Tuesday 10 - Ummm July

This month is breezing on by like the 20 million rainstorms we've had.  July started with my birthday and somehow now it's 20 days later and the to do list I made for the summer is not done yet!  Alas!  Anyhow here's 10 amazing things because my week needs them:
1.  Thimbleberry jam brought to me from my friends Dan and Megan.
2.  The way my baby plays peek a boo.  I think he is mimicking us but it's backwards
3. Amazing best friends.  Seriously thank you.
4. Christmas in July and getting to be crafty for a few days was a treat.
5.  I want to make this before summer ends.  Watermelon Pico from pioneer women. http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2013/06/watermelon-pico-de-gallo/

6. New quilt finishes.  I am on the fence about giving this one away but jones has pretty much snatched it up.  
7. Also on my list making these craft bud pencil pouches.  We've been using zipper bags for all sorts of things around here and I need more! http://www.craftbuds.com/teacher-appreciation-pencil-pouches/
8.  Naan pizza super yummy.  I made these from random leftovers in my fridge on Naan bread and it was soooo good the naan was perfect crust.
9. The rain stopped long enough for a trip to the pool. 
10. YardSales! Also on my summer list I need to visit a few more and we need to clean out some stuff as usual.


book 49 - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

So close to finishing my books!   I finished this about a month ago it's book 49 - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling.  The book is very memoiresque story of Mindy Kaling it's interesting how she ended up in writing.  It was a quick read and you could pick up some of Mindy's quirks in the writing. It was good a fast read and entertaining although certainly not my most favorite book.  I have already started 5 other books for book 50 all which have been discarded hopefully I can find one soon.


Jason Vanoskey 1984-2015

I have started this post several times over the last month.  It's still very real and very sad for me to even write.  I keep expect him to text me and say that he is coming by for dinner, or that Jayda wants to do crafts, or to find out where I was going to church.  
Let me back up for a second and say Jason Vanoskey was a staple here at the house and in our lives.  There are people you don't just consider friends but you consider them family like Kathleen.  And Jason was one of those people.  
He often was the last to leave a party.  
He didn't care if I was fixing hot dogs and macaroni for supper he was hungry and he was coming and eating it and seconds.
He fell asleep on the couch more often then not.
He could devour a pizza in less then a minute.
He got in trouble for running at my pool party.
He made us watch cross fit videos.
He ate cheeseburgers faster than I can say cheeseburger.
He could jump on top of a dryer from standing position.
He told us about his women dramas.
He danced with me at many weddings.
He trusted us with his daughter.
He loved holding and hugging on my baby.
He shared scripture and truth with us when we needed it and when we thought we didn't.
And he couldn't wait until it was time to rip his shirt off in any sporting event.
He was my people.  
Funny story about Jason, before Dustin and I met.  He and Dustin were at the grocery store together and I was there with my friend Amy (who had previously dated Jason), and Jason saw us told Dustin to stay far away from Amy and I, that we were "trouble".   A week or so later Dustin actually met us and totally disregarded Jason's warning.  And obviously we know what happened after that.  When I told Jason about this later he had no recollection of it but we always chuckled about it.
That last time we hung out we ate cookies and talked about college funds and how his ideal women was like his mom.  He hugged me on his way out the door like usual.  I didn't know that would be the last time I would see him.  I didn't know that my texts a week later to him would be the last ones we exchanged.  Sometimes God has plans.  Sometimes we don't understand what the plans are and just have to accept that God is at work.  I am comforted knowing that Jason was both a Christian and Disciple.  I know I will see him again in heaven and he will tell me about his latest workout and girl and he then he will fall asleep on the nearest sofa.  I miss you Vanoskey.


15 - See the Fireworks

We actually went to two fireworks one in our neighborhood which was super convenient.  Kathleen joined us.  We sat far away and behind a tree in case Jones got scared.  He didn't like the intro or grand finale but liked it otherwise.  He also liked watching bigger kids with sparklers and glow sticks running around.
On the forth we did the pool which I forgot to take pics of.  Then went to a big fireworks show in the country. We sat right up front and jones was scared but a bottle soothed him and he fell asleep.  Lol
Anyhow fireworks was on my birthday list and my 52 things list so crossing another item off.  Also for future lists I need to get more patriotic gear I have one red shirt and two blue nothing rwb oh my. 

26 - 5 Craft Projects party hats 1 of 5

For Jones's birthday I made party hats.  I made them with scrapbook paper, staples, Ribbon, and fringe.  Super simple super fun.  Kathleen helped.  Jones was not interested in wearing his but oh well. 
Back soon with a few other projects finished recently.


June Family Photos

We took many family photos in June.  Lots of fun activities lots of memories captured.  I love it.  
Snaps at the fever game
Burfords are Indy
We made pizza dad cut his head off in the photo 
Three in the baby pool
With extended family. 


Tuesday 10 - end of June

So many fabulous and awesome things to love and be thankful for.
1. First birthday cake.
2. Fake Eyelashes & Big Hair
3. extra Family in town
4. Weddings! 
5. Birthday Twins Ewan & Jones
6. Running in the splash park
7. Babies in forts
8. Film cameras
9. Return of Shawshank
10.baby chairs

2 - first Birthday Party

I absolutely adore Jones at this age.  He is so much fun and still so innocent.  Saturday we threw him a first birthday party (#2 on the list) while we had extra family in town for Lita's wedding.  We had it at Ellenberger Park at the rented shelter.  It was sort of "ball" themed since jones loves balls.  We served ball shaped foods meatballs, oranges, blueberries, cherries, cheeseball etc.  Jones was very into opening his presents which is more then I have seen from other one year olds mostly he wanted to play with all his new toys. He ate his cake with much more intentness the second time around the first time at our house with just us on his actual birthday he didn't want to get messy.  This time he took the cake apart and was offering bites to people.
I made party hats he wasn't interested in wearing but others wore them.  And I made him a special "1" cup which he did like to drink from.
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate and for all the sweet gifts jones is still very smitten with his toys.