Two more hikes

Well since we have officially been social distancing 8 days we have gone on two hikes at the local state park.  They weren’t long maybe 20-30 minutes plus we did some exploring too another 20 minutes or so.  
We did the Sugar Bush trail up to the point where there was a massive mud pit and turned around the other trail wasn’t a real trail just where someone made a path as there was no signage and it ended maybe 10 minutes up in a thicket of thorns. 
I guess if there’s an upside of the coronavirus it’s that we have been getting in nature more.


March Hike

One of my goals was to get the kids out hiking.  In March we took our first hike we went to the swinging bridge with cub scouts.  It was muddy, but fun.  Although I must admit I am not really into hiking.  I will say i do prefer when there’s a hike to something like to the bridge.  
We found this beaver lodge Theas standing with here.    


New house...

We are currently under contract to buy this girl.  I look forward to making her our home.  More on this soon.  


8 - Mermaid Birthday

Thea wanted a mermaid pool party so I made it happen.  She had about 20+ friends who came. I rented a hotel pool, made a mermaid cake and game. Instead of goodie bags I did little swimming barbies and Koosh balls for boys or those who didn’t want a doll.  They swam, drew mermaids, ate cake, played pin the necklace on the mermaid and photo booth.  It was a good time, she loved it.  My favorite was when one kid left she asked if she could have her party at the hotel and move in!  Lol!  
Happy birthday girl. 


6 - Diversify Wardrobe - In Progress

This year I wanted to diversify my wardrobe from my standard black and gray and next to no patterns.  So far I bought myself two dresses.  One that’s flowered and one that’s purple velvet.  Amazing fashion blogger selfies below.  (Maybe I will take better photos later but just sharing my progress).  Enjoy! 


25 - Buy Calendar

I really wanted to get a calendar like x3 the size on this one but when I measured the available spaces to hang it I scratched that idea and went with this moterately sized one.  I think I will also buy a week one to track meal planning so maybe I will remember to start the soup at lunch or whatever it is I have been slacking with.  It’s difficult with lots of midweek happenings to fix meals.  


2020 List

It only took me almost a week to write up my list.  I feel like 2019 was a year of accomplishing things so here’s to continuing this trend.  
2020 List
  1. MOVE
  2. Make bruschetta 
  3. 40th List
  4. Old fashion photo booth
  5. Monthly Thrift Store Excursion
  6. 40 before 40
  7. Family Vacation 
  8. 4th Birthday Party Thea
  9. 6th Birthday Party Jones
  10. Buy some “patterned clothes” 
  11. Buy/Make new bed frame
  12. Up Average step count (currently it’s about 6000 on weekday and 10,000 on weekend)
  13. Listen to a new podcast
  14. Launch a new training program at work
  15. Read 20 Books
  16. Finish charm square quilt
  17. Finish city sampler
  18. Finish improv quilt 
  19. Quilt as You Go a Quilt 
  20. New quilt
  21. Repair my pink/yellow quilt
  22. Finish year 1 of kids baby books.
  23. Visit zoo
  24. Cross stitch something
  25. Get big calendar
  26. Visit the King Makerspace 
  27. Put $2500 in my savings not for the house/move. 
  28. Vote 
  29. Monthly “hikes” with my kids.   
  30. Fairy house
  31. Donate socks
  32. Make blessing bags
  33. 5 awkward invites
  34. Get Chai with Kathleen
  35. Play date with Ollie and Marlow
  36. Play date with Brooks
  37. One second Everyday
  38. Help jones with his you tube channel
  39. See Theas dance recital 
  40. Swim laps 
  41. Sell old bike and get new bike
  42. Bike the kids to school
  43. Make myself a garment
  44. Weekend trip w/kids
  45. Build/kids a clubhouse/swing set
  46. Make doughnuts
  47. Summer bucket list
  48. Find Jones a Summer camp
  49. Boat ride 
  50. Music jar.
  51. Go to an movie
  52. Make new list


2019 Listy ListRecap

This year i feel like I smashed my list.  I consider 43 of them finished.  Holy cow I never accomplished this many things.  I think it helped that I included things I knew I would get to as well as easy wins as well as I checked back in with my list more as the year went on.  I also feel accomplished that we used our Rec center, pool pass, aquarium and museum memberships to get our money worth.  

finished list:

1. One Second Everyday 2019 - done

2. Get Bunk Beds - complete

3. new hair style new color - done

4. Send Real Cards - Christmas, valentines and Easter

5. Bake Royal Icing Cookies -completed 

6. Great Jones Bake Off - Started Jan Pies

7. Read 10Books - 21 completed

8. Potty Train Thea - Done

9. Index Card a Day Challenge - Done

11. Blink Cincinnati - complete

13. Family vacation Hilton Head - Complete

14. Michigan Trip - complete 

15. Shop at Indigo Hippo- Done

16. Finish the cat quilt - finished

18. Finish some other quilt tbd Done

19. Celebrate Theas 3rd birthday - Elsa Party

20. Celebrate Jones 5th birthday - NERF gun party

21. Find a preschool for Thea done

22. Document Kindergarten for Jones -Started

23Return the amazon returns - Completed

24. Get New Fitbit. Done

25. Buy new bras. Done 

26. Watch the sunset. Michigan done

29. Summer bucket list - done 

30Celebrate Ollie’s first birthday - Done

32. Watch Theas dance recital - done

33. Reduce plastic use - Reuseable Bags, reusable paper towels, reusable cups, dryer balls, 

34. Clean out my garage - done 

36. Make a garment for myself - I repaired two considering this done. 

37. Finish dress for Thea - done 

38. Continue art journaling - done

39. Play date with Brooks -done

41. Find a new playground - several

42. Build sandcastles - done 

44. Finish 52 pages of project life - Completed 60

45. Cleanup the art shelf - at least twice 

46. take meals to 5 or more families 1/2/3/4/5/6

47. Ice cream with JJ - done

48. Find ginger with Kathleen - Done 

49. Walk around the neighborhood and pick up trash - done III

50. See Christmas lights -done

51. Visit mountains with Jono and Lo - done

52. Make new list - coming soon

Unfinished and most of these are in progress.  My biggest regret is not finishing the city sampler, but putting that on 2020s list.  

10. Splash park visit 

12. Determine where we will live next

17. Finish the city sampler quilt

27. Watch the sunrise.

28. 100 day project - started

31. Stomp in the creek and fossil hunt.

35. Re-tile bathroom floor

40. Visit the zoo

43. Use my SLR at least seasonally - twice

(Photo above of me house hunting in Colorado Springs - I am starting to think we land there provided the right house comes along).


One Second Everyday 2019

Here’s the link to my one second everyday video this is my favorite project to date.  I love it.  Just in Case the above doesn’t work here’s the direct link to you tube - https://youtu.be/Nrck1ckzgZo


5 - Royal Icing Cookies

I wanted to make fancier cookies like a Pinterest project but sometimes you settle for what your 3 & 5 year old can handle.  The royal icing is harder to work with than i anticipated too.  It’s either runny or too thick hard to get in right consistency. And overall they weren’t terrible.