Halloween Crafts

We’ve been working on Halloween crafts.  We saw these cute pumpkins at Kroger’s that had hair and faces and the kids wanted them but since we’ve already bought like 10 pumpkins we just made our own.  We got our supplies from our craft bin and glued things on.  Jones glued a little of everything Thea however was very particular about what eyes and pieces she wanted.  

jones found eye cartons in the recycle bin and needed to make something with them.  I suggested Monsters.  And some we made monster puppets.  
Here’s Thea’s she wanted it to have a True hairbow (the Pom poms)
And Jones’s  this one has a package in its mouth.  
This guy has eyes in his mouth and a big mustache.

And here’s mine 

We are planning some found item fall crafts too but haven’t done them yet.  


Pumpkins and Sunflowers

This past weekend we hit up the pumpkin patch.  We opted to go to the same patch as last year - Burwinkle Farms.  It naturally was super hot as we never go to pumpkin patch in sweater weather.  The kids were really into searching for sunflowers, the corn pool, and picking pumpkins (we got 6).  The kids also LOVE a hayride they would have ridden it all day if we could have.    
We went before lunch having snacks at the patch but it was lunch time so the kids were very crabby when we left and unable to share the apple cider slushee we had.    But we quickly picked up hot dogs and then it started pouring down rain so we left at just the right time. 


25 - Fancy Tacos

So I made fancy tacos last night apparently it was also national taco day.  First i made carnitas meat with this Recipe from Gimme Some Oven https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/crispy-slow-cooker-carnitas/ I did leave out cumin as I couldn’t find it and instead tossed in some Mexican grill rub we had.
They turned out very good I do wish I had crisped up the meat a little more.  Also it was soooo simple to make this meal and now we have left over carnitas meat to make taco bowls.  We added onion, cilantro, cheese and fresh salsa as other toppings and served with rice and beans.  I wish I had made fresh pico too but I didn’t have time.  
Anyhow I will for sure do this again.  



The other day we took my kids to a new park and while they were playing a girl came and instantly Jones said to her “hey do you want to play hurricane?”  This girl was totally in.  jones then explained to her that hurricane was a big storm that comes and you have to get up high from the water and wind.   They proceeded to run around screaming “oh no hurricane” then climb up high - they could climb down presumably when all was safe.  At one point they did go into the low lying tent playground structure which must be hurricane withstanding because this was acceptable.  As hurricane was being played out two boys came and Jones invited them to join and a “vampirate” aka dog that was nearby added another dynamic to the game as it was also to be avoided as it was leaking lava from its mouth and it could fly. 
Anyhow I watched and marveled at his imagination and ability to just bring in people.  Also side note:  he is really is into the weather and seeing things like hurricanes & volcanos you know natural disasters.  


24- Dance Classes for Thea

I enrolled Thea in dance classes that started a few weeks ago.  We are starting with tap dance because you need to be older for ballet/hip hop at this studio and the other one, and she can take gymnastics at the college. But so far she LOVES it.  she been waiting for something that she can do since she’s still too young for soccer, tball and ice skating.  She loves getting there early and watching the girls in ballet or the older kids tap classes.  She runs right into class and reminds the teachers “I am Thea.” In case they forget. Then she follows directions the best she can.  After class she sings me the songs and tells me all the things she loves.  She also likes to watch the big kids that have class after her it’s hip hop dance and she tries to mimic them watching thru the window.  
Sorry about the terrible photos it’s hard to get good ones thru the windows as their are blinds.


34 - Art Journal

For several years I have put this on my goals lists.  I never start it.  Well my mom gave me just a magnet closure notebook for my birthday and I turned it into a art journal.  Aside from white paint pens I didn’t buy anything.  I use my kids craft paints, and paper scraps I had.  I torn a lot of pages out and glued several together to make them thicker.  I save up all these quotes in my phone I don’t even know why but I used them on this project.  I also some of my kids artwork and some coloring pages and random junk mail. 
I had such a fun time with this it’s so messy but good I started a second one.  
These people are creepy but I didn’t pick my pen up. 

I love this collage.

This background is some dental form in Spanish. 

My kids totally recognized themselves.

Nothing like a little ninja turtle coloring book page. 

This is a gnome in case you wondered. 

This is one of my favorites even though this lady blends right in.  

Art by my kids friend 

Jones made that little blue drawing its him