December boom

December just exploded upon us.  We have seen three Santa’s!  And been wearing holiday attire.  Dug out most of the decorations.  It’s seriously looking a lot like Christmas.  
I love this time of year and I love it more with kids.  They are so into everything.  Our little town did a winterfest and my kids were totally into it.  Ice skating, cocoa, trees, lights, reindeer, Santa, carols and sleigh rides.  Everything is free and such a fun time.  I love Thea’s little vintage holiday dress.  
We also went and saw scuba Santa at the aquarium.  Thea was totally into talking to him on the microphone. She desperately needed to correct herself as the day before she asked Santa for a My Little pony but she really wants a Dollhouse which she calls a Barbie Camphouse.  
We look forward towards more holiday festivities!


Road trip to DC

Over thanksgiving we went to DC.  It was a short trip but my kids were excited for JJs house and the metro and Legostore.  All good things.  The trip was mostly good.  There was a big fit under the table at the mall but luckily it was so noisy nobody noticed really aside from us.  
We had a lovely time with our cousins for thanksgiving and caught a little sightseeing too.  Here’s just a few photos as for some reason I can’t download from my cloud.  


Slightly Warm

It’s warmed up ever so slightly here so we have been going to the playground actually we hit up 4 this weekend.  This was my grand plan to wear out my kids who went to bed at 7:30 both Saturday and Sunday!  Winning!
Before kids I never noticed playgrounds or what they had available?  Now I am always keeping my eyes peeled for them.  We love good swings and slides.  And usually also appreciate unique things too like a teeter totter or some of these new dangled climbing structures.
The extra child in the above photo is a childhood friends son so that’s extra fun as well. 



We got an ice storm here.  My daughter who recently watched Frozen for the first time has declared she froze all the things.  She thinks her hands are ice hands like Elsa and she’s going to freeze all the thing she often reminds me not to touch them just in case. She’s been walking around “shooting” things with her hands declaring them frozen.  It’s so funny.  I also do appreciate she doesn’t care about princess things about the story she’s more into the ice.  


Tuesday 10 - November

I really miss these.  Here’s a little list :
1.  tang juice mix in.  This is my new favorite water flavor.
2.  We booked our family vacation for next year.  We are heading to to Hilton Head SC next Summer.  Can’t wait already. Here’s a snap of our house we are renting.

3.  These kids personalities.  Here we are crying because mommy threw away our pumpkins.  (I had to buy a fake one to replace them)

4. Getting ready for the return of our elf on the shelf.

5. These cousins pics.  all our babies at 8 months
6. Makeup by Thea
7. The above red hoodie it’s soooo soft - I think it’s ASOS or target. 
8. Already seeing progress in swim class.

9. Kids drawings.  These are monsters by Jones.

10. Last but not least Halls cough drops for my cold that just won’t return my voice yet.



We had to play in the leaves yesterday.  It’s extra cold here for November it was 26 degrees. We really needed mittens but I forgot them.  There was a ton of wind the other day and most leaves are off the trees now but we enjoyed making piles to jump into.  I put on a scarf and my kids each wanted one as well time to buy kid scarves.  
Ps I am not doing so well blogging every day in November but that’s ok. 


Swim Lessons

We started swim lessons recently at the Rec Center.  jones is 100% a fan Thea is on the struggle because she didn’t want to go under the first session and now she thinks the instructor is just trying to make her go under.  But she’s gradually warming up to the instructors.  Jones moved up into the older preschool session as he’s a little more advanced and today he was doing so good.  The kids favorite part though is before and after lessons playing and splashing with the instructors.  It’s like having college age BFFs to play with.  



Took the kids with me to vote.  No lines but I appreciated that.  Thea voted for my little pony and took rainbow dash with her.  Jones might have said in a loudish voice “Donald Trump is a dictator” 😳.   He had lots of questions about the elementary school gym, the voting machine, and who we voted for.  When I told him about the different parties he asked why there was no cake and piñatas for these parties.  I had to then explain that sometimes party just means collection of people and not get your birthday on party.  Lol.


48 - event with Kathleen and Lynley

Jones asked me no fewer than ten times if we could go to the haunted house at the museum again.  So I made plans to go with Lynley (and famil) and Kathleen.  We did the lights on as my kids would find it too scary otherwise. It was still spooky but they just didn’t notice. We are hit up the museumto visit some of the other exhibits. It was fun for the kids to play together.  Both Lynley’s son and Thea were super into the carousel and rode it many times.  


More Art Journal

I started a second art journal almost immediately after finishing the first.  I bought a travelers journal on clearance the pages aren’t super thick but there’s a cool leather cover and I could put multiple travelers in it if I bought more so I bought it.  This journal is more collagey but as a result it’s also taking longer to put together.  But the process is still fun and I have been collecting up interesting papers and books to rip pages from like ones my kids already have beaten up.  
Here are a few finished pages:  

Also I am attempting to blog every day in November with the Namblomo or whatever it is.  So far so good.