Circle Of Lights

Another Thanksgiving weekend event - The Circle Of Lights! Mom Lita and Lita's Friend Katlyn joined us for this tradition. I think since I moved to Indy I have only missed 2 Circle of Lights - it's the start of the holiday season who doesn't love that. Here's a few photos so you can see what you are missing.
Pre-Lighting standing in front of a Toy Solider.
Check out my blow up candy canes.
And lita and the candy canes.
Me and Jonathan Do you like my chinese eyes?
Go Colts - well I'd rather say go Bengals, but since we did buy that new stadium and we have super bowls coming I'll say go colts! (this is the IP&L building always festive).
Lita and her friend Katlyn (they have been friends since like age 3.
IP&L is now ready for Christmas, check out their Christmas Tree.
Fireworks! I love me some fireworks!
Jonathan and Lita watching the fireworks.
And the tree is all lit up! Isn't it pretty.
Close-ups of us leaving.
Another shot of the tree.
Jono Me and Lita and the tree what fun! Bring on Christmas! Fa la la!


Artist Discovery: Ray Fenwick

I discovered a new artist making some cool things so I wanted to share. Check him out here.... Ray Fenwick. He also does painting on old record albums, comics and more. Always good to discover new artists.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Had a lovely time at Mom's and Grandma's today. Of course lots of pics were taken to share.
Grandma's house don't you love the windvane?
Check out this radio. Love it!
Phone tripods work great something to note though not so great when trucks are coming.
A better shot. The dog was posing for us like 2 secs before the photo was taken.
Lita striking a pose so I can make sure the weeds aren't too much in focus.

More Lita
i love this shot even with her goofy face on.

jono and lita.
Me isn't this a lovely face?
Jono on our walk.
More Jono walking.
Jono jumping (I cropped out Lita and I since we can't jump together we are just not that coordinated.

See not that coordindated.
Mom getting to cold to walk
All the grandkids that were present. L to R Kayle, Darah, Lita, me, Jono, Joe.
One of our pecan pies. They are super yummy!
Just the siblings. Look how joe is trying to be cool and stuff - silly joe.
Mom and her crazy eyes.
Brown dog (he doesn't listen very well).

Jono and I trying out our crazy eyes.
Super Cute Grandma she didn't want to be in any photos but I think she's too cute to leave out. After all she did fix us a fabulous thankgiving meal and give me left over sweet potatoes for breakfast - love ya. Happy Thanksgiving all!


Happy Birthday to my favorite teacher!

I hope you have a divine birthday! See you at the basketball game.


Why is it that when you are feeling super crafty?

you work until 9pm! Ugh blasted working from home today I couldn't leave it behind.
But thanks to my darling friend Jeanne who shared this fun idea with me. It screams me, who else wraps all their gifts in trash. Tomorrow though we must finish shelling the pecans for pie making as thanksgiving is just around the corner then perhaps I can get my craftiness on.

oh and then there was this idea. Ahhh good stuff.



today after a stop in at the eye doctor, jono and I went hit the mall (it's just above my eye doctor downtown). We found an excellent bargain on shoes $10 and jono needed new shoes since you can't wear flip flops all year long here in Indiana unforunately they didn't have his size, but thanks to some good customer service they found the right side on the west side and we even got $3 off them! I also got some cute tote bags $1.50 and a fun scarf for me for $6.50.


Mr. & Mrs. Steven

Back from the weekend in Northern Indiana. Had a lovely time at the wedding and hanging out with everyone. I'm too sleepy for many words but here's some of my favorite pics.
Sammie and I.
Syd check out her new hair color.
I think this is a fun artist shot of genay the new Mrs getting her make-up did.
The MAC counter is always delightful I love all their displays.
Another artsy shot. Genay checking out her make-up in a mirror.
Oh and poor jeanne broke her leg.
But does she look cute. Thanks to Sammie for taking this pic.
Oh I finally got to meet Gracie - how cute and sweet is she. She and I got to hang out quite a bit Jonathan she's just your age and single. Of course she lives in California.
The Cake
Cutting the cake.
Gracie and Dave
Gracie, Steven and Jeanne