#7 West Coast Tacos

So #7 on my list of 52 things was to eat West Coast Tacos and cross this off my list recently.  Food trucks are all the rage in Indy right now I think there are like 9 of them all around the city.   And West Coast I think it one of the original ones.  So I hit it up with a friend in the snow.  
They really only serve one kind of taco with various meats or a burrito and various beers/sodas on any given day.  When I went it was teriyaki tacos.  No lettuce, no tomatoes, no cheese - I don't know if this is how it is everyday or not but I would have liked to have some lettuce for my taco.  Otherwise they were very flavorful and yummy with a unique asian sort of taco and with a soda it's only $6  - pretty cheap.  Kathleen and I decided however we needed to try out the Naco Taco truck next because that's the authentic mexican kind.


Yes that's right - Santa brought me a Door for Christmas

Actually it was my sister Lita!  But I'm stoked to get my door installed this week, and I was super pumped to have it under the tree too.  I know everyone is jealous.   This Christmas we might have had the most presents under the tree ever and that's not really a joke.  It's crazy because we are grown-ups now.  Anyhow we got some fun surprises - including my door.   It was a good relaxed christmas with no places to go and no real pressure.  
We had a interesting menu for the day starting with Swedish Pancakes,  we had thai for lunch, and then we had a feast of everyone's favorite dishes for dinner.  And here are the few photos that we took - for some reason I majorly slacked on photo taking but I did get a shot of facetiming with JJ and Chris who couldn't join us this Christmas.   I hope everyone had a great holiday.


Bokeh Bokeh

 So I thought it would be really fun to have Christmas Bokeh with fun shapes but I failed miserably when trying to take these photos.  But I thought I would share my attempts anyway because Jodie did try very hard to help me get this - and it did not help that I'm not sure where my lenses for my SLR are.  WHOOPS!
Thanks MUCH Jodie for helping even if I need a remedial class.  Maybe next Christmas I will have mastered this skillset.
 Here is a photo where I did actually get them to look like crosses unfortunately momo doesn't look so happy.
 Look snowman bokeh
 And snow man boken with my knocking cat
 Snowflake bokeh
 Penguin with snowflake bokeh
 Cross bokeh
 Christmas tree bokeh

 And some heart bokeh
And this is what I was trying to make my bokeh look like - this is Jodie's.  Something to add to my list for next year learning about aperture. Thanks again Jodie.


Movie Time - War Horse

So for Christmas we went and saw War Horse.  Which is a movie that is about a incredible horse - not Mr. Ed.  It's a love story about a boy and his horse and the journey that takes place when they get separated and how they find each other again.  I thought the movie was good although not really believable.  At least not to me.  The end scenes were just like Gone with the Wind to me - WTG with that Steven Spielberg I kept expecting the son to tell the dad it's just about the land or the horse or something.   Anyhow it was a good movie worth seeing however I am glad I saw it as a matinee so we could save a little money.


Momo's House Quilt

This was Momo's Christmas present.  It's a wonky house quilt - it's very fitting for her new house she bought this year.  The plaid fabric was linen that was from grandma's stash and I used part of our 30 year old picnic blanket in the binding so mom can have part of that blanket as it was falling apart.   The back is a what I call the "lake tahoe" vintage sheet I brought on Tisha's birthday thrifting.



Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today is Grandpa's Birthday as well as Christmas. I hope it was a good birthday Grandpa. Image from here these are Tea cupcakes interesting


Happy Birthday to my Librarian Bodybuilding Quilting friend!

Rachael may you have an awesome birthday! Enjoy your trip and 30 will be sweet I know it. I can't wait until you get back so we can celebrate - please just don't make me sew 1,000 hexagons together in 24 hours. 
 PS yes that's a Spinach cupcake right there.


Black Market

 So you might have heard already but went to Black Market for dinner the other night and it was GOOD.  I mean it was FABULOUS!  Black Market is on Mass Ave here in Indy and it's in a spot you have to know it's there or you really will miss it.  We did the first time by. I enjoyed everything about it from the communal eating tables, to the menu with like 8 choices, to the wine.  It's an awesome dining out experience in Indy.  It's a little pricey but trust me you will enjoy eating there so much you won't mind.   I had the Indian Stew which was so flavorful I wanted to eat with my eyes closed.  And Jono had the rabbit and dumplings which was also worthy - his beers were also yummy surprisingly he did not order a Stella.   
The menu changes about once a month so I cannot want to come back again and try something new.

Black Market 
922 Massachusetts Avenue  
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 822-6757

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Tuesday 10 - Random List

I like lists so here's a list for this week's Tuesday 10 it's a list of random things about me.  Things you might know things you might not... 
1. The Bungalow is 1 in 9  in my neighbor that recycle - yes I counted the bins last week while running.   And on average we have 2 bags of recycling to every one trash here.
2. I work in corporate training and have built e-learning classes - however I don't like to take e-learning courses myself. 
3. I don't like to wear coats especially when I drive (however I do see the necessity of them).
4. I prefer Walgreens over CVS
5. There is a hatchet in the SUV, there's also a Blackstreet CD, 5 umbrellas, and some random dudes sweatshirt.
6. I have 5 kinds of jam in the fridge.
7. I never finished that book about Ben Franklin but I did recently finish one about George Washington and The Bell Jar.
8. I cannot even tell you the last time I wore make-up aside from mascara and chapstick - must have been someone's wedding but it wasn't my brothers. 
9. It's 5 days until Christmas and I have yet to finish my siblings gifts (Crunch Time)
10. I use a fresh towel daily. 
Above see photo from the December Penguin adventure - yes I'm wearing a penguin hat.