Things that come to mind as I sand...

Who has walked on this wood before me.
What did they do
Did they like to dance on their hardwoods?
Did they sand them and lay them by themselves?
Why did they really like orangey stain
Where did the trees come from
How many of these boards are not really oak
How much dust can I breathe in without it killing me
How much saw dust does it take to fill a summing pool?
Did people dust in the 1800's
Was there pledge?
Can I make something out of this dust
How many vibrations does the sander make per minute
How many vibrations does it take to do my whole floor
I should download some new tunes
I should have a sanding playlist with only happy you know you want to sand songs
I should really decide on a new stain color
I Ned a new list of to dos
The dust is getting intothe sore even with the cover
I should buy a new one and just not like it
And then the thoughts get a little deeper like...
Tea or water
I will now resume my sanding marathon where I will finiSh these floors if the dust does kill me...


#32 - Restyle Something

For the record I started this project slightly terrifed because while I can sew - I am a very "free" sewist.  I don't follow patterns (I never have), and I don't make clothes aside from that one time I made boxers and a skirt both on the bias because it seemed like the cool thing to do - For the record it's not that cool of an idea.
Anyhow I bought this dress while thrifting with Lita for like $1.50.  I bought with the intent to restyle it perhaps to wear to schreve's wedding (alicia what do you think about that? jk).   Lita thought I was crazy for buying an 1980's oversized church dress.  But I bought it anyway because I like the drop-waist.   Of course the rest of the day I kidded her about buying every ugly dress we saw.   Anyhow it started out looking like this.
Last night it got a facelift.  I removed the should pads, sleeves and buttons.  See you later!  I also took it in a little turning by turning it inside out and then pinning it while I had it on - NOTE this is easier if you have someone else help you which I learned the hard way.
And then I stiched it up, made it a little belt although it's a bit short for my waist so I might have to sub in something for my closet.  I added some buttons from my very large collection and tada - vintage dress has new life.
Aside from the fact I cut arm holes so big you can see the side of my bosoms - I think it's much improved.  Surprisingly despite my non-straight lines, and the fact I used a quilting needle you can't tell I did it.   I have to get a black tank top so I can  show you what it looks like on without a little "show".  But I crossed #32 off my list .  Moving forward though if I do this again I think I'll look for a dress that's in a little better shape this one was very well worn and and the fabric is much thinner than I thought it was originally.


Homemade Spicey Hummus

For the record hummus is not a food everyone likes - but who cares I like it!  I adapted a few recipes I read to make it work for me and I didn't have any Tahini.

2 cans of garbanzo beans drained (save 1/4 of cup to blend in you can sub in tahini if you have it)
Juice of 1 Lemon
2 cloves garlic smashed and halved
1 Tblsp Olive Oil
1 tsp Spicy Olive Oil (I have a pepper infused cajun mix made locally leave out if you don't like spice)
1 tsp chopped fresh parsley
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp pepper
1 tsp chili pepper (leave out if you don't like spicy)
1. Blend all ingredients together in food processor or blender (if using a crappy blender like me blend small amounts of garbanzos at a time).
2. If Hummus is too think add 1 tsp of olive oil at a time until thins out.  I like my hummus thick like peanut butter but if you are dipping bread you might like it thinner.
3. Remove from blender and serve with veggies, pita chips, bread or whatever floats your boat.

I made some fantastic spicy hummus and spinach wraps with mine in addition to eating with carrots.  I have lots leftover so I'll probably eat with some green pepper slices too, who knows maybe I will make hummus burgers too!


May Goal - Sanding In Progress

Sanding hardwoods is happening at the Bungalow.  I'd also like to call this project "The get dust up your nose, caked everywhere and you'll never stop vibrating project."  Because yes I got it everywhere and I feel as though I'm still vibrating from the sanding. 
But I have officially started the floor sanding - I was hesitant to do this project because I didn't mind the color of the floors but since I couldn't match it to the patched section I figured I must and I should do it before laying the tack strips.  My goal is to do about 20 square feet a day so I don't consume all my spare time in the next week sanding - let's hope that I can finish by the first for my May Goals.


Instead of going to the Ocean

I went to North Hampton, MA. So sadly I won't accomplish my ocean goal for May although I did see it and smell it ;o)  It is a three hour there and back drive from Western MA or I would have done it.
North Hampton or NoHo or NorthHam as locals call it is in Western Mass it's near the University of Mass Amherst (also a cute area).  It's a cute little town with all kinds of shoppity shoppe's and local restaurants and bars.   It's kind of got this hippie like vibe and it's great for people watching - best ever I think I mentioned before.  
Anyhow I visited the other day did a little shopping and had dinner and drinks with my new friend Jaden at a place called Local or Fresh or FreshLocal - who knows. (Insert shout out for Jaden here).  I took a few photos before it started pouring down rain and I got all wet and I became terrified of getting my phone wet too.  Sorry for the crummy shots I had the insta on some kind of weird setting combo.
The Shoppe's have great names - this is Northhampton Wools Too (notice women wearing jumper and white tee style circa 1992 schoolmarm).
More shoppes with great names - photo not so good that we can read them.

I really liked this Art Shoppe - I scored some letter press notes to send to people and got a new sketchbook. I liked this poster.
I also liked that "eat your greens"  I think I need one that say "Eat Yo Greens" it's a little more trendy.
And the pretty handmade paper.
And pretty fabric - some of which came home with me.
I think this shot was taken pre-rain storm - this is why I didn't bring umbrella - see blue sky.
There was a record shoppe too - where I did NOT buy any records but did listen to them.
I thought really strongly about buying this journal because of it's awesomeness it's a "Why I am Dysfunctional" Journal. Where every day for a year you jot notes about your dysfunctions. The other side of the page has great quotes of dysfunction.
You can't read this stop sign art - but it says "STOP" then below that someone added "listening to crappy music" - Stop sign art seems to be really trendy in MA - I think I'll need to do another post on that after I capture some better photos of the signs.
And the post office just in case you want to mail anything to NorthHam.

Favs on Friday - Cups with Lids & Straws

Another Friday Favorite... I am a super huge fan of cups with lids and/or straws saves me from buying bottled water for the house - I recently just stocked the cupboards with them in almost every color. They are helpful to prevent spillage - although you should not hold onto the lid or you will toss one at your brother.  I especially approve of the dishwasher safe kind we have some that are hand wash only and we are not fans of those.

And in a similar light - I'm also a big fan of Tervis Tumblers in the Summer - several years ago my boss bought me a set and sent with a note that read "in our household we think these are space age" - he was totally right - fist pump for G.  They are totally "Space Age" and far out - perfect for keeping things cold when it's hot outside.  (Just a note you should be jealous because my boss is also the awesomest boss ever).


Another Season Begins

Jono Shawshank is playing on the Indianapolis Blue baseball team again this year.  If you didn't already know vintage baseball is only the coolest sport in Indy.  Anyhow the Blues were playing right near the house on Sunday at Garfield Park - yay for that.   So after chruch we headed over to the game despite the downpour that was looming.  It did rain but the Blues and Belle River Baseball Club still battled it out (is that the correct terminology for a vintage game Shawshank?)  The Blues won by a lot so far this year they have won all their games, and Jono did good.
And I'm sure Shawshank is waiting for some photos since we aren't roommates any longer so he can't just upload them whenever (we have a bunch more bro too).
Rabbit pitching.
Mad Dog
I think this is Hawkeye scoring and there's Wildcat in the back ground.
Shawshank slipping in the mud at home plate -  I'm so glad I captured this.
I love this shot I don't know who the guy fielding is he was from the other Indy team but that's Rabbit running to third.
Shawshank running bases in the rain.  I wonder if his mouth was open so he could drink the rain?
More rain running see how his mouth is open.
I love this one he caught it too.
Limpy and Mad Dog trying to get the force out.
Hip Hip Huzzah - here's to a great season Shawshank and the Blues.

Things I learned so far this week...

That I can fix the hatch of my SUV myself :o)
That I can grow cilantro up to my shoulders - anyone need any?
That if I let the weeds grow in my driveway my neighbors will mow it for me.
That cheerios in a pyrex bowl taste better than cheerios in a Styrofoam bowl
That I can make friends in the oddest of places
That North Hampton, MA has the best people watching EVER - Yes EVER
That if I decide to forgo the umbrella I will get caught in the rainstorm
That this spring flights will be bad for me and I better just deal with it
That I don't want to live outside of the city again



Movie Time - Somewhere

So I was super excited for this movie - a Sophia Coppala film + Stephen Dorf and then I was super let down.  But OMG it was horrible I wish I hadn't seen it in the theater I thought the scenes of sitting on the sofa or driving were going to put me to sleep. I think the first half hour had like 15 words in it making it hard to keep interest.  I can appreciate artsy films but I like them better with a little more substance.   I think the best part was the daughter Elle Fanning - who might have been the only good part of the movie.   Anyhow that's all the good I have to say about this one so I'm going to end my commentary on that note.



More Bee Blocks Including Those Dreaded Triangles

I am finally caught up with the bee blocks.  Those triangles nearly killed me even with Rachael's assistance - (okay maybe it's a bit dramatic but me + triangle = bad news).  Anyhow here are the blocks - Meg's Log Cabin
Here are those triangles they need a little ironing.  Dee I hope the points are better.
And here's Lindsay's mosaic - I want to make  more of these loved it. 
And now I'm all caught up until it suddenly is June which I'm sure will happen sooner than I think.



#49 New Soup - Random Blackened Chicken & Rice Soup

#49 on my list is to make a new soup. And tonight I was the night - I made a whole pot for just me of course most of it is leftover for tomorrow and/or later in the week. 

1 chicken breast blackened and chopped
1tsp olive oil
1/2 cup chickpeas
1/2 cup of wild rice
1 green pepper
1/2 red pepper
1 onion (I used red)
1 jalapeno pepper
1-3 oz of cilantro (I used some from my garden it was fantastic)
3 cups of chick broth 
3 cups of water
Pepper to taste

1. Chop Veggies
2. Saute onion in oil in the your soup pot
3. Toss in the peppers and saute for like 2 minutes to get the peppery taste flowing
4. Add in water, broth, chicken, chicpeas, rice on medium heat
5. Cook for about 30 minutes or until rice is cooked 
6. Add Cilantro and eat.

Best thing was I had everything already here and it was super fast and super flavorful.  I hope to make more yummy soups soon.



Movie Time - Something Borrowed

I haven't blogged about the last few movies I've seen because they weren't worth mentioning. I saw Something Borrowed the other day which is a fun romantic comedy.  The plot was really predictable but still it was better than the last romantic comedies I've seen.  Girl likes boy.  Boy is with girls friend.  Girl and boy don't know what to do about it.  
I didn't think parts of it were believable because true friends don't act like Kate Hudson's Character - she seemed to be the most selfish friend I've even seen.  I know people that are selfish but they aren't that over the top with their friends.  Anyhow I did enjoy John Krasinski and Ginnifer Goodwin - they worked well together.  Of course I have a celebrity crush on John.   Anyhow it's a good one to wait for the DVD if you don't want to pay $10 to see it at the theater.