#babyburf 2 months

Dear Babyburf - 
You turned two months the other day.  I again took photos of you in the blue chair.  You were into it this time but kept moving around.  You don't look much bigger but I think you have bigger legs and belly now.  
Anyhow here's some notes on you at two months old.  
+ You are still small only 9 lbs 8 oz (2nd percentile).
+ Your head however is in the 86 percentile so we are guessing you'll catch up. 
+ You are very alert and often found looking at the fan, and the cutout of mommy and daddy's wedding. 
+ You drink 4 to 5 ounces of breastmilk at a time.  
+ Your clothes fit better.
+ You smile, giggle and coo.  
+ You recently started grabbing at things like your pacifier my shirt.
+ You comfort yourself by grabbing your right ear.
+ Your hair fell out mostly in the front and your eyebrows are looking reddish so you might end up ginger after all.
+ Your neck is getting very strong an you can hold your head up for prolonged periods of time. 
+ You also really like sitting upright even when you can't control your wobbly head.
+ You stand when we hold you up and seem to like this as well.
+ you like bathtime 
+ you took your first trip and went swimming for the first time.
+ Mommy loves to snuggle you on her lunch break from work.
+ Mommy is not a super fan of pumping or breastfeeding but a baby has to eat.
+ Mommy thinks you are pretty much magical all the time.
+ Mommy loves in the morning after your first breakfast how you want to "chat" and smile for a while before falling back to sleep.
+ Daddy often refers to you as his favorite toy.
+ He immediately wants To cuddle you after work and often takes naps with you on his chest.
+ He changes many poopy diapers like a champ and doesn't get mad when you pee when he changes you.
+ Daddy still sings you silly songs when he's around you.
+ He wakes you up in the morning before work and you get him back by pooing on him (good job son ;)
+ Daddy wishes his daddy could have met you, he tells me grandpa would have liked you.

#14on14 - August

Holy cow August is on the sneak attack.  I was just in June right?  Anyhow it's halfway done.  Yesterday was the 14th and I almost forgot about my photos but renembered around 2 when I broke for late lunch.  Regardless to say some photos are from the same event.  
1. Post pump 2.babyburf at lunch
3. Hanging diapers out 4. We have two tomatoes now (my tomato plant literally aren't interested in making fruit.
5. Goodbye card 6. Goodbye gift (our faces on a shirt)
7. #babyburf Armand daddy at the good bye dinner 8. Kemi and baby
9. Goodbye Selfie
10. Kathleen waiting on us since she already gave back her key. 11. Burrito baby 12. Almost smile. 13. Daddy and baby dozing at 8:30
14.  Devotion time. 


Best of Life Video - 2014 April, May, June

Exiting things happened in this video we had our baby and my brother got married.  Lots of every day life too.  The song is Magic by Coldplay.  If you can't view it via blogger it's also available on Youtube here without the sound however.


Babies on quilts

Babies on quilts are simply the best.  Who needs a fancy play mat when everything is amazing to your baby and you make quilts.  
He did not want me taking photos of smiles.  
And he also did not care for tummy time and flipped himself over (mid flip below).
But he's too adorable so I let him do back time instead.
That's all for now.  I am sure to have more interesting things to share soon but alas someone gets up at 4 and that makes me extra dull and tired.  But hey 9-4 an infant that sleep 7 hrs I will take it! 


#babyburf baby book part 2

So finally I got some spare time to work on the baby book.  I am really loving how easy it is with the snap album and using my existing supplies.  These came together in a snap.   I need to get to the stationary store to get the right kind of envelopes to include his birth story and the letters I wrote him.  Most of the patterned paper is project life cards or scraps.   As I did these I noticed how much he has changed.  His face was so puffy when he was first born.  And he was seemed more chunky.  
 I saved mine and his brackets from the hospital and added them on this spread. I loved how that you are here card worked perfectly even though it was meant more for travel. 
I also saved the card from his hospital bassinet which was exactly the size of the sleeve so in it went.  They kept adding stickers to his card after he got shots, tests etc and they matched his book so I kept them.  
I took some 0 month/newborn photos of his and printed a few favorites for his book.  I added some of the words via an iPhone app and printed that on the photos. 
These really fell together so fast I need to print up some more for some other pages. 


For the baby's first trip we took a short trip to Milwaukee over the weekend.  He actually traveled very well in the car sleeping probably 60-75% of the trip and cooing and looking around the rest of it.  He also slept good in the hotel.  

We took him downtown and to the riverwalk as well as to the state fair.  Dustin wasn't feeling good in the afternoon so he hung out with the baby and we went to the flea market and out to dinner.  We also took the baby swimming for the first time (he actually liked it). 

We were pleasantly surprised and now we are excited for our trip to DC although that involves a plane.  But we're hopeful he will be a rockstar. 

It was also our last trip with our friend Kathleen as she is heading to grad school next week.  :(


Family Photos July 2014

In June we took one family photo of the three of us.  Resolved to do better in July I recruited my sister to snap a few photos of us at the park.  #babyburf wanted to sleep the whole time. We kept waking him up. 


Book 38 - Bridget Jones's Diary - Mad About the Boy

So yes I thought I was going to read like 6 books while on leave.  Hah!  That's laughable.  I did read 3/4 of one and 1/12 of another.  But it seems feeding an infant just makes reading difficult.  Especially when I feed and pump simulataneously.  But alas now that I am back to work I am already finished with one.  Book 38 is "Bridget Jones's Diary Mad about the Boy" by Helen Fielding.  I love the first to movies so I gave this a go. I rather liked it even though I sometimes want to smack Bridget.  It was humorous and I like how it's written from a diary perspective.  Maybe now I will finish off Crazy Love to make it two books this summer.  


Totally Rad 1980s Going away Party

So in like two weeks Kathleen is moving back to Bowling Green for grad school.  We are super sad to say the least.  So we threw Kathleen a 1980s themed picnic. We had a spread of 1980s foods -  manwich, twinkies, fruit rollups, Mac and cheese and cool ranch Doritos.  Oh and Capri Suns to drink.  
We dressed up in 1989s costumes including baby jones (don't all babies need sweat bands).  Not too many people wore costumes but you know we we did - Kathleen went for late 1980s Denise Huxtable from the cosbys while I was 1980s workout.  

We also gave party favors of cassette tapes with Kathleen's picture in them.  They were a big hit despite nobody having a cassette player.  
It was a good party thanks to everyone who came. 



Finished Quilt Top - Michael Miller Challenge Quilt

I have been meaning to post this work in progress for several weeks on Wednesdays but I never got pictures.  
This is the top for my Michael miller Challenge quilt with the Modern Quilt Guild.  The challenge was to use the fabric sent by the guild adding only solids or other MM fabrics.  
When I started this I knew I wanted to make rectangle blocks because lately everything seems square.  This whole quilt was going to be triangles in rectangles but I was not into paper piecing and ran out of aqua fabric.  So I improvised.    
I am making this one for Dustin his first quilt made by me.  Now to finish it off starting with ironing it.  I ordered fabric for the back specifically for Dust they are in violation of the challenge rules but I will miss the deadline anyhow.