Theaburf 11 Months

Hey Girl - 
You are so funny.  
You understand us when we talk and often chime in or nod to things.  
You love to play music and dance to music. 
You love to play with any toys jones is playing with. 
You often try to walk around carrying one or two toys.  
You are so sassy. 
You will give me kisses at bed time. 
You adore taking baths and if we say bath time you stop whatever and head to the bathroom.  
You love drinking from a sippy cup.  
If we are cooking you will come into the kitchen and try to climb into your chair for dinner/lunch/breakfast. 
You are a big fan of pouches, cheese, goldfish crackers, soup, beans, peas, carrots, apples.
Generally you want to taste whatever we are eating. 
You have three teeth and another one coming. 
You like to go to sleep around 8 then wake up an hour later and go back to bed when we do. 
You love the museum just like jones. 
Your hair is growing and you often try to put on things you think are hairbows. 
You love shoes.
You are our sweet little girl. 
Love you much, 


Jonesburf - 31 months

Hello 31 months!
You are rocking potty training finally.  We are having less and less accidents.  
You love going places and often ask to go downtown, Target, museum, chicken place, etc. 
You love doing projects.
You are very excited for following directions.
You can't wait to play outside.  
You pick up phrases we say all the time. 
Your favorite thing to eat right now is blueberries. 
You had your first dentist visit, you rocked it.
You often ask Thea questions like "you want a snack? You want to take a bath etc"
Sometimes you are very aggressive with her we are working on that. 
You notice all sorts of changes, new calendar, moved lamp etc.  Hawk-eyes 
You love moms new van and the tv in it.  
You keep telling Kathleen she needs a husband, and kids. 
Keep learning keep growing mister.
Love mommy

Ps this might be my favorite mural from the fountain square eye doctor.  


Christmas in 5 minutes

I didn't want to just jump over Christmas.  This Christmas season was so fun for Jones. He was excited for Santa, he loved the story of baby Jesus's birthday, he enjoyed the crafting and tree, and decor.  He wished Christmas kept going on forever.  Thea was also equally into it although I think because she was watching Jones.  Even a month later he asks me questions about Christmas, sings jingle bells, and he asked if it was Jesus's birthday at church this week.  

It's a good reminder of the magic and joy of the Christmas season.  And I hope we can inject a little of that from time to time throughout the year.  
Here's a list of things remembered from the season: 
Jones giving Santa high five. 
Santa asked Jones what Thea wanted for Christmas with no hesitation his response was "snacks".  (This is so her).
Thea in the snow suit hardly able to move at the tree farm.

Jones attempting to saw the tree down.
Jones expecting a hayride at all Santa sightings after the one at the tree farm.
The kids fascination with the antique glass bulb ornaments. (We broke 6).
Jones wanting to hang all ornaments next to the monkey on the tree.
Theas Christmas bows. 
Thea climbing into present boxes.
Jones's Christmas band. 
The fighting over the train set pieces.
Thea hugging presents as she opens them. 
Jones watching grinch with uncle Shannon.
Christmas swimming.
Brickmas with uncle JJ, auntie Lita and grandma. 
Uncle jones bible reading at dinner. 
Ninjabread house making.
Playing after auntie Lita's Christmas party and Jones wanting to do everything the big kids did. 
Our small group party with one overflowed living room. 
JJ being our official toy putter together. 


Jones 30 months

I am always behind posting these.  We are approaching 31 months and I am just getting to 30.  
Dear Jonesy -
I feel like daily you get smarter and remember more.
You are holding strong at 31 lbs.  
But you are getting taller.
Daily you tell me you luv me.  
You loved Christmas.  
You wish it was still Christmas. 
You ask lots of questions.
We have big conversations. 
You notice things.
You like to tell me which way to drive if say you want to go to Target or Walgreens.
You like to build with Legos and cook in your little kitchen.
You enjoy playing with your people and building choo choo trains.
You like to take photos. 
You have started to say "mom take my picture of this".
You ask me about Thea.
"Where is she?  What's she doing? Can we get her?"
You love the music set from Christmas.
You continue to prefer eating proteins and fruit as your favorite.
Oh you say "that's my favorite mom." Your favorite cereal, your favorite book, your favorite toy. 
You adore school buses and wish to ride then. 
You pull up a chair and help me cook. 
You like to mimic me.  
You red books from memory. 
You are growing up so fast. 
Love mommy


46 - Make a Playlist

One of my list goals was to make a playlist for 2016.  I actually made this playlist from all the songs I downloaded in 2016.   I love that we have some oldies on here, some weird ones, worship music as well as some of my favorite bands I listened to this today while working I love it.  

  • Waste a Moment - Kings of Leon
  • Your Soul - Hippie Sabotage
  • Just the Way You Are - Billy Joel
  • My Life - Billy Joel
  • Can't Think - Dawg Yawp
  • Ophelia - The Lumineers
  • Worry - Jack Garrett
  • Adventure of a Lifetime - Coldplay
  • Mess Around - Cage the Elephant 
  • All I Want - Jared Craft
  • Here Now - Hillsong United
  • Come Back Home - Trampled by Turtles
  • Love Me Now - John Legend
  • Photograph - Ed Sheeran
  • Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran
  • Don't Let me Down - The Chainsmokers
  • Way Down We Go - Kaleo 
  • Can't Stop the Feelinlg - Justin Timberlake
  • I Wanna Be a Dawg - Dawg Yawp
  • The Hills - Weekend


Best of 2016

The best of 2016.  This year was all about baby magic since we added a second baby to our family.  It's full of everyday bests, but I tried to also summarize things.


2016 Recap

Here is my list and I'll be back in a day or so do share my 2016 recaps.
Finished - I finished 24 items, seems much higher than I thought it was so I'll take it.  
1. One Second Everyday - Finished
2. Add a baby girl to our family. -  Hello Thea
7. Make quilt for baby Thea. - Finished
8. Finish a quilt from the unfinished pile. - Finished
9. Quilt for guest bed. - Done.
10. Gift a quilt. - Done.
12. Buy Jones rain boots. - Done.
13. Traveled Map. - Done

18. Finish baby Thea's Room. - Done
23. Start a 529 account for Baby Thea. - Done
24. Robins wedding. - Done.
25. Sign Jones up for a class. - Soccer
28. Make cookies with Jones. - Done
33. Games with Jono and Lo.
34. Games with Schreve and Alicia. 
37. Family Vacation. - California
39. Build back up the savings. - Considering this done I did save some money.
42. Continue hosting small group. - We took a break but we are back to hosting.
43. Make Thea a stocking. - Done.
45. Make Thea a baby book. - Started
46. Make a 2016 playlist. - Need to share.
47. Visit a National Park. - Done.
48. Add photos to the photo wall. - Done
49. Get toys in living room organized. - Done
50. Pick "one little word" and/or year theme. - Here and Now
51. Paint the front door. - Finished
52. Make a new list. - Done.

Started (I started 7 of the other items, so like play date I probably finished I just didn't document).  

3. Monthly Family Photos Take 3.
16. 4 play dates - 1 Museum2 Museum Again
17. Make 6 pies. - 2 Finished
20. Take aunties and uncles to the children's museum with kids. - Took JJ & Lita
30. Make and Eat 10 unique salads. - 1 Spinach Twist2 Popcorn3 Avacodo Egg
31. Go on 12 dates with Dustin. -1 Fogo, We also went on others but I failed at documenting.
32. Visit 8 new to us playgrounds. Partially Finished

Not to bad all told although there were a few that I still want to finish so I put them on the 2017 list like Paint My Bedroom. 

1 - One Second Everyday 2016

Here's my One Second Everyday video, 1 from my list.  I LOVED this project and it's totally happening in 2017 as well.  I added the song Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay.  If the video doesn't load you can also find it here.



Thea Stories

So a little Thea story.  She's only 10 months old...

In the evenings when dinner is ready when I call jones to get in his chair Thea will come toddling in and sit in her chair (she's still sitting in the bumby chair as her high chair needs to be reassembled).  But it's so cute how she knows what I am telling Jones.  

And then a little later on when I ask "who's ready for a bath?" Thea will walk to the bathroom and bang on the door if it's closed if it's open she will go in and try to climb into the bath fully clothed.  But again she knows exactly what I said.  It's so priceless I don't recall jones doing these things but maybe he did - I don't remember.