#babyburf 4 months

Dear #babyburf - 
You're four months!  Finally growing bigger too, we recently retired all the 0 sized clothes and moved you up into 3-6 months.
+You sleep between 8-9 hours a night and this is a miracle (we love it). 
+You love to grab your feet and put them in your mouth.
+You coo when you sleep at night and it's so nice so we know you are alive. 
+You like to play with your toys specifically your hungry caterpillar, and your weird loop ball. 
+You try to sit yourself up most of the time when we lay you down it's like baby crunches.
+You prefer not to held like a baby unless you are sleepy or it's grandma holding you.
+You try and cover your eyes when eating to block the light.
+You giggle and laugh at things we don't even know why. 
+You have a new chair that lets you sit up-right and supports you before you can sit in the high-chair. +You love to have a spoon when you sit in said chair.  
+You talk baby talk all the time - mostly to mommy.
+You love singing.
+You eat about 5-6 oz at a time although we have seen you take up to 8 which usually results in spit up.  (We added in formula because mommy can't keep up with the pumping.)
+You can roll about 3/4th of the way over but then stop for some reason and either roll back or lean on your side.
+Mommy loves to play with you after work and loves that you are full of spunk!  She regularly rolls with your spit up on her.  You like to grab her face.  You also love to sit on her lap when it's meal time because you are fascinated by food and cannot wait to actually get something other than milk.   We spent our first night apart when I was in a wedding and you were so excited to see me when I came to get you the next morning.  
+Daddy has been working super hard lately.  He was on call for two + weeks and he thinks you learned all this talking while he was out doing emergency work.  He likes to have you stand while holding his hands.  He still tries to sneak you into our bed at night but I usually put you back into your bed. You like to grab at his beard and run your hands thru it.  
We love you so much little one. 
Love Mommy


Family Photos September

In August we barely took and family photos, but September we redeemed ourselves taking many more.  We took some at the vineyard, in DC, in our backyard + extended family! at random bbqs and picnics.   Those taken later in the month jones is much more alert and less woobly. 

#35 Play date with Uncle JJ

Uncle JJ asked to be added to the list as a play date with #babyburf.   So we had several morning while we were visiting where Dustin and I went out and uncle JJ watched the baby.  #babyburf is especially playful in the mornings he's usually all laughing and chatty and will usually play by himself nicely or with someone.   He especially likes his new monkey toy that uncle JJ and I picked up at Target one morning.
I love these photos we captured of them playing.  Too cute.
JJ has also decided that the baby should call him "fun uncle jay". Because doesn't that have a nice tin to it?  
(As I'm looking at the photos I snapped on our trip I'm realizing I really need to make an effort to use our SLR camera more (the quality really is THAT MUCH BETTER).


My friend Amy from 13 Spools, asked us to share 9(9) Problems but a stitch Ain't One.  PS She also wrote a quilting book that's out next year - she's pretty much FAMOUS ;o) 

At first I was like I ain't got any seeing problems but then they flooded back to me.

1) Despite purchasing basting safety pins three to five times in bulk - now I can't seem to find them.  I think they ran off with the socks and the spoons.

2) speaking of basting my living room is too small to spread out quilts larger than twin to baste appropriately even when I move chairs and the coffee table which is way annoying. 

3) I actually dislike Amy Butler fabric (the horror I know) - at least 90% of the prints they are too fru-fru for me.  

4) my walking foot is tempermental and won't stay screwed in - this why I often quilt with my regular foot.

5) I am the opposite of a perfectionist I rarely will rip stitches out and just make imperfections work.  

6) my cutting mat i once ironed on and it's slightly warped but I can't be bothered to get another one.

7) I am on the struggle bus using fussy cut prints. I never know how to use them in blocks aside from a "log cabin"

8) I brought back lots of fabric from Sweden (easily 10 yards) and I am not sure I want to ever use it, but it's gorgeous.

9) I have 6 work in progress quilts and I want to start a new one for the baby rather than finish any of them even the ones that are almost complete.   

#50 Fall Activity - Cremona

For the baby's 3 month birthday we took our first flight.  We went East to see Uncle Jay and other family one of the things we got to do was visit Cremona and help make wine.  This was such a treat we had such a nice time and everyone was excited to meet baby's jones.  I am considering this the fall activity even though we may do some other things like pumpkins. 
Here's the baby with Uncle Andrew. 
And Daddy tasting grapes.  
And with Aunt Sara, aunt jo and grandma 
Ila supervises.  I started doing the same when I was itching like crazy.  
Andrew getting juice from the cake.  
Big picnic.
4 generations (jonesy naturally was not looking) - mixed girls and jonesy
And 4 generations on the guys side. 
And I love this one of Andrew and jones on the truck 
After making wine we hit the beach.  I wished I had packed our swimming gear.
And then of course there was the drift inn

It was a good time. 


Book 41 - the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

I still haven't finished the books from my summer reading I started but I finished this one -  the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.  I actually really enjoyed this book.  Who knew it was that into science?  I think it was the mix of science + history that hooked me in.  Just a little background it's a book about HeLa cells and Henrietta Lacks who they came from as well as her family and their quest to find her and honor her. 
I'm not sure how I feel about tissue and cell research/regulation after reading this book but it certainly does make you think.  Especially when someone's cells 50+ years after her death are found in most labs, and have grossed billions of dollars for pharm/research/treatments but that her family is so poor they don't have health insurance.  Anyhow I definitely recommend this one I read it three days (me slow reader here). 


WIP Wednesday Hello October

So a few things in progress around here.  
We are getting a new roof - permits are up shingles are selected and arriving with work crew tomorrow.  So yes that's happening.  After the roof we have some internal repairs that need to get done like the ceilings in the guest room, bathroom and kitchen too.  So that will happen soon too. 
I bought and had peg board trimmed for my home office space. (Huzzah for my pickup truck driving brother returning from Australia).  I am envisioning something like this only with my notebooks and stapler and postits etc hanging on it.  And I think neon orange or lime to match the almost finished quilt for Dustin instead of white.  
Also printed about 100 photos for project life and jones's baby book too.  Planning on that this evening.  
And last but not least working on these puppies... 
Improv Blocks for mine and Thea's improv quilt project.  I did 8 more for hers and started 6 for mine.  I think maybe this might be the last set of them so I might make a few more too.  (I desperately need to iron these). 


#12 Marriage Goals

On my list of goals #12 was to set goals for our marriage.  Dustin and I talked about these recently and wrote out our goals in terms of short term 18 months, and longer term the next 5 years.   We tried to be realistic.  And after we decided what where we were headed we also made "mini plans" for achieving some of them.  Here are some of them others are more personal so I am not sharing.  I think we are going to get a mini notebook to keep these in.
Short Term:
+ family van 
+ refinish all the floors
+ family house
+ michigan
+ family tradition
+ save $10,000 (this is probably crazy pants but you know)
+ pay off debt (school loan, car, cc)
+ determine career paths and small changes career wise
+ daily devotional time 
+ one big thing together

Long term:
+ Italy
+ South America 
+ missions trip
+ foster/adopt child 
+ start retirement
+ put career path steps into action (big changes)
+ repurpose building 

We struggled more with determining long term goals for some reason.  Five years isn't that long but in the last five years we both grew and changed so much it's just hard to say what's next.


Family Photos August

I had every intent to get lots of family photos in August!  Seems I took lots of photos of baby + daddy and lots of photos of Katie, Kathleen and Baby.  But only these photos of the three of us together.  one where Dustin is a giant turkey and one from our family trip to Milwaukee.  Both are equally bad photos.  But you know what this is what our life looks like right now, so I'm okay with the fact that Dustin is in a giant turkey head and you can't see him, and that in the other shot you can't see Jonesy.  


#babyburf 3 months

Dear Babyburf - 
You turned three months on Friday.  Woe how did we get here?
+You sleep between 6-8 hours a night. 
+ You are mister smiles and talkative in the morning. 
+ You have discovered your hands which is priceless.  
+ You want to hold my fingers, your bottle, and usually a wash cloth.  
+You eat about 4oz at a time but like to eat more frequently and chase that with another 2-3 ounces. 
+ We introduced formula once or twice a day  and boo does it make you gasy and constipated.  
+ You weigh 10 lbs and 11 ounces and are still 23.75" long but you feet are bigger.  
You like to "use" Our cell phones.  
+ You are staring to sit up on your one and your core is very strong.
+  You absolutely think you are a big boy and want to sit upright or be held up to stand.  
+ You only want to cuddle when you are tired. 
+ You have playtime with mommy afterwork most days and you are very alert.  
+ You open your mouth when I kiss you and I can only assume this is you kissing me back.   

+ I still continue to be amazed by you and I am so glad you joined our family.  
+ Daddy carries you like a football - you love it.  
+ He also loves to push you in your stroller, he rarely let's mommy push.  
+ He still sings you silly songs and sometimes holds you up to dance to them.  
+ Daddy still thinks you need to wear overalls or stripes daily.  
+ He's also very protective of you and making sure you are safe. 
We love you little one.