Vermont Part #2

There was maple syrup tapping
syrup smoking
oh look baby churches
oh and cheese
And face smooshing - the littlest buddy wanted no part in sticking his head in this thing.
oh so pure
little town squares with greens
3 random poop children?
oh and check this - the town crier still in use
syrup by fh gilligham and sons
still there
more cuteness
we had lunch here and they have dancing in the dark at night (wehoo)

Lincoln Bridge
did you know lama's hum?
like mmmmrrrrmmmm or something too cute

The End - or should I say until we meet again


Vermont Part 1

So this weekend I crossed Vermont off my list of states I hadn't visited yet. When I mentioned it to my buddy Amol he mentioned that he might like to come and bring his family. Who am I do disagree to that! So my buddy Amol and my new friend Sonia, and their son I like to to call Littlest Buddy headed out to Vermont. Since I'm going on like 5 hours sleep and blogger is being annoying I'm going to give you the Vermont run down real quick more photos tomorrow -
vermont syrup ingredients = 100% vermont maple syrup
roads are paved in clay
maple sap walk is missing the sap
tiny baby church
covered bridges are meant to be driven on
mountains should be named super cool names like Peg and Tom
local of woodstock really don't know why people come to their town
i can't say Quechee
the going rate for quilts are $500 (shock)
i ate a woodstalker for lunch
hello smoked cheese
shiny happy people
cute towns

Thanks to the K-family for joining me in Vermont!
Here's a few snaps until blogger stops being stupid...


No Tutorial this Week

I have been working on completing several tutorials but I didn't finish them. perhaps tomorrow I will have a man on the street report instead.


Cycling the Old Canal

Another super gorgeous day here today. I'm sorry I had to work the bulk of it. However I talked Jono into a bike ride and we decided to hit the old canal which runs from like the naval armory all the way up to broad ripple. It's a nice ride although the toe path has quite a few bumps and ruts right now. I do enjoy that it runs along the backside of the lily house and the art museum and just like the white river trail it's not crowded like the monon (I'm starting to wonder if the people who ride/run the monon are going someplace on either end of it and that's why it's so busy all the time?) Anyhow since my hated point and shoot camera has been found again I managed to take some photos...
Jono the house oh the hill is the lily house (which I also photographed back in 2007 see here).
Jono and I at the bridge I think at 42nd street where the canal runs under the street. I broke out my Chinese eyes just for fun.
Jono sort of fixed my handbar for me and I snapped this lovely photo.
And we're heading back south now.
Me passing jono you can see the red bridge that takes you to IMA in the background and on the left is what will soon be the 100 acres opening in June 2010 - should be interesting although I am not sure how far along it is yet? Although who doesn't love a 100 acre park right in the middle of the city?
Oh spring is coming soon. I really do need to get to busting a move on my list. have a great weekend!


Spring is Springing!

Or perhaps it's biking! I got to take my bike out for the first time since last fall. I missed it so I took it to the White River trail - which I love because they are not crowded like the monon and you can see the skyline a good part of the trail. Unfortunately the zoo had the gate closed so I had to reverse and ride all the way back around instead of doing the loop. Anyhow I wanted to share a few pics since the Indy Skyline has been changing you can see some pics from last year here and you can see how it's changing they aren't taken in the exact same spot but pretty close. This isn't the skyline but rather the White River Park Bridge the connects the gardens to the canal and that park where the concerts are...
But here you can see the skyline - see the brand new Marriott complex - we're trying to make the city reach lucas stadium.
a closer shot of the Marriott complex I'm a little sad it's not built of Indiana limestone but perhaps the mirrored glass is sustainable.
And I was adding to my one-line journal today and I read thru what I wrote last week and found it humorous and thought I would share. I haven't been entirely a faithful journalist I didn't add anything in Jan and only got like 1/2 of feb but some of what I included is great just like me dialoging being sick...
Oh and one more thing... You must check out my mom's blog today she was totally tuning into jono and I who just watched some mad men. and I love that she adds "Now Barbie too, can have scandals" - lol love you momo!


too much thinking...

I was trying to think of something interesting to write about. but I'm tired of thinking this week - I did some reading and discovered this loveliness. it makes me want to abandon cement counters for lego counters? what do you think?


Tuesday 10 - Bonus Tuesday

And as a bonus - 10 things I'm loving right now...
1. Wild West Road Trip Stops! (we haven't even left yet)
2. Neosoborn (sp?) works awesome on road burn
3. The She book - I think we all need beautiful words like this.
5.When Kim Shrum comes by with lunch!
7. Jack's Mannequin
8. That Avatar got snubbed at the Oscars (Take that James Cameron).
9. iPod touch - I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!