A fun idea brought to by Jay...

Earlier today Jay wanted really badly to take the photo a day today. He snapped a few of them while I was working. Of course I told him that this wasn't how it works. I am taking a year of photos myself so I stole his idea tonight after he got home from work.



I love to hate...

When there's no sprinkles for my ice cream.
Cable companies who really loves the racket they have?
Wet jeans.
A certain someone who's name starts with J and ends in n.
Laptop bags I have yet to find one I really like (and yes Jono I will pick another option out soon).
When I can't find something positive in all the negative.
The news see previous item.
Having to keep my shoes on.
When I run out of Bubble gum.
Tolls I love having nice smooth roads but seriously I hate them.
Supersized companies that can't appreciate their employees but like the millions/billions of dollars they make on the backs of these employees.
Sales people at Hobby Lobby who want to argue with me over what's on sale when I'm holding a sales paper.

What do you love to hate?


Jonathan Jones on the Dean's List!

Guess who was on the dean's list??? Yes that's right Jonathan Jones! Look at him being all smart and stuff! I'm so proud can you tell? WTG Jono! Luv you!

Guess who's also in New England this week???? Any guesses?? I'll give you a hint he's in the photo? It's not Super Smart Jono. Nope it's my dad. We got to have dinner tonight, and tomorrow we are going to do something else fun. Anyhow it's fun to have someone to hang out with.

More soon.


10 things I love right now...

A little love this month. I have been not so good with the Tuesday 10's but here's a little list...

10 Things I Love Right Now
  1. Snuggling with Jay (this is hard to do from over a 1000 miles away).
  2. Being in my own house.
  3. Project Runaway - TV totally sucks aside from this.
  4. Milky Way Cocoa from Dunkin Donuts goes nice with sprinkle donut
  5. Floppy - I love him all the time.
  6. CE Bigelow Lip Shine - Fabulous!
  7. New experiences new things.
  8. Polka dots - still loving them.
  9. Letting Janelle think she can beat me.
  10. Snow!

Garage Band Rock Star!

When people store their guitars haphazardly in their garage next to the watering can, car washing rags and lawn chairs. They most likely will never be garage band rockstars. But they can still have fun making up silly songs. I had a little fun when I spied the guitar on the way to get to run errands with Jay. I think it's safe to say that no garage band rockstars live here.


Snow Beautiful

I know I love Snow anyhow but it's absolutely fabulous here. These photos don't do the snow much justice but some of them turned out pretty cool considering that I took them from my car while I was driving and I can't even retouch them because I'm without photoshop here. so yay for whacky camera settings. I so wished I had some snow boots and my SLR this morning so I could stomp around in the snow and get some awesome photos. Instead I settled for enjoying it from the rush hour traffic.


Monday Recapped

Spent 8 hours either on a plane or in the airport I can't really remember which. And the sad part is both my flights were ON TIME! It did take me 1.5 hours to get my bag today after I did get to Boston WTH?? (this is why I don't check them). Seems they don't know how to get bags out in the snow. When I did get it - it was covered in the snow. Nice!

Skipped going to the office came straight to the hotel did a 3 hour live meeting with someone who also skipped the office I love it! Worked late until around 6:30.

Made a quick run to Old Navy on the way to pick up supper. Hoorah for old navy everything in that store was like 50%-75% off and it's already dirt cheap. I got 2 pairs of pants, 3 shirts and a scarf for $21 Sweet! Grabbed a salad from Applebees it was yummy although they put WAY too much dressing on it.

I went for a swim. I should have passed as the pool as now I do have some nice chlorine rinsed eyes that are watering to go with my coughing and sneezing fest. Perhaps tomorrow I will do something exciting although I might save that for when I don't have 1/4 of a cold.

Well that's the latest from Boston more soon...


Off to Boston

again tomorrow. I hear they are expecting snow so hopefully I don't spend too much time stuck in Atlanta for my layover. I'm all packed and ready to go and it's not even 11pm yet - I think that's some kind of record. See you from Boston.


I {heart} balloons!

I've been wanting to get a balloon for a few weeks but Jay wasn't so into it. Well today I got the balloon and despite what Jay thinks I think he likes our balloon. :D


Yankee Pot Roast!

What other kind of pot roast is there in new england? Well Shoot I don't know.

I had a meeting crazed day at work. I rushed out the door to meet a friend in the burbs for supper. She took me to Henry Wadsworth Longfellows Wayside Inn for some history and some good eats. I got the Yankee pot roast which was devine, as was the history and I just love all things historic too. There's also a little chapel next to the inn that is said to be where some nursery rhyme was written, and a cute little old mill.Well anyhow it's getting late I'd love to catch up more but I must stop dilly dallying and go to bed. If you wanna read about the Inn you can see photos here, I took a few photos of the Sudbury Grist Mill one is on my Year in Photos Blog(sorry they stunk) if you want to see how cool the mill really is you might check it out here or here. Postcard pals look out something special coming your way soon!


Best of 2007

So many memorable moments from 2007. In a Year in Review I wanted to post a list of all the memorable moments that happened in no particular order...
  1. The underwear incident
  2. Jay and Katie Wisconsin Adventures
  3. Over heating at the racetrack
  4. Trip to Michigan
  5. PAWS Retreat
  6. So many fun time with Jay Jones
  7. Phoenix Trip
  8. Travel Woes
  9. Jay and his cheese
  10. Good times with Jill, Rich and Amy.

Got a New Toy Today...

The Phrase Maker of course I couldn't wait to play with it. so I made a few pages. Oh and my scraproom is also clean I did that on my vacation so I can play in there and get lots done in a short period of time.
I also went to target to take part in some 90% of christmas specials. I got a ton of stuff for $5 and some of it can be used all year round (I love that!)
Oh and yes the year in photos is a challenge I'm doing and I'm planning to take a photo everyday for a whole year. Still on Target of course it's only the 5th but hopefully I can stick with it. Off to Boston on Monday and so maybe I can get some fun shots there.



Happy New Year!

Not that you can actually see the clock the flash took care of that. But we snapped this at Midnight.