Weekly 4 - Wednesday Randomness

  1. Home all week, such a treat. I'm making special use of this time to bust a move on Christmas. Yes that's right I started making gifts already!
  2. I have eaten all my meals out of bowls this week. Bowls are so underrated we should eat out of them more. I love bowls although it's not fun to say like spork.
  3. I have a curse of phones. I can't turn my cell phone off - it just doesn't shut off ever (this can't be good for plane travel), and now my house phones which are new I might add keep telling me to register them who registers phones the manual doesn't mention it? What does it mean? So I busted out the old phone which the #1 doesn't work. so I guess I can't call any long distance or 911.
  4. My neighbors Bob, Mrs. Bob and Eli moved out sunday. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of the new Bob. - I'm assuming since there's only 2 bedrooms it must be just one person moving in.


Back to reality...

Boo on vacation ending - I came back to Boston today (which is like another vacation just not the same). We had the best time - our hotel was awesome yay travel miles, st. pete despite it's econmic depression in october proved to be a cool place to be, although one should note that bars on the baywalk are "lame" and places called the bishop are not on central ave, oh and people should look out for oversized bicycles riding on the sidewalk. The beaches nearby were fabulous - my favorite being north beach despite the wind we found while there, and who doesn't like having dolphins at the nearby pier. Everyone needs a fall florida break in my opinion - you should be jealous as we got to hang with boston red sox players (yes JJ Cocoa Crisp is his name), epsn sports analysts, sit across the bar from wwf wrestlers and then I bumped into jared the subway guy at the indy airport. However none of these celebrities compare too my two favorite celebs who completely rock - the jones brothers! I'm so proud to call you my brothers and my friends you both turned out to be great men and good things are in your future. I love you guys and miss you already.


More Good Times in Florida

Just a few on-goings...
Sleeping In
Seeing a 10 seater bicylce be ridden (seriously people ride this on the street it's bigger than a car)
Trolley Drivers that ROCK!
Open Air Post Offices (any guesses where the other one is?)
Gamble Plantations (did you know back in the day Manatee County was owned by one guy).
More Beaches
Souvenir Shop Shells (not purchased).
Dinner with Family's Family
Rays win the playoffs (even though this isn't on my list it's still worth mentioning).
Random Bar Conversations with Bob Ryan
Closed Minded Red Sox Fans

We are at like 750 photos taken right now and who knows perhaps tomorrow we'll break the 1000 marker 3 siblings and 3 cameras it's totally doable here's a few snaps to check out.
Sightseeing - this is St. Pete from the top of the pier.
Here's where we are staying it's the premiere hotel in St. Pete - shout out to our new friends - Debbie, Kenny, Naomi, and Glibert.
Gamble Plantation (we have to get a little learn on while on vacay).
Shadows on the beach.
Sandals that cost 15 cents.
JJ sunset at the beach.
Jonathan and his other brother (see the resemblence)


What do these things have in common?

Very Long Bridges
New "& Co" Additions
Sandy Beaches
Chatty Surf Shop Attendants
Worlds Largest Shuffleboard Court
Gianormous Trees
Dolphin Shows
Canon Climbing
Random Celebrity Sightings
Personal Firework Shows
Pizza Delivered in 5 minutes
Any guesses???
These are of course all things happening at Jones & Co. Florida Vacation today. We're having a great time and we wish everyone could travel with us at least one time. Here's a few more pics...

Jono and I at Fort Desota
Feet in the sand
Sand Castles
Fort Desota Pier
A cannon that's not our usual cannon but we still can climb them.
Worlds Largest Shuffleboard court (this place is adoreable unforunately they weren't there to let us play some shuffleboard).
But we still enjoyed seeing it.
Would you believe this is one tree - looks like a forest truly awesome.
We saw like 3 pods of dolphins off the end of the pier better than sea world.
St. Pete Pier - this place has nothing on chicago's navy pier but it's still fun.

Joneses go to florida...

a few photos I'm too lazy for words...


Flash back 2 weeks ago...

Because it's good to blog in order before I can blog about kentucky I should blog about northern indiana. So flashback with me. so I went up there for steven's finacee's bridal shower. And Jeanne, Kim and even little Sammie got to hang out for a while too.
We went into Valpo where they have revitilized their downtown and now it's got the cutest little shops including a cupcake shop - it wasn't even anyone's birthday but does that stop the cupcakes - heck no. so after a quick trip downtown we went to a fall festival called the pumpkin festival (we didn't stay long because we really wanted a pumpkin festival with pumpkins) so we went down the road to the local farm with pumpkins. The farm was completely adoreable had it been near Indy we'd have never gotten in the parking lot it would have been packed so lucky us we weren't. I got some mini pumpkins and gourds and cider and we saw what there was to see there and headed out to meet Kim and Sammie. We all went shopping for dresses and then we headed out for mexican and margaritas at a local place in Merriville. The next day we slept in and then played a little wii - I tried very hard to let sammie win even although she still kept losing - before waffle breakfast (sammie's favorite). Then we went to steven's shower (unforunately I didn't upload any pictures from then as I took there but I did get some cute ones).
I won a mum (I think everyone did) I wanted a fake one so I didn't have to water it but someone beat me to it :( - and as it turns out I'm allegric to mums. Who would have thought! But the entire way home I was getting watery eyes and sneezing until I put it in the way back and I broke out into hives where the plant touched me - bizarro I guess I won't plant a mum garden anytime soon. Anyhow there's a little recap and of course any recap is useless without pics so here's some pics.
So from the cupcake shop. This was on the wall I don't know if you can tell or not but it's cake molds in the shape of heads with cupcakes on them.
Oh and I love this tin tile ceilings with retro fans and sparkley black crows and chandeliers. I think I need a sparkley black crow.
another shop downtown. wasn't it nice of that guy to "pose" for a pic like he's test driving that scooter.
Look at the cute lambs on the knitting store sign.
Oh and the pumkin farm (not to be confused with the pumpkinless festival).
That's my size pumpkin.
Jodie one for you I know you'll love it - either way I love it even though I chopped off our heads (sometimes phone tripods don't work so good).

And here's one where the grass just adds a little something to the pic too.
I love the blue of this one.
oh and how cute are they. this is sammies best drinking face.
next post is kentucky...


Home again home again jiggity jig...

Back home again. In the last 3 days I have been in 4 different states after my trip to Boston (via atlanta) I went to owensboro, ky this weekend to see my friend stephanie with a few other friends. Owensboro is super cute right on the Ohio river stephanie took us around to check out some of the sights - see a few pics below. more soon I promise...


good times in northern indiana

i thought i'd share some photos. I'll be back later with some words perhaps.


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