First day of preschool age 2 & 4

First day of preschool age 2 (technically just daycare but she doesn’t want leftout).  

She says:

Favorite color pink

She wants to be a “mermaid auntie” when she grows up.  

Favorite thing at school “choo choo wagon and carly”, least favorite “don’t know”

Favorite food she said “goldfish”, but I know it’s really sauce she just saw the gold fish snack wrapper that she left in the car.

First day of preschool 4 aka pre-k.  

He says his favorite color is red.  

He wants to be a farmer when he grows up so he can grow all the things like apples and rainbow carrots.  

What he’s looking forward to at school “his friends and slime”.

He is not looking forward to “nap time”. 

Favorite food he said carrots and then changed it to CANDY.  

Love them! 


Theaburf 29 months

I stopped these since the lack of murals in rural Ohio.  But we saw a new one on the way home from B2S shopping and stopped.  So here is Thea in all her glory at age 29 months!

Thea at 29 months is into coloring and making art.  She likes True, Barbie, legos, swimming, dancing and babies.  

She will talk your ear off, picking up phrases from you the first time she hears them.  

She is fearless running headfirst into walls and drinking from puddles.  

She doesn’t like bread but is super into most fruits and veggies.  

She can’t wait for the illusive kindergarten (she’s a long way off). 

She says v’s as b’s vegetables.

She is working on potty training and can’t wait to earn her mermaid by completing her potty chart.

She picked out “princess” pajamas school shopping and lost it when I tried to put them back.

She likes 25 cent gum machines.

She mixes patterns and loves flowy skirts.  

She likes to wrestle and play ball.

Ahhhh my little Thea Lady! 

Love mommy

Here’s one of the two of us.  

August Hello!

I typed up my goals like a week ago I just never got it posted.  Below are my August goals. nice and simple.
  • Summer Bucket List
  • Back to school photos
  • Eye doctor appointment
  • Art Journal (I started already)
  • Buy sandpaper for deck sanding
  • New shoes for me.
  • Book stay at the lodge


Summer Reading Program

So far this summer we have been accomplishing our summer reading program goals my kids have completed level 1 & 2.  I think that I’ve read them over 50 books now (we usually read 3+ a night).  They were delighted to get their prizes especially their ice cream coupons (nobody told them ice cream was 50cents at spring street).  They also have won free books and candy.
I have also finished two books towards my reading goals bringing my year total to 6.  I finished Fire and Fury, by Michael Wolfe,  and Moonglow by Michael Chapon.  I like both except for moonglow was a bit vulgar.

Band Concerts

I have been trying to the kids to the weekly band concerts as a mid week event.  We love to go.  We like seeing friends there and playing in the water and having picnics. It is a free or low cost entertainment event for us.  
Here are a few photos from a handful of concerts.


A Parade Service Project

Kathleen asked us a while back if we could help her with this parade a while back.  She was doing it with her foster agency/company so I am considering this a service project.  
My kids wanted to wear costumes but the 100 degree heat index made them pair them down, although i think jones looks a little like spanky from little rascals.  Her companies theme was Bubbles and that seemed to work well my kids handed out candy and shot parade goers with bubble guns, while i pulled them in the wagon.  By the end of the parade however we were drenched in sweat so we didn’t even check out the festival.  

We also got to hit up the museum while in town and see super hero exhibit and hot wheels one.  My kids continue to be in love with the outside part especially tennis so we also hit that up.  And we spent the night at auntie Kathleen’s so that was something to cross off the bucket list. 


Tula Pink City Sampler

I have no idea why I needed to start another quilt project I literally have 10+ waiting to be finished.  But I still started another one and it’s been good I find myself super reguvenated when I work on it.  Anyhow this project is Tula Pinks City Sampler Quilt Along with Gnomeangel.  I am making my blocks of all scraps.  So far i am on track and it’s day 12 but I actually worked ahead and I am on Block 22.  Here are a few of my favorites so far.  
My goal is to keep up with the quilt along at least thru block 50.  


Family Vacation

This year we vacationed to Anna Maria Island Florida.  We rented a big house.  We flew in early to Orlando because airfare was about $200/ticket.  Anyhow here’s a list of things i want to remember:
I want to remember toting babies + luggage thru the airport.
I want to remember having a whole row of seats together.
I want to remember toddlers running thru the airport in excitement.
I want to remember traffic in Orlando (remember to avoid it).
I want to remember the amazing LEGO store in Disney springs a great place to escape a rainy afternoon.
I want to remember the kids driving the LEGO remote control car, and dumping a whole box of legos on the floor.
I want to remember build your own lego car races.
I want to remember the TRex restaurant where the animitronics dinosaur terrified Jones, but he faced his fears and still did the dig.
I want to remember pure joy over souvenir shoppes.
I want to remember that moment I noticed my daughter face in a puddle lapping up water like a dog.  

I want to remember that amazing playground in Central Florida with like 8 types of playgrounds.
I want to remember how Thea stuck her face into the fountain and Jones drenched her turning it on.  
I want to remember the rolling slides, teeter totters and musical instruments.
I want to remember delight in arriving at our beach house.
I want to remember all the swimming adventures.

I want to remember meeting Ollie for the first time.
I want to remember his sweet disposition and smile.
I want to remember my babies holding him.
I want to remember building forts during the rain from all the couch cushions.
I want to remember nighttime talks at the pool.
I want to remember nighttime walks on the beach.
I want to remember sand on my toes and the cool ocean washing over me.
I want to remember ice cream from the gelato place and the disaster of two scoops.
I want to remember meeting new friends from Ohio who entertained us at the parade.
I want to remember ridiculous game nights.
I want to remember when the stove broke and Schreve had to grill EVERYTHING.

I want to remember riding the trolley and Jones’s excitement in it. 
I want to remember how Thea fell asleep on the trolley.
I want to remember that the beach is the beach first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening.
I want to remember the bug spray next time.
I want to remember fireworks on the beach and the generosity of strangers who gave my kids glow sticks.
I want to remember Jones’s delight in his man fishing trip and how he told everyone about it both before and after.  
I want to remember the sheer panic of the House after we discovered uncle dylan had strep.
I want to remember 6000 loads of towels and swim laundry.
I want to remember canonball contests.
I want to remember dinners at the sandbar.
I want to remember brooks beach face and Chewbacca growl.
I want to remember uncle schreve reading The Blue Truck like a rap battle.
I want to remember the impromptu dance party with Thea dancing on the table.
I want to remember trips to the shoppes where the kids were so selective on what to buy.
I want to remember finding a crab in our pool and how auntie lo took him back to the beach in a bucket.
I want to remember the matching suits from grandma Jules.
I want to remember 4th of July babies.
I want to remember all of this and more.  
I cannot wait for the next family vacation.