Book 43 - Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street - was my book 43 (I still have three others I haven't finished but started though).   the story of Jordan Belfort was humorous but some was over the top.  It was as if some of it was hard t believe.  I think it was pretty well written although I didn't Iike the ending it just seemed to end.  there was a detailed story then Boom it just ended with a quick wrap up.


Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas...

Well I had all these big plans for the baby's first Christmas!  I was going to make him an advent calendar, I was going to make a December daily book, I was going to get him about 100 pairs of red and white striped outfits (this is my number 1 favorite combo for babies), i was going to make a stocking and buy a first Christmas ornament, i was going to...
Well here it is the 16th of December and I didn't do all of that.  Somehow between our trips to Missouri, chicago and boston I did manage to get to the tree farm, visit Santa, address Christmas cards, and get one striped outfit.  The baby was thrilled to see Santa he even gave Santa a nice belly laugh.  He also loves Christmas lights and has a desire to eat all the Christmas ornaments.  I think we are going to buy him said 100 x striped clothes and maybe a walker because he's not likely to care what he gets for Christmas. 
Christmas season with a baby is just that much more magical and wonderful.  

14 on 14 December

This month we were in Boston on the fourteenth which made the photos a little more fun.  Although we often take weekend trips so this is real life for us I was just thinking jones has been to like 10 states already.  Here's my 14 photos -
1 - baby + citigo sign in kenmore square he refused to look at me!
2 - friends on the T.  The baby slept thru his first subway ride!
3 - marzipan is so pretty.  We bought butter cookies instead they taste better
4 - the "legend" sharing a coke
5 - boxing
6 - the ferry boat (baby was asleep inside in the warm ferry)
7 - meeting house has a unicorn on top
8 - love this view of the harbor ps you can see my old corporate office on the right
9 - Charlestown naval yard.  SJ also gave the baby buddy the bison which he's supposed to take to all his national parks and photograph we started with this heritage one.  Jones is holding it.
10 - you used to be able to see the old north church but that new white monument is blocking it.
11- what's with the dot matrix and airlines?
12 - nice sleeping position 
13- boston common tree
14- home again gathering luggage


Babyburf baby book update

It's been a while since I worked on the baby book - shame on me (in all fairness our house has been under construction for a month).  
But alas yesterday I sat down and made him a new page with his hand/foot prints.  We stamped his prints when he was about two months old on white paper.  They turned out not super great but you can tell what they are.  This is hard to capture even in their sleep.
I used the prints and then added some detailed photos of his mouth and belly button.  A few cards and paper scraps and there we have it.  
I need to figure out exactly when we made the prints and add that to the page.  More of this soon - I also started 4 other pages too. 


Family Photos Novemeber

In November I remembered to capture moments of us together a Little more frequently.  Yay!
When we went to west Baden we tested out the timer on my iPhone6.  Worked except we are merely shadows.
Then when in Missouri we had Ginny snap a photo of us.  It's blurry and the baby is looking at the dogs but you get the idea.
I did snap this one with grandma Ginny and grandpa with my timer afterward too.    Again jonesy is looking the wrong way and boy do I need a roots touch up.
Possibly my favorite one was thanksgiving after dinner but before cleanup we captured this shot.  I love dust's cheesy grin and the silver in the foreground couldn't have planned it better.  

West Baden Springs Resort

Back in November we took a trip to West Baden Springs Resort - I had been wanting to stay there for a while and so we made it happen.  Sadly we missed all the leaves.  But it was still a fun trip.  The hotel is pretty amazing for something tucked away in nowhere land Indiana.  
#babyburf as usual was thrilled to be someplace new and seeing things.  We took him swimming in their massive pools which he enjoyed.  It was a little expensive it still a nice way to spend family time after Dusty completing three weeks on call.


16 - Eat a pomegranate

For thanksgiving we had pomegrante instead of cranberries it was my first time ever having them.    The second I sliced into the fruit my husband was snatching up the piece of the fruit to drink the juice he apparently knew of its lovely taste.  Surprisingly I wasn't the only one to try it for the first time most of the family had never had one.  Anyhow it was delicious. I think next year I might do pomegrante again.


Bread #9 - Country Bread

Since I am way behind on those 25 breads (what was I thinking??) we made bread for thanksgiving.  We pulled a recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook - country bread sorry no link just buy the cookbook it's useful I promise.
Anyhow the bread was served straight from the oven it was a little crusty but you know it doubled in size 4 times not twice ( this is what happens when things are in the oven). But otherwise it was pretty good.  If we made it again I would define you not cook it with a turkey or sweet potatoes.


Oh the Pumpkin Patch

So waaaaay back in October we took #babyburf to the pumpkin patch.  He pretty much loved it.  So much to see and touch and taste.  It was extra warm the day we went so that was nice too.  My favorite part of the whole adventure was when I stood the baby up so he was holding himself up on a pumpkin and he immediately started chit chatting with it as if it was one of his toys or an animal - it was priceless.
I love the photos we took took of my boys that day.  Dustins hair looks extra red next to the blue sky and the baby well hello cuteness!
Jones was very interested in the baby goat I mean heck he's drinking a bottle which I am sure he can relate to.
The baby also got a gourd which he loved until his drool ate part of the skin off.