  It was a good week at home. I trimmed cards from the Project Life kit down to size for business card sleeves.  I used some mustache stickers for this week because it was the theme of the bachelorette party for Brit.  I made a small page pocket for Bekahs graduation announcement and invite with my sewing machine and a larger sleeve.  Also the back page is all glamour shot snaps because they were hilarious.


Happy Birthday Aunt Thea!

Happy Happy Happy Aunt Thea! I hope you have a good birthday!

(photo from here).



Another week down.  I got to be home this week which was needed and it was good. 
Monday - The IMQG leadership team met.  Baby porter joined us.
Tuesday - red beard and his ladies won 2nd place at Trivia night.
Wednesday - was Dustin and I went out to celebrate and hit the batting cages and got ice cream.
Thursday - I spent some time snuggling with my husband
Friday - I worked on projects like adding Dustin's family to the photo wall.  Which is actually #12 on my list and its finished.  
Saturday - big date night at Bynums steakhouse (this was a place Dustin had been wanting to go)
Sunday - Dustin took 2nd place twice in an ugly tie and awesome beard contest at church.  I hope someone got better pictures of his WWJD tie it's pretty awesome.

Project Life week 23

Week 22 I used some glimmer mist to make the card on the back side which I added a bit of journaling to.    I also had been saving that "Hi" card which was junk mail for what seemed like forever and it worked well as the title card.    I also used some wedding, letter stickers someone gave me and some old old leftover travel stickers too.  Chalk one up for using old supplies and gifts.   There is a pocket I made to hold the wedding invitation and wedding program where ever that ran off to.  This week was the same week I sprained my ankle and so there's journaling from that.


Round Robin - Susan IMQG

It would be a true statement to say I have not been at the sewing machine much lately.  But its been more that you think I have a almost finished quilt on there right now and I finished a quilt top and this round robin for Susan.  
She provide fabrics that are all flowers and with a muted palette. It came to me all symmetrical and I was really at a loss of what to do because I am not all patterny and such.  So I added improv rows to two sides.  And then I sent it on to the next person.

Project Life - Week 21

This fell together super easy.  Most of the photos are from the weekend but really the week week part was super boring.  I printed out journalling about the week in review and title on cardstock.  I added in some ribbon and some bling and boom we had a week done.


Summer Reading - A Clash of Kings Book 19

I finished my first summer reading book - it's the second Game of Thrones Book - A Clash of Kings by RR Martin.  This book was equally as good as the first in the series although it seemed to jump around more than the first, keeping the story intertwined with the characters.  It had many twists I was not expecting.  After reading this one the various lands and areas seem to start to make sense.  Anyhow it was a good read and I started the third since I got it from the library too.  


2013 List Update - June

I haven’t provided an update on the 2013 for a while. So I thought it was due time. Surprisingly I have actually made some headway. Although looking at the list I’m WAY behind on some, but having 12 complete and 11 in progress seems pretty good. 

11 of 52 In Progress: 
4. Make 10 quilts (clearly last years 12 was too ambitious) . - One, 
 6. Take 365 photos (yes I'm trying this again) – Almost ½ way 
7. Be spontaneous with Amy. – In the works 
11. 25 first dates (as a married couple). – Started I need to write a summary of these. 
12. Add Dustin's family to the Wall. - Printed. 
14. Walk or Run 700 miles – I lost track already this year! I have run 25 miles total, and I usually average between 7,000-10,000 steps a day – which is about 3-5 miles total. So roughly I’m pretty sure I’m close to this. 22. Memory Jar - Started 
23. Finish Jono's Quilt – Finished top 
26. Project Life. – I’m almost caught up. 
32. Continue working towards those 52 books.- Book 12,Book 13, Book 14, Book 15, Book 16, Book 17, 
33. Volunteer at Wheeler. – Coming in June 

12 of 52 Complete: 
1. Get Married. - Done 
2. Basketball with Sammie. – Crossing Off I went and saw her play. 
3. Purge some things not worn or used in a year. - Complete 
9. Goodbye party/dinner for Jono and LoLo. - Goodbye and Glowgolf 
16. Install the master bedroom door. - DONE 
18. Organize my headband collection - ORGANIZED 
20. Pinterest project with Kathleen - Completed 
21. Bike ride
28. Birthday celebration for Dustin. - Omaha and Bacon Party 
30. Have a PhotoBooth. - Wedding Photobooth. 
43. Open time capsules with Kim and Jeanne. - OPENED 


A Summer List

Time for a summer list (2012 list here),  this is probably a little ambitious but I wanted to put together a list of things to do this summer.  I made the list with Kathleen during our regular breakfasts, and then I asked Dustin what he wanted to add too, so it's kind of a "group" list of summer activities.  It seems like summer is already here - I went to the pool with Amy the other day, but it was too cold for the water.
  • Paint Master Bedroom 
  • Finish the floors 
  • Dye my hair - Complete
  • Update My Blog Design - Complete
  • Take Dustin Whitewater rafting 
  • Cousin Paul's Wedding - Complete
  • Stay in a Hotel with a rooftop pool 
  • Visit Jones and Lo 
  • Make Kitchen Table 
  • Find a Regular Spot 
  • Make Crepes 
  • New Tires - Complete
  • Make popsicles 
  • Have a dance party BBQ 
  • Water Balloon Fight 
  • Be Spontaneous with Amy 
  • Pool a lot - Complete
  • Canoe trip - Complete
  • $5 Date Night 
  • Get ready for Chickens 
  • Statue of Liberty 
  • Kings Island 
  • More cookouts 
  • Baseball roadtrips - Complete
(Photo above from my trip to Tahoe last summer)


Another week down.  This week I took very few photos because I didn't do much until the weekend.  
Monday -  Doctors office with my sprained ankle 
Tuesday - misspelled signed 
Wednesday - dinner by a fountain
Thursday - article about cars that break for bikes (for the record this article enrages me not because I dislike bikers but because I think the technology should not be about breaking for bikers but reducing our dependency on oil)
Friday - Trivia with Kathleen 
Saturday - wedding for our friends Josh and Brittney 
Sunday - I only took this one photo it's of my empty cereal bowl before church