Book - Year of Yes! By Shonda Rhimes

Even though I finished my 52 books and decided that reading X amount of books was a terrible goal for me.  I have continued to attempt to read.  I actually started like 8 books since December - all of them quickly abandoned for the most part.  But alas I did find a keeper - "the year of yes" by shonda Rhimes.  
First off let me preface by saying I actually had no clue who she was before reading her book, I have only seen one of her shows but I absolutely loved her book!  I love how she calls her people her people - me too.  I would recommend and even read it again.  And I really appreciated her message with the "Yes" - the last year or so has been a lot of "No" or "not now" for me as I figure out motherhood and we had some struggles.  And while I don't think my theme/word of 2016 is "Yes" I think we all need more yeses;  and I liked the tag line too "how to dance it out, stand in the sun, and be your own person" - yes to all three.  So here's to more yes.


WIP - oh so many projects

Let's start with something that has moved forward maybe the most.  The nursery for baby Thea.  Everything's painted except the trim.  I have washed a million little things.  I got the decor hung up.  And her little rocker out.  I am still sorting through donated clothes we don't need and figuring out where to put things.  This is why this side of the room looks like this.  I am also on the look out for bedding for the twin bed.  But alas we got a bed.  My hope is to get the clothes to re-gift moved out, and new bedding by the weekend.  I do however love how it's coming together.  
I also have been gathering Thea's quilt fabrics.  But I need a few more.  Finding just the right pink is a real challenge.  I do have a plan for what I want the pattern to be however.
Speaking of quilts I have moved ahead on this gift quilt. I am actually quilting it now.  Such a sense of accomplishment to finally be working on a creative project again after being sick for over a month having almost zero energy and just generally feeling yucky.  Sorry for the junky photo can't be showing the whole thing though.
I also have been working on Jones's baby book.  As I do it I am so grateful for this blog and the little posts I have written since he was born.  Moving forward I want to make sure and write more stories and share more little snips of our life. So I have moments to include for him.  I want him to know that he calls apples app-balls and bananas bee-nannies and how he's been practicing his basketball game and is attempting further away shots and making them from his knees like daddy.  These are important things.
I probably have 8 other projects in the works but no time to recap everything these are some of the biggies.  


"I ove you"

So Friday morning when Jones woke up I went to get him from his crib. And he greeted me with "hi" and the worlds biggest smile and then proceeded with "I ove you" (I love you).  I melted, and responded with "hi I love you".
We have been attempting to get him to repeat this back to us to no avail he hasn't even attempted it.  But he said it on his own to me Friday.  It's moments like these that make the continual messy living room, finding sippy cups in the trash, being awoken at 2am when you went to bed at 1, and walking around with snot on your pants all day worth it.  Even if the "I ove you" magic wears off ten minutes later when your kid smears diaper cream in your face and hair.  It's still worth it.


One Second Everyday Weeks 3 & 4

These weeks were all about Jones. But that's okay because he's awesome. I pretty much still love this and I was so sad that I accidentally deleted one of my videos and had to sub in a photo. But I won't let that happen again.  If this preview won't work you can view it directly on YouTube Here. 



Tuesday 10 - End of January

Here's a little love list...
#1 visit to the ice tree
#2 Jonesy has been trying to help out recently the other day he brought "meow" and his tools to help us remove a stubborn stable or two in the babies room. Too cute.
#3 jones's fishy face.
#4 19 month photos!
#5 progress in Thea's room.  Thanks auntie Kathleen for helping paint and blending into the wall.
#6 successful first IMQG meeting of 2016
#7 girls trip to see kinky boots. Complete with backstage access.
#8 littlest library - I am spotting more and more of these and they are sooo cute.
#9 seeing these two play.  
#10 these super mega tall socks Momo bought me they are extra warmth when all your jeans don't fit in the winter.  (Photo doesn't show the height they can be pulled above my knees).


19 Months of Jones

We found the a mural under I-65.  It's one of the super bowl murals we thought it was a rather fun one before we stood in front of it Jones was giving it excited fists and running towards it careful of tripping on leaves.
Dear Jonesy -
This month you started talking like crazy. 
You parrot lots of words.
You also are remembering them. 
It's so great because we can actually communicate.  I often tell daddy what you need as he doesn't know what you are saying.
You started catching the ball in catch and not just throwing it.
You know what marching, jumping and bouncing are although you aren't so great at them.  Like jump doesn't bring you off your feet.
You are developing your little personality so much it's sooo cute.  
You get a big cheesy grin when we tell you good job, or get excited with you.
You also are starting to test your boundaries we started giving you timeouts and just telling you NO and meaning it and this has brought on some fits.

You say "mine" way too much.
You loved going to the museum this month and having the big kids over several times for small group.
You like eating cheese and beans and your really into oranges right now.
You also like chocolate.
You still are hovering right around 26.5lbs. 
We've been preparing for the baby and you like to mention the baby often.  
You also try to get her out my belly button.
You can do the slide on your own.
Climbing is your new jam.
We have been working on coloring, painting, play dough and sticker time usually once a day.  And you love it especially markers!
You build block towers, play in your kitchen, and love to get your tools out when we are working on a project.
Recently you learned to count and can do 1-2-3 on your own.  
And you are learning alphabet sounds... My favorite bit is "A is for alligator sounds like aaaaah, B is for Bear sounds like bbbbbaa,  C is for Cat sounds like Meow".  This cracks daddy and I up as well as your teachers.
Your teachers love how chatty you are as most of the kids aren't verbal yet, and you have learned almost everyone in classes name even.  
One of the little girls however has learned your name and she gets so excited to see you and calls for you and hugs you when you get to school.
Oh little Jonesy you are so much fun.
Love Mommy


One Second Everyday - Weeks 1 & 2

So far I am totally in love with this project.  Dustin and Kathleen are also doing it.  Even though my videos aren't amazing I like that it's everyday and just a snipit.  And if you can't view the preview you can see the video on you tube here

The Indy children's Museum

We used our Christmas money from my dad to buy a Children's Museum membership.  So far we have already gone three times, each time for just a few hours but for and 18 month old this is enough time.  
Jones absolutely loves it.  There's a special area for kids his age and we haven't even taken him to that since we had the membership but really the bigger kids stuff is still fun for him.  He also just likes watching the bigger kids do things.
We bought a family pass with guests so we also were able to take Gabby and Kane.  gabby was totally into it.  Kane was into only things that were real like which Dino bones were real etc. 
So far I would say that it's been worth the investment and we look forward to taking him more often and going on play dates with our friends there as well.  


Procrastination at its Best!

We have majorly procrastinated thru this pregnancy.  Part of our procrastination was busyness, part of it was lack of extra spending money, and toss in a little just being tired to the mix and we aren't really ready to have a baby in the next month.  We're ready mentally and probably physically as well and the doctor is telling us any day she could come.  But ...
We haven't finished her room.
Her dresser is not painted.
I haven't washed her clothes donated by a friend or jones old things we saved.
We have not replaced the baby seat with one I don't hate.
I have not written a birth plan.
We haven't bought new bottles to replace the ones we've lost/broken.
We don't have a double stroller.  
We need to buy a twin bed frame.
We still have the full bed occupying her room (craigslist buyers have contacted me like 10 times but yet nobody comes to get the stupid thing).
Purchased a winter cover for her baby seat.
I haven't made her a quilt.  
Oh and things are majorly misplaced in our room while we do the floors in her room.  
Ahhh Procrastination.  
I did make a handwritten list so we could start knocking things out better. On the bright side we have -
Brought her new dresser to Indy.
Removed the nasty carpet.
The floors were not needing repair.
Cleaned the Rock and Play.
Received a whole bunch of donated wintery girl clothes, towels, and blankets from my coworker. 
Received lots of cute clothes from friends and family.
This weekend we are focusing on working on finishing her room.  
Hopefully she stays put a while yet.



Christmas was sooooo busy.  It also snuck right up on me.  Christmas Eve I wrapped all my gifts literally (don't advise this ever).  This was the first year we did secret Santa with my family and it was great because there are 11 of us including Momo there's soooo much buying to do and to simplify we drew names. This was great despite my person not making a list :( it saved money and made opening much easier.  
Anyhow after staying up until 1:30 wrapping presents, I went to bed.  Jones of course woke up at 4 wide eyed and wouldn't go back to sleep so I put him in our bed.  Where he got up three times and came into the living room because he was very interested in the Christmas gifts now piled by the tree.  His initial reaction was "oh wow".
"See tree" he said.  I finally got him to stay in bed and go back to sleep by closing the door so he couldn't go back out there.  
We got up again around 8:30 and this time we got daddy up and opened presents from Santa and us.  Initially he didn't understand opening the packages but he learned fast.
Jonesy got a table and chairs and a kitchen set.  He also got a bunch of books and small things like play dough, watercolors and markers etc. His favorite gift was markers he wanted to draw immediately but we needed to get out the door to grandma Lola's so we put them up. 
We opened more gifts and hung out at Lola's for a while.  And then went onto Aunt Wendy's and played Bingo and ate lunch.  Jones again wanted to open up all the gifts.
We then headed to Uncle Joes and Aunt Alicia's for dinner, presents and games.  Jonesy was very into Christmas all day it was so very cute.