A Week in Our Life

I have been wanting to make handmade films for a while.  There was a class that was offered but I didn’t really want to justify spending $200 on it.  So I have been watching some skill share/youtube/instagram videos.  To get ideas, see what tools they used etc.  Mostly I forget the ideas that inspired me.
Last week I tried extra hard to at least capture more moments in video.  I feel like some days it was really successful - like I like how Monday you can follow my shoes places, and the perspective on some of the kids playing.  
Just in case the above link doesn’t show up Try this one https://youtu.be/YaG9dGlU-_A

The song is Cute and available royalty free from Bensound. 
I edited with videoleap (although not really much). 
Anyhow I think I will try again and make a video around Christmas time as well.


November Snow

It snowed the other night.  And it stuck a bit.  
My kids were so excited they asked if there was a snow day?  
But alas not even a delay!
But since regularly everyone is up before the sunrise about 6, there was plenty of time for snow play before school.  They even came in and switched pants since I need snow pants for both kids that fit! 
They both wished for more snow to build snow forts with the neighbors and make a snowball fight. I think they are flashing back to last year when the neighbors used their shoveled snow to make LARGE snow forts and my kids invaded and helped them enjoy. Sadly the snow didn’t pack well and it wasn’t enough for a fort.  
But we enjoyed the snow that we did have and then we kicked all the icicles from mommy’s car and came in for cocoa before school.


Improv Quilt for My Niece

I finished this quilt for My niece over a month ago she’s only almost 3 months old now.   But only just now mailed it out to her.  It’s not exactly matching her nursery because I wanted to use more bright colors.  Originally I was making rosette blocks you can see one in low volume lower left and one in pinks upper right.  I abandoned that and was going to make half rectangle triangles after I made several I didn’t like that either.  So then I merged the rosettes and triangles and made it improv style mixing in scraps from other quilts and my stash.  
I like the finished product.  I added a tag from a scrap as well one side says her name and one aide mine. The back is just larger scraps sewn together.  

Not there was one picker that ran thru the quilt but I just left it once I noticed the quilt was entirely quilted.  

I think this is my third finish for the year.  Now I have zero gift projects on my list so it’s only selfish quilting left.  

And here’s a picture of the cutie from Halloween.  I can’t wait to meet her.


25 - New Fitbit

I acquired a new Fitbit about three weeks ago.  So far I am averaging about 5500-8000 steps a day which is lower than I’d like but given I spend about 8 hours a day sitting to work seems on target.  I am going to work this week to try and get it up to be more between 7,000-10,000 until he next few weeks forcing myself to get up from my computer more, and perhaps taking short walks at lunch.  


Halloween 2019

And just like that halloween is over.  Jones ghost costume I made did get worn but only last night for trick or treating and while it was all that he wanted it was terrible weather for a ghost costume that catches all the wind.  Lol.  


Tuesday 10 - Halloween

Look I am back this week with a list too.  Around here halloween lasts at least a week.  Lots of Halloween events many which are on my list today.
1. Sportsball for All our trunk at Trunk or Treat.  We had such fun with this theme and the kids. thea is wearing her elsa costume refusing all other options.  Jones peyton manning and Garrett some other football player.  Lita and I fans.  

2. Fake eyelashes!  Check out these puppies from Target.

3. Our towns halloween parade.  Here are two Theas as Elsa.

4. Packing lunches with eyeballs.

5. Helping at Jones’s class and getting to spend one on one time with him.

6. This cuties new haircut

7. 5 cousins at two months.  Oh gosh they have changed.

8. Pop rocks!!

9, umbrellas.

10. halloween decor!  We have a handful of pieces but I love to see other people’s up in their houses and outside.


Tuesday 10 - Fall

I felt the need to make a good old Tuesday 10 today.  10 things I am loving right now.
1. Neighborhood football games.  The other day we had kids of all ages playing from high school to three year olds & Lita and I too.

2. Art for Kids Hub YouTube Videos that show kids how to draw things.  Amazing!

3. I mean check out Jones’s haunted house and sugar skulls??

4. Pumpkins everywhere. We have 9!

5. The end of soccer.  This season has been challenging - Thea has been struggling with following the game, so that was an extra struggle.

6. My rothys.  Perfect for fall 50-70 degree days and I don’t need to bother finding socks or tying my tennis shoes.

7. Jones knows how to pump when swinging!  This makes my day.

8. soup.  File this under all I want to eat.
9. When my kids play independently! 

10. halloween costumes!!!  They are now done photos soon of that but it makes room for me to resume quilt projects.  I am so excited to finish a few projects.  


Goodbye Bungalow Bill

A few weeks ago I sold my house.

16 years ago I bought the bungalow.  

At the time in knew exactly zero about home ownership and probably almost nothing about being an adult.  

Over the years this house has served so many family, friends and strangers.  

I counted up 16 individuals that have lived within these walls during this time even more had keys just in case.  

I did many crazy home improvement projects like my shelf-walls and kitchen, refinishing the hardwood floors etc.

I had so many special moments there like bringing home my babies, pizza and puzzle parties, small groups, fajita Friday’s, game night, craft days etc.

I would have liked to keep the bungalow but it was time to say goodbye.  

It’s been a real blessing in so many ways and I don’t regret it.  

It has good bones, simple layout and quirkiness.

I was glad to pass the bungalow onto my friend Brittany who’s been renting it the last two years. 

I know she will enjoy and love it for all its flaws and character as I did.  

And now it’s time to figure out what’s the next thing for us.  Not yet sure if that’s Ohio or someplace new.  

Apple orchard

I love apple orchards.  
I love the smell of a freshly picked apple.
I love the way they taste.
I love how the skin is not super thick.
I love slicing them up and baking them into apple crisp.
I love making them into pie.
I love filling out bags super full.  
I love getting cider slushees and Carmel apples.
I love seeing the animals.
I love watching my kids delight in the animals.
I love watching my kids sprint down the rows of apples looking for the perfect tree.  
I love how thea took a bite of each apple she picked and then put it into the bag (not kidding).
I love how Jones was fearless with the animals and let them lick him and gave them all a sample of food from his ice cream cones. 
I love the orchard.


11 - Blink Cincinnati

Checked Blink off my list this weekend.  I would have liked to see more exhibits however my kids can only walk so many steps and start to get really sleepy at like 10pm.  So we settled for what we could see. Highlights for me dodecalis, the rainbow, Cincinnati Rhapsody and the parade which was insanely long.