9 - Index Card a Day

Last year I saw someone’s index card a day challenge it was Amazing (sadly I don’t even know who’s it was to share) but after seeing it I was like I want to do this next year.  And so June 1 I started I didn’t have any index cards readily available so I decided to use the various “junk” I had saved up from January’s Junk journaling that I only ever collected supplies for.  

So far it’s been fun but I am wondering if I will finish this project.  Jones is also very interested in them I had them laid out the other day and it inspired him to make his own collage, and now in the morning he checks to see what i made.  Anyhow here are my first 5.
June 1 collaged envelope

June 2 collaged project life card

June 3 postit + packaging from something

June 4 collage with packaging (this one has me totally excited for goggly eyes so look out for more goggly eyes.)

June 5 another collaged envelope.


32 - Theas Recital

Thea has her first dance recital over the weekend she LOVED it.  During dress rehearsal she didn’t really dance just seemed caught in the spotlights shining on her.  But when the actual recital came she enjoyed herself so much. She wasn’t the worlds best tap dancer but three year olds tap dancing is so darling.  She really also enjoyed watching the other girls dance.  She asked to take hip hop next year although I think you have to be 5 to take hip hop.  


I want to remember ... Hilton Head Family Vacation

I want to remember the drive which was uneventful.
I want to remember the delight in my children at the CrackerBarrel.
I want to remember the awe of the “fancy” residence inn of preschoolers.
I want to remember singing songs on the long drive.
I want to remember silly things grandma said.
I want to remember the detour to pick berries.
I want to remember how the van smelled of strawberries.

I want to remember the girl who loved the sand.
I want to remember the girl who delights in burying her feet.
I want to remember the girl who does NOT care about getting sand in her suit, hair, face, arms and legs.
I want to remember the girl who builds sand castles, volcanos, mud pits, and just shovels sand to make nothing.

I want to remember how the water refreshed me.
I want to remember how the sand smooshed around my feet.
I want to remember how the sun glistened on the water. 
I want to remember how we watched ghost shrimp and found crabs.

I want to remember how Thea pronounced Jenga blocks as “Jacob blocks’.
I want to remember how they all played Jacob blocks so nicely.
I want to remember how the big kids built towers for Ollie to knock down.
I want to remember how Ollie carried those blocks to every room in the house.
I want to remember how Ollie walked and babbled and spider-crawled.
I want to remember how I encouraged Ollie to say my name and then he did.

I want to remember the boy who loved the water.
I want to remember how he loves it washing over him both in the waves and at the shore.
I want to remember how he would punch it and dive into it.
I want to remember how he was NOT afraid.
I want to remember how he smiled and laughed as he rode waves with his aunts and uncle.

I want to remember the trip to the ER when my eye wouldn’t open or stop watering.
I want to remember the ER Dr. Snowman who works in a resort town.
I want to remember the Eye Dr. Johnson who proclaimed I would NOT go blind from my eye abrasion.
I want to remember when I could finally open my eyes again.
I want to remember that straw hats and giant sunglasses can hide the eye that looks like it was punched.

I want to remember early morning pool swims.
I want to remember how Jones wanted to be tossed in.
I want to remember how Thea preferred the hot tub and playing with sand toys in the pool.
I want to remember how Ollie loved to splash and found so much delight in the pool.
I want to remember pool noodle swords and cannon balls.
I want to remember matching swim suits.
I want to remember to check where the deep end is before I jump in.
I want to remember the late-night pool party.
I want to remember the water so hot “it will blow your mind”.
I want to remember post beach wash the sand off pool parties.
I want to remember the little children’s museum and Jones loved the racetrack, and Thea loved the kitchen/restaurant area.
I want to remember making crafts at the museum.

I want to remember pirate golf.
I want to remember how my kids really only wanted to golf for like 4 holes maybe 9.  
I want to remember that I did get a hole in one.
I want to remember the baby racoons we saw at the golf course.

I want to remember family dinners and clean-up.
I want to remember that ice cream is a staple of family vacation.
I want to remember Thea’s little song about Hilton Head South Carolina.
I want to remember our day trip to Savannah.
I want to remember the oak tree lane and our hike that Thea walked at the pace of a snail.
I want to remember how my siblings (and best friend) love on my kids. 

I want to remember the big moments and little moments and how a family vacation is not always ideal but we do it together. 


Our Summer Bucket List

We made our summer bucket list recently (we actually already started crossing things off).  Theas contributions were so funny she wants to Karoke, Parades, band concerts and sandcastle.  Jones wants indoor playground, s’mores, wildberry.  
Anyhow we are already well into having fun we have hit up chuckecheese and picked berries too.  My kids enjoyed both events thoroughly. 

We tried another Berry farm but we prefer freels farm and it’s much closer.


Less Plastic

In addition to using the reusable towels, dryer balls and reusable ziplocks, I have made a few other simple changes to use less plastic.  I use bamboo toothbrushes.  I have used two brands Giving Tree and Sprmal.  Both are relatively same price as plastic brushes and I think work great. I have not switched my kids out yet mostly because they got like 4 free brushes last year and we are finishing up using those.  

I also switched to bar shampoo Ethique is the brand it’s rather pricey but in comparison to good shampoo anyhow so only slightly more.  I have been very impressed with it too it seems to be good for my hair.  

I also have tried Primal Life deodorant which is biodegradable packaging.  It’s also organic (no aluminum).  I like this deodorant but I am also trying another recommended brand.  But this one is good too.  
Anyhow these are all simple steps and they will reduce the plastic that I leave behind.  When I think about all the shampoo bottles, toothbrushes and deordant sticks I have used in my life and the fact that “maybe” 15-20% have been recycled I feel good making these baby steps.


2019 Ice Show

We have loved skating lessons.  This year Jones is night and day better.  I look forward to seeing Thea also make that progress as well.  
Jones will switch to learn hockey in the summer or the fall.  He loved the show especially the finale where the kids get to skate all together with the hockey player and girls on synchro.  He didn’t want to come off the ice.  He also was thrilled to see his crush there he hadn’t seen her in a few months. 
Thea wants to continue with figure skating she wants to be a ballerina on ice now.  She’s actually been practicing their routine post ice show still as if she might be called upon to preform it again.  Lol!  
One of my favorite things about this event is watching my kids compliment other kids.  Literally they were telling all the kids how good they did and screaming and cheering while they watched the older kids skate.  
Funny story.  After my kids were watching the show and we were walking in the hall back to the locker room we passed some of the men’s hockey team and one of the girls said “are you on the hockey team?”  And the guys said yes.  And Jones said “you guys did so good in the show.  Good job!” Absolutely priceless here’s a 4 year old complimenting the varsity hockey team.  The hockey team of course complimented them back but I just thought it was so cute.  



For the 100 day project I landed on taking 100 selfies with my kids.  I am almost always behind the camera and therefore I am rarely in photos of our adventures so I want to be able to capture us a whole.  So far it’s been going good.  I find I remember early in the morning and just about bedtime I am not so good about remembering mid activity but hopeful we get there.  Here are a few of the shots I have taken.