Busy Making Lists - September/October

I make goal lists all the time.  I have 4 to do lists on my desk right now for work and another 6 in my phone.  Both long and short term goals, lists for things to purchase.  Here is my fall list - 

  • Use the crockpot
  • Family photos (by professional)
  • Jones baby prints - did this after I scheduled this 
  • Orchard 
  • Pumpkins
  • Finish one quilt
  • Buy 15 - $1 items
  • Project life June/July
  • Baby +  other baby playdate
  • Baby clothes shopping with momo
  • JJ Playdate with Jones
  • Trip to DC
  • Organize my work at home space
  • Bake 3-5 breads
  • Service project
  • 3 challenges from my 30 days book
This shouldn't be that hard right?  And go!

Book 40 - Empty Mansions

I just finished up Book 40!  That feels so close to my goal so close!  
Anyhow book 40 was Empty Mansions by Bill Dedman and Paul Clark Newell Jr. I actually really enjoyed this one just like reading about Detriot this was fascinating to me.  The book is about AW Clark and his daughter and the spending of their wealth.  AW was a Copper king making a fortune with copper mines in Montana (not the UP).  He was as rich as some of the other well known American millionaires that are very well known however nobody has heard of him.  His daughter inherited a portion of his fortune but was this eccentric recluse, who lived to be 105 and spent the last 20 or so years of her life living at the hospital, writing checks to people just randomly.  Anyhow i really did enjoy this book and the story was fascinating to me.  I didn't really like the end however it's because there wasn't much closure as things are still in the courts.  
Onward to finish up book 41 now.


Summer of Magic

This summer has been full of new experiences, challenges, and adventures.   I spent more time watching television then I probably have in the last five combined (breast feeding gets boring).  I easily didn't brush my hair 1/3 of the days, I walked around with spit up, baby pee and breast milk on my clothes.  I learned how to get by on three hours of sleep.  I never felt more like a grown up then when I started a college fund for my tiny baby. I perfected the art of cooking, laundry and eating one handed.  I discovered newfound patience for screaming.  I came to the realization I can tolerate baby crap (so long as it doesn't overtake my whole house).  I became more awkward while at the same time more confident.  
Most of all this summer has been filled with moments of magic.  Tiny baby magic that fills your heart when your baby smiles at you in his sleep, or snuggles his little head under your chin or  follows you around the room with his gray blue eyes.  Magic that fills rooms with screams you don't understand.  Magic that can only be a miracle from God.  Daily I have reminders of his Grace and I am most thankful for it.  It's truly been a magical summer.


#49 End of Summer Activity

This weekend we had an end of summer Grillout.  Dustin has been wanting to have many grillouts all summer but having a baby and changing jobs makes such activities a challenge.  But we did it for Labor Day.   Dustin invited only a handful of folks rather than his usual 500.  But he did make the time from 11-7pm (this is quite a long timespan).  We purchased hot dogs and hamburgers and beverages.   40 or so people showed up throughout the day and we ran out of beverages and hamburgers.  But somehow we have about 40 bags of chips now.  It was a good time even jonesy enjoyed it.  Here are some snaps 
Erica and Artie with Artie #5 almost ready to meet us
Ryan and Amalee (ps she is the cutest)
All of Dustin's siblings (except Jessie) got to come and his cousin and her daughter too.
And the newly weds Ben and Kaity.  
Oh and our friends Quern and Ricky  and their boy Pierson.  I love this photo of Ricky and Pierson playing the guitars too cute. It's such an interesting perspective in my living room.

Anyhow considering this my #49 _______ Summer Activity because summer is running away and what's more summer than a BBQ in your side/backyard? 


Bread #8 - Honey Oat Bread

Seems like Honey is a repeated theme in these breads mostly because I just had the ingredients for this one.  The bread turned out good it's not as brown on top as I wanted but it was yummy.  I would probably make it again as it was fast and easy and great just out of the oven.
I followed this recipe pretty much exact except when I was too dry I added extra milk not water.  http://janalinhood.com/honey-oat-bread/
A little selfie in the mixing bowl. 


Book 39 - Eleanor and Park

I kept seeing Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell on people's books lists so let's consider this my ? For my summer reading.  I have started reading about 5 books I am not sure I care to finish (Love in the Time of Cholera, Heads in Beds, Crazy Love, and  I am #4).  But this book I found much easier to read.  
Growing up with a jerk stepfather it had some relatable content too.  It's also set in Omaha.  I liked how it was telling the same story from two points if view back and forth.  I really liked that.  The only thing I was not a fan of was that some of the writing seemed to sound like Napolean Dynamite.  
I do plan to finish Crazy Love if only because it's 3/4th done and it won't take long to finish but I started another book I like better already I can tell.


#babyburf 2 months

Dear Babyburf - 
You turned two months the other day.  I again took photos of you in the blue chair.  You were into it this time but kept moving around.  You don't look much bigger but I think you have bigger legs and belly now.  
Anyhow here's some notes on you at two months old.  
+ You are still small only 9 lbs 8 oz (2nd percentile).
+ Your head however is in the 86 percentile so we are guessing you'll catch up. 
+ You are very alert and often found looking at the fan, and the cutout of mommy and daddy's wedding. 
+ You drink 4 to 5 ounces of breastmilk at a time.  
+ Your clothes fit better.
+ You smile, giggle and coo.  
+ You recently started grabbing at things like your pacifier my shirt.
+ You comfort yourself by grabbing your right ear.
+ Your hair fell out mostly in the front and your eyebrows are looking reddish so you might end up ginger after all.
+ Your neck is getting very strong an you can hold your head up for prolonged periods of time. 
+ You also really like sitting upright even when you can't control your wobbly head.
+ You stand when we hold you up and seem to like this as well.
+ you like bathtime 
+ you took your first trip and went swimming for the first time.
+ Mommy loves to snuggle you on her lunch break from work.
+ Mommy is not a super fan of pumping or breastfeeding but a baby has to eat.
+ Mommy thinks you are pretty much magical all the time.
+ Mommy loves in the morning after your first breakfast how you want to "chat" and smile for a while before falling back to sleep.
+ Daddy often refers to you as his favorite toy.
+ He immediately wants To cuddle you after work and often takes naps with you on his chest.
+ He changes many poopy diapers like a champ and doesn't get mad when you pee when he changes you.
+ Daddy still sings you silly songs when he's around you.
+ He wakes you up in the morning before work and you get him back by pooing on him (good job son ;)
+ Daddy wishes his daddy could have met you, he tells me grandpa would have liked you.

#14on14 - August

Holy cow August is on the sneak attack.  I was just in June right?  Anyhow it's halfway done.  Yesterday was the 14th and I almost forgot about my photos but renembered around 2 when I broke for late lunch.  Regardless to say some photos are from the same event.  
1. Post pump 2.babyburf at lunch
3. Hanging diapers out 4. We have two tomatoes now (my tomato plant literally aren't interested in making fruit.
5. Goodbye card 6. Goodbye gift (our faces on a shirt)
7. #babyburf Armand daddy at the good bye dinner 8. Kemi and baby
9. Goodbye Selfie
10. Kathleen waiting on us since she already gave back her key. 11. Burrito baby 12. Almost smile. 13. Daddy and baby dozing at 8:30
14.  Devotion time. 


Best of Life Video - 2014 April, May, June

Exiting things happened in this video we had our baby and my brother got married.  Lots of every day life too.  The song is Magic by Coldplay.  If you can't view it via blogger it's also available on Youtube here without the sound however.


Babies on quilts

Babies on quilts are simply the best.  Who needs a fancy play mat when everything is amazing to your baby and you make quilts.  
He did not want me taking photos of smiles.  
And he also did not care for tummy time and flipped himself over (mid flip below).
But he's too adorable so I let him do back time instead.
That's all for now.  I am sure to have more interesting things to share soon but alas someone gets up at 4 and that makes me extra dull and tired.  But hey 9-4 an infant that sleep 7 hrs I will take it!