Turning Purple

One of my sewing machines is fixed. I'm picking it up tomorrow. Can't wait to turn this stack of purple fabric into something awesome despite the dragging of my feet on this project.


The Tuesday 10 that Wasn't...

This originally was going to be a Tuesday 10. But then I got sidetracked trying to decide where to stay in Copenhagen and London, and whether or not to get a rental car to just take the train everywhere. Ahhh! Evil decisions! 
And the only thing that got added to the list was this quote + this photo and the two things seemed fitting together so instead of list I give you this...
"I don't need to flirt I will "seduce" you with my awkwardness."



August Video - Dog Days of Summer

Another month done, most of this footage is from vacation but you know when you spend a good deal of the month on vacation this is what happens.  I can hardly believe that September is almost over I have only taken like 4 videos in September too - I think tomorrow I will just capture making tea, running errands all the normalcy in life. The Song for this video is by Florence + the Machine if you don't know them you need too!  They are awesomesauce. If you are having trouble loading the video you can watch it on YouTube here.
If you want to see the first 7 videos you can check them here.

Favs on Friday - Hoodies

Fall is here officially - I had to close my windows last night, and I have already had two cups of hot tea this morning.  And that makes it hoodie season. I'm officially excited. Yes i do know I'm not in college anymore but I still love rocking the hoodies around when it's too hot for a coat but too cold to not bundle up.  I also am thinking I need a new 1-2 for the trip to Europe in 3 weeks because I'm not sure what the weather will be like really.   To check out other favs click here.



Get Yo Soup On! - Jalepeno, Corn & Sausage Soup

For the record this soup was really supposed to be Chipotle, Chrizo and Corn Soup. But one cannot find Chrizo or Chipotle peppers on Sunday afternoons in Indianapolis to save ones life.  Note to self:  Buy ingredients for weird recipes on Saturdays.    
Anyhow despite that I had to improvise for almost 1/2 this recipe it turned out good and we had enough leftover for lunches. 
2 onions chopped into large pieces
16 oz frozen corn
1 lb sausage  - I used skinless smoked sausage
4-6 jalapenos seeded and chopped (not I might even use 8 next time to spice it up)
2 1/2 cups chicken broth
2 cups of milk
2 Tbls cilantro
1 tsp chili pepper flakes
1 Tbls Olive Oil (FYI I used spicy chipotle oil) 
2 garlic cloves chopped
1. Heat oil and onions over medium heat in large pot for about 5 minutes stirring occasionally.  
2. Toss in corn frozen and cover cook for 3 minutes
3. Mix in garlic, peppers and chili flakes.
4. Add in 1 cup of milk, broth bring to boil and then reduce heat and cover for 15-20 minutes.
5. Meanwhile:  Cut cilantro and set aside and slice the sausage and in a skillet cook sausage until hot and browned on both sides.
6. Add sausage, cilantro and remaining milk and let simmer for 2-3 minutes. 
7. Serve and eat.
Surprisingly despite the fact I had to substitute a ton of things in this soup it was good, Jono liked the bread the best - he gobbled up 4 pieces.  I would still like to try the other version though.



Ohio Cup - Columbus, Ohio

Over Labor day weekend. I went with Shawshank aka Shankopotomus aka Jono to see the Ohio Cup Vintage Baseball Tournament.  In comparison to last year when it was so cold I wished I had a winter coat this year it was HOT HOT HOT!  I thought the heat was ridiculous, it wore us out. Then Sunday it rained buckets but they still got two games in. But still the tournament was a good time.  Here's how the Indianapolis Blues - faired sorry I don't know the scores but well I feel accomplished to know the teams they played - 
Forest City BBC  - Tied with Blues
Hoover Sweepers - Beat the Blues
Cincinnati Buckeyes Lost to the Blues
Saginaw Old Golds Beat the Blues
Fulton Mules Lost to the Blues
Oh and Jen got to come to the game too.  With the whole "H" family.  I'm so glad we had extra umbrella's to shade her family because it was so sunny and hot.  Oh and just in case you don't follow Jen's blog her and Dave are having another little one sometime in November and she's just glowing.

There's Dave and Cohen.  Cohen was calling Shawshank - Shank Hippopotamus.  He also decided his vintage baseball nickname was Puck.

Oh look and there's Miss Lily
I love the Saginaw's Team Uniforms.

And here's a team photo from Saturday just before or after the big rainstorm.  Hip Hip Huzzah!

Tuesday 10 - Hello Random List of Things

A Tuesday 10 in no particular order.  I hope you have a week full of things you love!
1. Carmel Apples - I think I want to make some soon with fun things like coconut on the outside and such.  Anyone know a good way to package?
2. Bri-town recently calling my studio "The Printing Press" - I love it.
3. I want to have a jazz lawn party sometime. Or at least get to go to the one in Governors Square, NY sometime.  (photo are from Rita Rose Photography).

 4. Soup Season!  Recipe for this random soup soon.
5. Thrifting - I LOVE it
6. This sign is fantastic and who doesn't love Ben? From Felt and Wine
7. The New Blogger Format (it's much happier on my iPhone)
8. Crisp Cool Days. 
9. Meeting new people. 
10. Finding money in my receipts stash - HOT.  It almost makes doing expenses worthwhile - ALMOST!



Indy Bloggers

I have joined Indianapolis Bloggers. I like to stay in touch with what's happening around Indy even though I'm rarely home, most of that I get from blogs.  I should also probably join "Bloggers that are occasionally in Indy", or "Bloggers that spend more time in the airport than at home", or "Bloggers that sorta live in Indy".  But you know technically my house is here.  I pay taxes here.  And I call this home.  Because the "Midwest is the Best".  
Anyhow check out all the Indianapolis Bloggers here.


Let's Go Thrifting!

Tish and I were twittering the other day and she mentioned needed some stuff for her upcoming booth.  I of course said "Let's Go Thrifting!"  We invited Rach and Saturday we got up really early and made it happen.  
It was a perfect day.  
We chatted.We had Maxine's Chicken and Waffles (shout out for sweet potato waffles with peach butter no syrup needed).
Rach found a motherload of fun dresses.  Who doesn't love a picnic table dress?
Tish knitted in the car.
That girl never stops making stuff (even more than me).
Rach contemplated turning this pillow case into a dress.
She opted not too.
We didn't really dig any deals at Midland antiques.
But I took the girls to a lot of my favorite thrifty stores.
We weeded thru the junk.
We got some sheets for new quilts. 
I found some new games.

We all cannot wait for slumber parties now.
Tish also found some adoreable dresses. 
And some one piece jumpers that look like Crowne Royal Track suits.
She didn't get it. 
One piece jumpers from the 70s are NOT flattering on any one I'm sure.
We also went to the yard sales in Lockerbie.
Tish scored these shelves for her booth making the whole point of the trip successful.
I passed up on this racy game "Condom Oneyum"
It was just too racy for me. ;o)
My favorite find of the day however was this gem. 
It's a Singer 221-1 Rotary Hook for Family Use
It doesn't work yet but it will soon
Oh and it's portable
And it cost $15
Which I think is a steal especially since the exact same model is being sold here for $200.
Came with all the parts and the box. 
I am in love.
I cannot wait to get her running
Rach and Tish let's go thrifting again soon
Best time ever and it cost less than $25 with breakfast

Movie - My Idiot Brother

Went and saw "My Idiot Brother" or as I call it - "My brother's the idiot" as the movie for this month. (I went to see something in August although it was so un-memorable I never remembered to blog about it. Whoops!) SJ asked about seeing this before when Jackie and I were talking about movies but for some reason I kept telling him I wasn't interested. To give him some credit I should have listened.  This movie was funny.  It had a story that's not been played out a thousand times.  And I surprisingly to me it was NOT a movie with the type of slapstick comedy that I thought it was going to be.  I also really liked the cast, even the idiot british husband.  So here it is I'm admitting I was wrong and SJ you were right.   Anyhow Cute Movie!  Cute People!  Cute Humor!  Go see it!
Anyhow I'm glad we waited to see it at my new favorite theater in the Boston Metro area the Delux or whatever it was called.  It was so sparkly and clean, and I loved that they had hot dogs and beer.  I can't wait to return to eat in their restaurant.



Jockamo Pizza

We've been celebrating all sorts of stuff around here, because we're the type of folk that likes to celebrate.  The other night to celebrate Jono's promotion, to whatever it is that he really does, we went out on him of course.  He's made a list of all these places he wants to visit.  And so he picked one - this was Jockamo Pizza which is in Greenwood.  Service was great - shoutout to our server and the other staff that was helpful.  We had trouble deciding form all the awesome types of pizza, I think we almost ordered three kinds and at the last minute went with this.  I'm not entirely sure what this one was called but it's peppers, cheddar cheese, sausage, onions, and red sauce.  It was good but we would have preferred it with another kind of sauce something "spicer".   Jono liked it probably better than I or he was starving as he really put it away.  Anyhow if you are on the southside swing over to Jockamo's.