Theaburf 24 Months Way Late

I am way late posting this although the pictures are old.

Dear Thea lady 
At age 2 you are finally getting real hair. 
you have opinions about everything. 
you use you song voice when thinking. 
you are resilient, strong, determined, and sooooo energetic.  
you love watching Wheels on the Bus.
You frequently request to wear kitty pants.
you eat dipping sauce with a spoon. 
You enjoy playing babies.
You like reading books especially Cinderella and 3 bears.  
You love running especially away from mommy!  
Also you enjoy being “first”.
You want to do everything Jones does, but you also bring your own twist or try to go further or do more.
You think rain boots go with everything.
You love vegetables and salad but usually don’t bother much with meat.
You struggle wanting to go to sleep.
You bring so much joy.
Love you so, mommy


36 - Cereal-ously its Your Party

This is such a fun idea for a party.  Ask your friends to bring a box of cereal serve with milk and other topping options like fruit, nuts, chocolate, whip cream etc.  We didn’t even get repeats of cereal.  My kids loved it.  It was perfect for Kathleen who always appreciates theme birthdays.  

This is what jones put in his cereal.  He also later added more cereal, chocolate sauce and whipped cream. 

We got auntie Kathleen this letter board for her birthday which we put to use for  the party too (it also had a gnome theme.)

I made simple gnome photo booth props so people would gnome themselves. Worked well except I needed better tape.  


Tee-ball is also happening here in the Midwest.  Jones is on the Reds team and he is loving it.  I think his biggest complaint has been that the ball doesnt always come to him as when we play in the yard.  
It’s so fun to watch the toddlers playing and learning the game.  Usually 4-8 kids go after the ball, nobody is even on first when the ball is thrown there,  the kids often run to third or to the pitcher mound, they carry their bats with them.  Such a good time to watch.  
Jones’s uniform is easily 3x too big and we have to wear a belt to keep his pants up.  

They also had a big opening day celebration at the community park with Ice cream and bounce houses and a band and little parade.  It was a huge hit with the kids.  

I look forward to seeing more progress as the season goes on.  The kids are already hitting better.  


Our garden

So far our garden is NOT going well.  We transplanted our tomatoes, peppers, squash and peas.  And currently all the peas were snatched up by rabbits.  All the squash got killed by a late frost.  And two of my Pepper plants thea stepped on.  
We still have lots of seedlings to transplant but this does not make me excited to have lost so many plants already.  I am planning to start a few more squash plantsin egg cartons soon.  And i have been adding organic plant food to the soil with hopes I can turn it around.  Wish us luck. 

Ice show 2018

This past weekend was the ice show. After skating lessons wrapped up jones had expressed interest in the show.  So we signed up.  This was like 8 additional skating lessons and two big event shows.  At first he was discouraged as he was one of two three year olds but he ended up loving his coach, and justhaving the best time. His favorite part was the finale where they get to just free skate until the zamboni kicks them off the Ice.  He was very discouraged after like the 3rd practice because he wasn’t going fast so he decided to use a bucket and I totally support this because it made him feel confident and special.  Additionally he actually gave the program director some ideas for the show which they incorporated and I love that.   He is already asking me when the next ice skating is again and when he can get his hockey sticks like the older boys.  
Also funny story some of the college students who coach the skating were coaching Jones on potential poses for his individual and team photos.  And he literally I think attempted all of them with the photographer including jumping with his skates on.  I can’t wait to see the final pictures.  


37 - Masha Party for Thea

So here I am 2 months later blogging about Thea’s birthday party!  I threw her a small party invited just some of our close friends and we went for pizza and to this play place called Pogo.  She absolutely loved it and she sang herself happy birthday for weeks afterward.  
Thea was super into Masha and the Bear and so I made her a Masha cake and we found her a purple birthday dress.  I also bought her a cash register and a bike for her birthday and some smaller things.  
My favorite thing about her turning two was Jones and I asked her what she wanted for her birthday and she thought for a minute and then proclaimed "baby jesus!"  She is so funny.    My brother Joe and his wife bought her a baby jesus  - she's such a character.
Thanks to everyone who came.  


15 - Buy New Swimsuit

Last summer I left my favorite swimsuit in a rental car it wa hanging to dry.  We regardless never saw it again. So I put buy new swimsuit on my list because my other two suits are not my favorites.  So last when spring breaking I completely forgot my swimming suit so I had to buy a new one.  I actually bought 2 since that made the second one half off.  So cross that one off.  

April Showers and Goals

So in March I did pretty good with my goals.  I finished all but 2.  That's not to shabby.  
  • Finish a quilt - DONE - Ollie's quilt
  • Spring Break mini vacation - DONE more info later
  • Make Easter Baskets - DONE - I was such a mean mom and gave them 90% practical things
  • St Patty’s Day Parade - DONE
  • Plan and build garden beds - Nope
  • Dates with Thea and Jones - Yes although I didn't document them.
  • start bathroom Renvoation  - Nope
  • Buy new swimsuit - Bought 2!
  • Buy new underwear - Ordered they haven't came yet.  
  • Bought Car (feb goal finished)
Let's see for April:

  • Throw Cereal Party (Kathleen's Birthday)
  • Plan and Build Garden
  • Start Bathroon Renovation (at least buy supplies needed)
  • Catch up on Temperature Quilt
  • Read a Book
  • Work on Project Life
  • Dates with Thea and Jones
  • Clean out Coat Closet
I think this seems reasonable? 



13 - New to Us SUV

Finally we got a new to us car.  We bought a used Honda CRV last week.  Jones went along as a date and we test drove a bunch of cars.  Finally I settled on this one because it was a little below my budget, one prior owner and honestly in better shape than some others.  The kids love it they tell everyone about their new car and that it doesn’t play movies.  jones does highlight that it has a spare tire on the back though, “just in case our tires go flat”.  Oh the joy of toddlers who have immense excitement for small pleasures.  And I am so glad to be over car shopping.  

4 - Quilt for Ollie (Spike)

Originally I was going to finish up another quilt I had in progress for my new nephew.  I dug it out and immediately hated it so instead I started a new low volume quilt using mostly scraps and stash fabric for him.  It’s basically a log cabin quilt although the blocks are various sizes so I mixed in some extra scraps to even it out.  I love how it turned out and how cute is it will sweet little Ollie?

It also has a little tag I made this says his name on the front and mine on the back.  
Also huzzah this is third finish of the year!