The Febuary 2011 Happened List

I did not record as many items in my phone from this month. But I think this was a good month of getting back into the travel groove and trying new things and forming new friendships.
  • Let Down snowstorm
  • Snowpiles taller than me
  • New roomates
  • Lunch with Ram
  • Movies Seen - The Way Back, No Strings Attached, The Fighter, Inception
  • Making Cupcakes
  • Schreve and Ash birthday dinner in a tiny kitchen
  • Jono's Moodiness
  • Skyping
  • Citigroup
  • Making quilted scarves
  • Beach with Swans
  • Tavallinos
  • Bowling with Strangers
  • Fevers
  • Teaching the same class over and over and over
  • Conference Call Muting
  • Reading about Hasidic Jews
  • Bobby Brady Voice
  • Indy Modern Flat Bierwerks


Movie - Umm Ugh - Inception

 I also saw Inception this week - yep I love Movies (it's also Oscar season if I haven't mentioned it lately).   I umm ugh was not really a fan of Inception.  While they try to explain how the Inception works it's just so far fetched and unbelievable it turned be off.  Additionally I think to explore and fully understand the idea/concept you need a much longer time frame so it makes more sense I can appreciate si-fi and special effects but I didn't so much care for this one and I don't like Leo DiCaprio and his big head.  Although I thought some of the scenes and imagery was nice.  Personally however I think this is a better movie for a DVD, than in person.  



I am sitting at DCA in a state of delay. Do you remember back in 2007 when I frequently was in the state of delay only at Dulles? I certainly do. I am a little over it in this given moment - of course I have been sick for over a week and the lounge closed already and it's freezing. I know that I choose this life one that involves lots of traveling and with it comes patdowns, schlepping, shuffling and waiting. Most days I am very patient about it. Today not so much. and if someone offered me a job where i would stay in Indy most of the time I probably wouldn't take it well unless it was a sweet deal. However right this second I might reconsider - I guess we all have moments of weakness.

Fav Thing Friday - Gray

I have been noticing a trend recently in my life. The color gray. I LOVE colors don't get me wrong but I am noticing that I am buying things in the gray pallet lately - sweaters, dresses, purses, nail polish etc.  I also seem to be drawn to gray in the house like I was thinking I should repaint the living room a light gray.  And the more I think about it the more I realize that I like gray it's a favorite of mine it goes well with pink, green, blue, red, black it's a winner for sure.  So there you have it my fav this week.

Movie - The Fighter Fantastic

Last night I went with a friend to see The Fighter.  She and I are starting a habit of going to see movies lately she's not a big movie fan but I think movies are growing on her.
This week we went and saw The Fighter, which is based on a true story of a Boxer from Lowell, MA.  Some of the locations in the movie were familiar since I've been in the Boston metro area for a while, which is always fun.  I actually really liked the movie I was thinking it might have a more "male" target audience but surprisingly less so than you think and I don't really care for boxing.  The story has a good message and it wasn't just a sports related one but I won't give it away, but I appreciated that it wasn't the typical underdog sports movie.  But my favorite part of the movie was actually the sisters.  Mickey Ward the fighter, has 7 sisters and in the movie they add a special something and provide some humor.  (One of the sisters is also Conan O'Brien's sister).  Anyhow I think this movie has a real chance at winning some academy awards although I'm not sure it will take best picture.  What I can really appreciate about it and The Kings Speech is both are good "REAL" stories, made simply, with great acting, and humor.   I think it's always nice to see movies that don't special effects or bizarre plots to be great.


2011 The Year of the Penguin - Adventure #2

Well yesterday we completed Penguin Adventure #2 (aka #15). Originally we were going to do this in Indy but then Mom's school could win prize money for getting people to a basketball game so we went to the basketball game we took 6 people to the game and mom's school won the prize money by 6. Yes that's right. I'd like to say it was the Jones and Coers that set her over the top and it's very likely it was us.

I really appreciated that all signs of the Redskins weren't gone. 
It was a girls game which was a little slow and boring but Smash and I used the time to catch up on stuff.

The seats haven't changed since at least the 70's I love that.

So after the game we set out for our penguins. We went downtown because we needed to find the penguin.  We thought we might find one in Wildberry, but we found a lot of other interesting things and no penguins.

Then we went to the Apple Tree or something like that and we were lucky and we found our penguins.  Smash and I got a cookie cutter ones and momo got a puppet one. 
This photo cracks me up I love that everyones mouths are open they didn't even plan on this.
Look there's mom's penguin
And of course we couldn't not ride the cannon.

Then we returned home to find yet another penguin left by mom's friend with a note that said "home is where the penguins are", which was the sweetest thing. 


Fav Thing Friday - Go Bag

My Favorite thing this week is my Go Bag. I'm not a big fan of purses I used to be but the last like 3 years I've been into wristlet size if I even need one . However there are times when you need extra gear like overnight at your moms, or when you need your bible notebook and assorted other items for citygroup, or when you are dropping packages off at the post office etc.  So for just those times I use what I like to call my "Go Bag".  It's basically a bag that's ready to GO.   I have an aqua Baggu bag I use for this it's durable and has many strap types which I love but really I often use other bags as well.  Anyhow I think everyone needs one they are lovely.


Tuesday 10 - With Love from Worcester

1. This tutorial about making butter by Maize in Montana makes me want to make butter and/or jam
 2. The Oscars I love movies and Oscar season.
3. Snow up to your hip. Especially when you don't have shovel.
4. Foot cream
5. Finding a gift certificate in my wallet I forgot I had.
6. The Apartment Therapy Blog. Who doesn't like "feed sack" pillows.  I don't even have an apartment but I still enjoy it.

7. Chapstick
8. Gathering and searching for things for Surprise Balls! 
9. Scoring 4 pieces of pyrex for less than $7 this weekend.
10. Lap Swimming at the hotel.


Movie No Strings Attached

So I saw another movie from my list- No Stings Attached.  It definitely will not be nominated for any academy awards, but it was light-hearted and funny and a cute love story.  It was predictable but sometimes that's the kind of movie you want to see.  And it's a good one to see with your girlfriends. 


1963 Clue for $0.69

Today I went thrifting and I got some pretty sweet items more about some of those later.  My favorite purchase was this 1963 "Clue" board game.  I got it for $.69 and it has all the pieces except for Colonel Mustard.  The box is in a said state with lots of damage, but it's still a gem to me.   I love the graphics they are awesome.  How do you not love old school Mr. Plum or Mrs. Peacock?   So I added it to my vintage board game collection and it fits in quite nicely.  And best part is it cost less than $1. 


Fav Thing Friday - Headbands

Today I picked Head bands for my favorite thing.  They are useful for keeping the hair out of my face and great when I don't want to fix my bangs.  They come in all sorts of varieties my favorite kind is the cheap plastic ones but I like the other ones too.


To the Beach

I went to the beach in New Bedford and Fairhaven today after work. Because it seemed like the thing to do. I was half expecting that the ocean would be frozen I'm not sure why really.   Maybe because the Charles has been frozen.  It wasn't frozen heck there was very little snow on the beach just random little piles. 
I loved the swans at the beach they thought I was going to feed them and they followed me around I wish I had fed them I was little terrified of them as one time a Canadian goose attacked me.  But they were so friendly but all I had to feed them was wintermints and I didn't think they would be into that.   New Bedford seemed to have lots of depressed areas where they had these former beautiful old homes and buildings that desperately needing to be fixed up.  It almost makes me want to buy one and fix it up.  

The sun was about to set - unfortunately it wasn't the best beach for the sunset because it really only faced east so I tried to find another spot to see it.  But that didn't work so well. 

Afterward I grabbed some chinese and my fortune just seemed to be fitting. 
Next time I'm in the area I'm planning to go see the old shipyard in Fall River I hear it's fantastic.