jonesburf 34 and 35 months

34 and 35 months together because real life happens.  Jones boy you are getting so big and so much smarter.  
You ask thoughtful questions and investigate how things work.  
You run, jump, and dance with such excitement and passion.
You get excited for berry picking or yard sailing.

You pretend things like cooking dinner, cleaning, and bad guys.
You have this sudden interest in "bang bangs" and everything becomes one.
You like to read books about Jesus and transformers and often surprise me remembering them.
You love your swimming pool.  
You love eating hot dogs or nachos. 
You are mostly potty trained but sometimes we have accidents.
You play so hard.
You are usually covered in big bits, bruises and scraps.
You like to help me fix dinner or work on projects.
You still call Thea your baby. 
You often look out for her and declare when she needs to be reigned in. 
You can identify additional letters, M, T, X.
You can sort by color or shape. 
You try and play daddy to get what you want. 

You don't fool mommy and you know it. 
You snuggle me when your tired. 
Love you much, mommy 


Tuesday 10 - Summer

1. Tula Pink's Spirit Animal.  I cannot wait to get myself this little otter.

2. Amy and Vishal got Married! So happy for these two.
3. Ceiling fans - perfect to keep our room cool at night. 

4. History Chicks Podcast 

5. @kirbyjenner follow him on instagram

6. The prospect of Zucchinis 

7.  Jones playing baseball with grandma
8.  When your best friend picks up milk so you don't have to. 
9. Generosity - this week several people gave me gift cards to replace stuff lost in our van for real that's amazing.

10.  My new baby nephew!


Theaburf 15 months

15 months lady!  You are such a character.  You understand me and often have your own opinion.  You may not speak all the words but you find your way of communicating.
You now have 8 teeth finally!
You like veggies and mac and cheese and candy.
You vacillate on liking fruits.
You have trouble sleeping by yourself.
You know several body parts, nose, eyes, ears, hair, mouth, belly and feet.
You adore shoes.
You carry shoes around you often get mom or dads shoes to put on over yours. 
You like to carry a purse. 
You like dirt. 
You like playing outside.
You prefer not playing in the pool.
You love to get on the second level of the clubhouse.
You try so hard to jump.
You like to dance. 
You climb things like drawers.
You are growing hair.
You are around 21 lbs.

You like telling jones no.
You run away when I say come.
You touch things when I say not to.
You stand on the rail and flirt with disaster.
You like being on the edge of danger.
You are something little lady.
You are so loved.
Love mommy


Theaburf 14 months

I never finished Thea's 14 month post, and I started 15 months so I just ended it short.  
Dear Thea 
You wave at people, all people.  You sometimes get annoyed they don't notice you.  
You try and wake Jones up from naps.
You like to make phone calls, fake and real.
You play peek a boo often and hide you eyes and yell eek-a-boo.
You say oh so many things including I love you, everybody everywhere, and happy birthday.  
You run away from me when I call you.
You think you are big climbing chairs, drawers, and boxes.  
You try to jump.  
You try to brush your teeth all the time.  
You grimace when you do something wrong.  
Oh lady baby.
I love you mommy

Tuesday 10 - June

This week I need to make a list.  Someone hit Dustin's car two weeks ago and then drove off and then last Tuesday someone stole my van.  Reliable used vans that are affordable are hard to come by too, trust me I drove 9 before buying this one.  Not just my van but all our car seats, our double stroller, our wagon, two of my quilts, about 8 camp chairs, and two cases of diapers.  I am just so in shock that someone would do that.  I like to believe in the goodness of people.  We are still hoping it's returned but I find myself watching every white van to see if it's mine, it's terrible.  Anyhow so here's a love list:

1. The Pools Are Open.  Including ours jones goes in almost nightly, thea thinks it's too cold.

2.  Woodruff Place Flea Market - I love this neighborhood and their yearly yard sale.  This year our big score was 8 pairs of shoes for thea in varying sizes for $14.

3. Babies painting.
4. The Queen on Netflix. I have been watching it while working on my hexies.

5. Summer Reading - I am currently reading "if you find this letter". And I am actually going to finish it.
6. Homegrown Cilantro 

7. Propagating plants.  

8. Indiana Strawberries
9. Doing these wall pics.  
10. Ice cold water.  I never thought that would be on my list but as summer hits I am totally drinking excess water. 


Tuesday 10 - Post Memorial Day Tuesday

1. Succulents in my yard.  This lovely is called stonecrop and it's grown under the fence from my neighbor.  

2. Handmaids Tale on Hulu - I am a huge Elizabeth Miss fan since Mad Men and so I was all in for this my only complaint is I should have read the book first but either way I enjoy it.  
3. New small groups -  Jones is a huge fan, Isaiah has a basketball hoop. 
4. Day 24 of No Dr Pepper means no calorie drink mix ins my new best friend. 

5. Fitbit zip - trying the Fitbit again so far this one I am better at remembering.  I can clip it to my bra which I am more apt to wear it seems I am not sure if it's accuracy there but we'll see.  My kids always ask to try it on and wear it so now I need to get everyone one.  
6.  Glass jars - I have been using glass jars for to go drinks lately because I can never find lids or straws for my cups.  
7. Enjoying this crazy hair today.  
8. Almost finished clubhouse.

9. That these shoes finally fit Thea.  I bought them like a year ago in anticipation. 
10. The bright light at the end of baby bottles!  My kids have been on the struggle bus sleeping for almost a month.


Jonesburf - 33 months

Jones Boy you are getting older. As we approach age three I get so excited.  You are just a wealth of learning.  You talk talk talk and question question question and it's soooooo good.  You love going outside to the park, to the basketball court, to play on our toys, to dig in our garden, to pretend, to see the ducks.  Spring is totally something we needed after winter.  
You are outgrowing size 2T in height.
You want to do lots of stuff yourself - squeeze the sauce, cut the bread, help with supper, get dressed, wash your hair, etc etc
You ask such thoughtful questions.
You tell me bible stories.
You tell me Lita is your best friend and Kacie is your girlfriend.
You go full into holidays (we have his Easter eggs several times this week).
You jump, climb, run, walk sideways, and play rough.
You sometimes get fussy and whine about not wanting something, or wanting it or really nothing at all.
You ask to do things like call someone, or take pictures.  
You snuggle me after I get your Pjs on and then you rub your nose on mine and I help you jump down. 
Love you much mommy 


Tuesday 10 - It's May People

1. Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer  Enjoy
2. Rain Puddles with Umbrellas - this was a huge hit this weekend 

3. Biking + watermelon - lol

4. Dinner helper - here he is slicing all the veggies 
5. Antibiotics - so glad to be killing off her double ear infection
6. Rhythm Center - so much fun on a rainy day 
7. Sharpies - I have this every loving relationship with Sharpies

8. Flip Flops by Rocket Dog.  These are my favorites.
9. Thunderstorms - it's been storming here lately and I actually enjoy it. 
10. Planning a clubhouse for the babies.  More details soon. 


37 - Goodbye clothes

So getting rid of clothes is such a challenge for me.  I don't buy super fancy things 90% of my wardrobe is just plain Jane stuff.  But as I attempted to clean out my clothes I haven't wore in 18 months I found it sooooo hard.  I found that just getting rid of something that doesn't fit, or I don't even like I wanted to hold onto.  I have no idea why exactly but for some reason I found myself questioning getting rid of things.  
It's almost as if I am holding onto this imagine that women must have 1,000 items in their arsenal rather than the 40 or so pieces they really wear?  Do I really need 25 tank tops?  Of that one pink shirt that I can't stand the weird slit at the bottom?  Or those jeans that are like an inch too short?  Or those old bras that don't fit?
No.  But yet as I went threw this task I found myself questioning.  
I previously read about 50% of Marie Kondos - "Life Changing Magic of Tiding Up" book and while I found it over the top, like I am not hugging things or going thru every single thing I own, but I did start saying "does this spark joy?"  "Or do I feel comfortable when I wear it?" And this helped I pared down my original pile of maybe 8 things to be three piles which amounted to three trash bags of stuff to donate.
And just like that my drawers have space, and I feel a little lighter.  Bonus too 37 can be crossed off my list.


Tuesday 10 - This Weeks Loves

1. Babies in Shorts
2. Homemade nachos for dinner

3. Our little garden - this year I planted less tomatoes and more strawberries, kale and zucchini.  I already had some cilantro and pumpkins coming in so I left them.  We also planted marigolds. 

4. The 100 Day Project - I am drawing cartoon faces (ps this is soooo challenging).

5. Face Coasters - I bought these for kathleen for her birthday they were super perfect and so fun!
6. My People - this past week my people brought me a machine to borrow while mine is down, fabric for my hexies, called me when I needed a call, inspired me, met me for a trip to target, brought dinner and just generally showed up.  sometimes it's the little moments.  

7. Getting Outdoors - I think I have mentioned before I am not really a big outdoorsy person I like a park in the city or a short hike at a national park.  This weekend we took the kids out into the woods by Dustin's childhood home.  There was no trail, no real destination and it was still nice.  I found a single mushroom, jones collected a bag of leaves and Thea got upset and couldn't walk thru the weeds.  But I didn't hate it - yay. 

8. Watermelon - this has been a go to treat for us this last week as I bought a big one which is a lot.
9. A good clean sink ( I washed all the pans and bleached the sink).  So fresh so clean.
10. Talking about bible stories with Jones.  I will have to post his story about Jesus and the fruit snacks in another post.