Presents from Jeanne

How could I forget to blog about my presents from Jeanne! Jeanne sent me a box of goodies for my birthday I was so exicited I couldn't wait until Sunday to tear it open. I got all sorts of fabulousness! A new stamp, this awesome chipboard, a purse book that she made, a dvd, and my very favorite a handmade coaster of her me and Kim (scanned for your viewing pleasure below).

Look what the Gorilla and I have been up to...

I'm having far too much fun with this. Here we have the gorilla on the table (not so much fun). But I do love this picture.

gorilla on my lamp (this is my coworker/friend Rich)

Gorilla wrapped around the arm of a guest chair. (here I am with coworkers and friends Jill and Amy look you can see lots of goodies I've made Jill around her office too!)
Gorilla on the Ceiling fan.



Lunch with Kim is Fabulous! We went to Au Bon Pain today not really for my birthday but we can say it was for my birthday because Kim made me the cutest little container with birthday goodies inside and I'm sure everyone downtown was jealous (including the idiot that was trying to direct traffic very rudely). I know Ivan at Au Bon Pain was he thought Kim was quite the Martha Stewart (never mind that Kim probably doesn't like her, but the guy didn't know better). We had very tasty Thai Chicken Salads and some yummy breadsticks (please note we were able to resist these yummy looking chocolate covered strawberries - how I do not know). Thanks much for lunch Kim and thanks for the birthday goodies I cannot wait until our next outing together it's always a treat!

Happy Thrusday out there blogsters!


10 Things I want to Hang/Attach/Tie my Gorillapod to:

I can't wait to get my Gorillapods for my birthday. I know I'm getting two the big and the small. And here's I can't wait to get them and use them to take all sorts of unique angled photos. Here's a few things I've seen that need to have some gorilla action. (Thanks for helping me pick a topic Kim).

10 Things I want to Hang/Attach/Tie my Gorillapod to:
  1. My Ceiling Fan
  2. The rear view mirror in Lou (my car)
  3. A lawn chair
  4. My office lamp
  5. Chain link fence
  6. Bicycle handle bars
  7. A Tree Or shrub either one I'm not that picky
  8. A shopping cart
  9. My purse (hopefully my new one but if I'm waiting for it to arrive the old will suffice).
  10. Fridge handle
I betchacan't wait to see these pictures...



I made my very first fried chicken tonight. Jay Jones sent me a link to a recipe for Parmesan Fried Chicken and so I made that for supper tonight I have a ton of leftover but it was delish! I think it was my very first time making fried chicken. I meant to take a photo but I forgot until I had the leftovers in the tupperware already. Thanks Jay!

So much for focusing on work...

I just got a package in the mail and I tore into it too quickly to read who it was from thinking it was my new purse. It wasn't but instead it was a nice surprise from G&G (Grandma and Grandpa). Look what they sent me...
It's a new Floppy and some Friends for him. I think this large brown one Grandma made or someone else did anyhow. How fun! Thanks G&G what a nice surprise. Hopefully you all and Aunt Thea are having safe travels to Michigan.

25 for the 25

Here's a little list of 25 things on the 25th.

1. I broke my sewing machine yesterday Sad now I can't finish my brothers birthday present.
2. I LOVE to travel
3. I have 3 gold fish who need to have their water cleaned
4. I like to take naps
5. My house is a wreck
6. I need to have my carpets cleaned
7. Most of my summer clothes don't fit unforunately I don't want to buy new ones so if my pants are falling down you know why.
8. I am working on another list of things I want to do before I'm 30
9. I need to get my glasses fixed (the rims are bent note don't leave them on the floor)
10. I got new sheets
11. I should probably get new bedding that matches my new sheets
12. I can't though I don't want to part with my old comforter
13. I heart nighttime soaps
14. I am so sad most of my favorites have been canceled
15. It's almost my birthday
16. I am taking bets of if Jay makes my birthday cupcakes
17. I am giving him 40% shot
18. I bought him all the supplies to make it easier
19. I don't want to work today
20. I am working from home so that makes it nicer
21. I need to catch up on my 30 day journal
22. I can't wait for my new purse to arrive from etsy
23. I am having trouble thinking of more things
24. My Project Manager just emailed me with a new special assignment
25. I think I will stop making lists now and try to focus on work



My weekend is not off to the best start ever. Far from that in fact. But I guess sometimes you must have weekends like this even in the Best Year Ever.

Oh the up side next Saturday is mine birthday and Jay Jones's Birthday! Good luck to Miss Julie who's trying so hard to get her playground built in Cloverdale I hope your auction goes well and I wish I could come.


I've been tagged and now I'm Tagging...

thanks Jen let's see if I can come up with some things everyone might not know yet. Here's the rules:

Each player starts with 7 random facts about themselves on their Blog. People who are tagged need to blog 7 facts about themselves and post the rules as well. At the end of their blog list 7 people you are tagging. Let them know that they are tagged by leaving them a comment. So, time for Katie's 7 random facts:
  1. I have 14 pillows on my bed (all the time not just when it's made - which is never BTW). I love pillows.
  2. I like to eat cream cheese icing on saltine crackers.
  3. I'm learning to speak Italian - not very quickly might I add.
  4. I heart Blue Slushies from Jays Dairy Inn.
  5. I've never been outside of North America.
  6. I have some NKOTB on my iPod.
  7. I keep my sewing machine behind the couch as I ran out of space in the craftroom.
How's that for random!
And I'm tagging -
  1. Kim
  2. Jeanne
  3. Stephanie
  4. Dawn
  5. Mimi
  6. Margaret
  7. Marti

Tuesday 10 - 10 Reasons why Jeanne Should NOT Convert to a Digital Scrapper

Thanks to Kim for helping me select a topic. Jeanne this one is for you while I loved your digital layout you should not convert and here's why.
10 Reasons Why Jeanne Should NOT Convert to a Digital Scrapper:
  1. Because there's no "digital" glue to eat!
  2. Digital Supplies can't clutter your bedroom.
  3. Kim and Katie won't be able to "borrow" supplies.
  4. If you convert what fun are retreats!
  5. Because ink goes good with your eyes.
  6. If you convert you won't be able to turn down my good advice.
  7. Because who else will keep the red duck adhesive people in business.
  8. There's no paint to get in your hair with digital layouts.
  9. Because I don't think I'd like digital idea book hammy downs.
  10. Because your BFFs say NO!


Attempting to Catch with Deck of Me

I finally did a few more cards for my Deck of Me Challenge this year. I'm still like 10 prompts behind but I'll catch up eventually. Here's the latest...

Happy Sunday!



I love me some Esty!

Here's a few recent finds I saw I can't decide what I need though.

I don't know why but I love these little animal things from Little Odd Forest especially the love owls. I also think like these purses by Bliss by Heather JJ helped me pick out the ones I need (I'm sure that's what every brother wants to do NOT - thanks JJ). And how cute is this crocheted dog?
How about these cute musical notecards. How about some organic tees or other fun items from this store I see Bread People is too funny! Or little Theo I wonder if I can make him. Fun stationary from Blossom Creations too!


Working from home...

I'm working from home today so I can blog on my breaks! Lovin' it! Of course now I have nothing to say. Go figure.

Anyhow so here's a few photos of the "Doors" Project the first is either from a little church next to my old old apartment downtown the other from a YMCA.


Tuesday 10 - 10 Things U Might Have Missed at the Pink Retreat

This is sort of a little ode to our great weekend retreat - Katie H I told you I would tell you about it. I miss you gals already - I can't wait to see you soon!
  1. Joy riding in the woods. Yes we broke that foot bridge I swear I didn't see it coming up Marilyn.
  2. Forgetting to end my transaction and get my receipt at the gas station. I was far too excited to get back in the car with Marianne and Natalia (they are too sweet).
  3. Late Night Gorillapod photographs - I'm sure you early sleepers wished you hadn't missed this. - Karen and I even made some photos worthy for Janelle's Birthday present.
  4. Paul coming in while "Do you think I'm Sexy" was playing on the radio.
  5. Pam or was it Barb asking me if I knew the "Stroke it" which I think might have been playing when Paul came back later too! :S
  6. Laurie being all cute and embarrassed when she first met us all.
  7. Mis-Adventures of Paws the Bear and Floppy the Bear. (Karen I think we could have taken 9 million photos - Jeanne I can't wait to see her again).
  8. Attempting to use Mimi's Cuttlebug I'm not kidding when I say it took me 10 minutes just to attempt to emboss with this.
  9. Using Karen's Page kits this women is far too organized. If I planned this far ahead I think I would have done 200 pages not 21 in a weekend.
  10. Kim, Jeanne and I taking a time out for some BFF photo opps.
It was a whole lotta fun ladies - I think I could have went on and on with my list but I gotta save something for my 30 days journal!


Tuesday 10 - 10 Exciting Things This Week!

Lots of fun stuff happening this week! And I'm going to love every minute of it. Here's this week's list.

  1. Having lunch with my pals Doug, Diane and Sasha! I haven't seen these people since Christmas.
  2. Pink Retreats!
  3. Acquisition at work final (oh goodie here we go again).
  4. Pink Retreats!
  5. Prelude to the Dream - we are still only 75% about if we will go but I think Jay wants to.
  6. Pink Retreats!
  7. I'm off Wed-Thur-Friday! Sweetness!
  8. Pink Retreats!
  9. Seeing my Scrapbook Friends.
  10. Hey did I mention Pink Retreats!
I'm sure there's something else going on too but I thought I'd mention the Pink Retreats! :D


One more post today just for good measure...

I should have added this one with the previous but I just uploaded these. Here's Darah and Gary at her open house. I took 3 pictures (whoops). Darah looks just like my aunt Donna and it's hard to believe she can drive let alone graduated from highschool. Three more years and Lita will be there too 8D boy does time fly.

Dairy Deets!

Kim and I took another road trip adventure this weekend - to the Fair Oaks Dairy Farm up in Northern Indiana. Kim brought along her girls Sammie and Syd and Kenzie (too keep Sammie occupied). It was a great drive and we made really good time. Our pal Janelle and her son, Nick met us there and our friend Jeanne (who had canceled ended up coming anyhow)! We were so glad to see everyone.

We saw a 4-D movie, wend on a bus tour had lunch at the Cheese Shoppe (yummy) !! I even drank milk (gulp). Then we went to the dairy barn and watch two cows be "borned" as sammie would say. One with assistant from a farm worker the other did it all on her own. It was a neat experience. They were both cute one was 80 lbs the other 92 lbs yikes! Then we ate some ice cream which I proceeded to get all over me (clearly I should get a cup not a cone when it's hot outside) - I was a bigger mess than the 5 year olds. Somewhere in there we played at the activity center/museum and learned how to milk cows and played this cow-culus game that Nick and Janelle won.

On the ride home we hit hobby lobby to get a few things for the Pink Retreat and we did some kind of convulted checkout where we had the little girls buy items so we could use lots of coupons! (hehe!) and I must have apologized to like 5 people behind us because we seemed so goofy.

It was a great time! Here's to another K&K roadtrip in the books. Kim where are we going next!