Bitty Bits of Spring

Bits of spring.
Spring is popping up ever so slowly it’s like 29 outside right now.  But we have had a few movement recently where it was warmer and we could get outside.  
I am currently thinking out about our garden, and if I want to make the kids another clubhouse.


Here’s March

Ahhhh. It’s March already I don’t even know how we got here it seems like days just float on by.  I didn’t really accomplish my Feb goals 100% oh well onward.  
  • Blog 15 times - I did 7 
  • Good lists -  I made 2!  
  • Meal planning - I did this three weeks this week I failed.
  • Do something uncomfortable - yep I did I went to an event I usually wouldn’t attend and I didn’t die.  I also had a few awkward conversations with people.
  • Get steps in - I have good days and bad days work really factors in.  My busy work days usually impact this negatively.
  • Van Shopping - still looking
  • Order Photos 2017 - I ordered two months
  • Buy new Underwear - Nope

So well I think that was better than I thought it was.  Some new March Goals:
  • Finish a quilt
  • Spring Break mini vacation 
  • Make Easter Baskets
  • St Patty’s Day Parade
  • Plan and build garden beds
  • Dates with Thea & Jones 
  • start bathroom Renvoation 
  • Buy new swimsuit
  • Buy new underwear
There you have it.  If I put it out there I will do it right?  

Icy chaos or Icy Waters Quilt

Finally I finished this quilt.  Two years ago I took this workshop with Indy Modern Quilt Guild and started this guy.  I decided to shrink the blocks and use patterns where most people used solids.  The pattern is by my friend Amy Garro from her book Paper Pieced Modern it’s called Icy Waters; although I call mine icy chaos.  I love it although I wish there was more of the darker fabrics.  Jones immediately claimed it as he loves quilts.  

The quilting is like waves although since I picked a aqua so close to the color scheme it hard to see it.  After I washed it the quilt is super soft.
The back is entirely pieces in leftover fabric and the binding I think is a cotton steel with a little bit of pink moda to jazz it up.


Gymnastics with Toddlers

Both kids are enrolled in gymnastics this semester.  They love going but sometimes they struggle with waiting in line for their turn on the beam or bards etc.  Thea is especially energetic.  Some of the activities are a bit of a stretch for 2-3 year olds but usually the kids modify it how they see fit.  
It’s interesting to see how they practice the skills outside the gym too.  We’ve been walking on the curb wall more and finding bars to swing from and practicing handstands like champs.  


(Backup) Good List Thea

All good.
Your passion for repetition.  
The way you are so decisive.  
Watching you learn.
Your love of all things boots.
Your boundless energy.
You blue blue eyes.
The way you mimic me or jones.
When you sing to yourself.
How you declare your need for me.
The way you play with your babies, rocking them, taking them places, making sure you don’t leave a baby behind.
All good things.


Good List Jones

The way you appreciate quilts, running your fingers along the blocks or binding.
How you squint one eye when smiling.
Reading bunches of books by yourself.
Sock monkeys made by grandma.
How you gobble up fists of jerky from auntie Kathleen.
The way you flirt with your gymnastics coaches.
Pretending to be shy at school.
Telling me that the moon tastes like moon chicken and needs ketchup sauce.
Questioning how a braid becomes a braid.
Giving hugs when I leave without you.
All good.  


The Block of the Month Quilt

Remember back in 2015 when I started this quilt??  Well I gave up on making the blocks but I finished this unfinished project.  I pieced the back in leftover fabrics from this project as well as leftovers from another one same with the binding.  At first I wasn’t a fan but it’s grown on me.  


Hello February

It’s February a new month.  I have serious winter blahs! So it’s a new opportunity for me to state a few mini goals:
  • Blog more (like there’s 28 days in Feb I am shooting for 15)
  • Create some good lists, its sooo easy for me to get trapped into the drama, and I need more good less drama
  • Meal planning (I did this this last week and it was soooo helpful).
  • Do something uncomfortable
  • Get in those steps, lately I have been way off on step count thru the week,  so I am going to attempt to up the count by pacing on conf calls, or getting up earlier for a fast walk, or walking the long way etc.
  • Van shopping - time to get serious about getting rid of this awful car.  
  • Order photos from 2017.
  • Buy new underwear 
That it for now it’s not exactly an exciting list but it’s a need one.  

22 - Skating Lessons

Skating is offered at the local college and the coaching is so good.  It’s mostly taught by college students but it’s like 3 kids to each coach.  Jones was first discouraged as he “falls down” but he’s getting better he’s been using the buckets to skate less and less and he seems to fall over because he likes to go fast.  He also made a little friend and she is in the level two group so he wants to move into her group.
We do need to get new snow pants as apparently he’s been wearing 2T and they are getting a little short as the suspenders to expand.  But they are perfect so he doesn’t have wet pants after practice.
He has a show coming up in May and I can’t wait to see the kids skating.  Anyhow I feel like the Learn to Skate Program has been very good and I play to also have Thea participate next year.  


28 - Women’s March Indy

Women’s march check.  It was also Thea and mommy date.  It was a great day for a march. Such an empowering event.  I am so glad I brought Thea I think it’s important for her to participant in these events even though she’s so young.  She learned how to chant my favorite was her yelling “this is what mocacy looks like”.  (Mocacy is Democracy.)  So cute she also was waving to people, giving high fives and holding her sign.