Perhaps it's the...

nerd in me but I've been reading up on the bailout and I rarely read (although I am reading Thomas Friedman's latest book Hot, Flat, Crowded). But anyhow I thought I might share a few interesting links because everyone should be informed so if you want to get your read on check this out or perhaps this or maybe this one is more enticing I do love the phrase "The American Dream is an aspiration, not an entitlement."- but even as I read about the "crisis" - I can't help wondering are we heading toward another "great depresssion" - I have a good friend who lost her job last November and hasn't worked since then and hasn't really seriously looked for a job and she hasn't lost her house, cancelled her cable or really even changed her lifestyle except maybe her $200 shoes are a year old? I was just at the mall last week getting clothes when my luggage was lost and the place was packed - if we are are going broke what are these people buying and what are they buying it with - credit? I don't have the answer that's for sure I might know how to do a running stitch and manage a project schedule but my investments manage themselves and I set up the investment based on recommendations a friend of mine's advice afterall she was the finance major. It all just seems like a bad idea to me perhaps it's because I worked at Freddie last year and I know that their "business processes" (if you can call them that) should have been restructured long ago or maybe it's because I've never seen 1 billion dollars let alone 700.
Oh and to end on a fun note I thought I would share a little dilbert it's not my favorite one ever but as a consultant in IS I can't help but love a little dilbert.


$7.50 for Curtains

So yesterday I found these table cloths at Target for $2.50 each nice big long ones. And while I had no use for a table cloth. But Curtains that I did need. So I bought them. And came home and cut them to size and broke out the sewing machine and made myself some curtains. See...

Ignore the red cord it's for hanging christmas cards I'm either way early putting it up or way late taking it down but isn't it fun. With quick snip and stitch and two hours later we have...

I should have ironed them before putting them up but you get the picture. What a bargain and now my living room will be warmer in the winter too.


Oh Yes Friday!

Friday finally has arrived and I can hardly contain myself!
Yesterday was a mess of trouble to get home however it was certainly better than today will be. I did however type up a very nice note to the CEO of USAir to give him a piece of my mind as all my difficulty could have been avoided if they weren't so incomptent. I did however get to hang out at the Pitt airport for a long while and they have moving walkways which are almost as fun as escalators! :D
Anyhow that was yesterday and today is FRIDAY! I went to the eye doctor today and I picked out some new blue glasses. I can't wait until they come in. The house is also clean! This weekend is for hanging around Indy I'm not entirely sure what's in the plans aside from random errand things. I have a few week roadtrips coming up so I figure I should be more of a homebody this weekend...
Anyhow happy Friday!


Is it Friday yet?

Let's recap my day shall we?
Arrive at airport 4:45am
Repeatedly told by ticket agent I cannot switch my ticket to a direct flight.
Get on flight to Pittsburgh.
Circle Pittsburgh for 2 hours.
Arrive in Cleveland.
Refuel plane.
Wait wait wait.
Fly back to pittsburgh for a little more circling.
Land in Pittsburgh - Finally!
Run 30 gates to catch my flight.
Board just in time.
Finally arrive in Boston 2 hours late.
no bag no bag no bag.
(one bright spot floppy is at home).
pick up rental car only to be in an accident before leaving the parking lot (this was not my fault).
Office was a complete blur of meetings.
Still no bag.
Shopping adventures - I can't work naked.
arrive at hotel ready to veg.
no TV.
no bag.
no more mondays.
I flippin swear - I'm ready to go back to bed and wake up to friday.


The Return of the Weekly 4

I haven't been posting my lists like I should be and today while I was fixing lunch I thought of a topic for this weeks list. It's funny how things to blog about strike you at the weirdest times. Anyhow without further ago I give you the weekly 4.
4 things I love about working from home:
  1. No dress code. - Quite literally I can wear whatever I want. I don't have to work that my monkey PJ bottoms don't match my volunteer t-shirt, or that my jeans are ripped and holey.
  2. I don't have to sit at my desk. - Yes that's right I can sit where ever I feel like. Today I'm outside on the side porch yesterday I was working on the livingroom couch. Shoot I don't even really have to have a desk although I like to keep my expense reports in a central location so they reside on my desk.
  3. Showers can occur at breaks or noon. - Seriously who doesn't like to roll out of bed and be at work? I relish these moments and if I didn't get up to workout I would likely get up at 7:59 (some days I do actually).
  4. No commute. - From the vantage point of someone who hops over 10 states to commute this is fabulous. Yesterday when I was done I closed my laptop and went right to clipping the hedges no packing up, cleaning the desk, no red lights, no school buses, no traffic. Awesome.

Other favorites that didn't make the list, doing laundry during conference calls, listening to my radio supa loud, limited interruptions, and grilling out for lunch. Now don't get thinking it's all good; there are the downsides like lack of human interaction, not having a clue what they are talking about in a meeting, and you are always at work when you are home, and the like but it mostly rocks.

Happy Thrusday People from Someone working on her porch!


Remainder of Ike

stopped by Indiana today while I was busy doing laundry and cleaning out my closet. I was oblivious to the windstorm. When I went out to return our dvds I never watched I noticed we now have some new porch furniture on the side porch - not sure where it came from as neither of the neighbors are missing theirs and the across the street neighbors have a big privacy fence. In addition I also have someone bushes that turned up in my rose bushes. While I was out I saw much of the same throughout the grove. Nothing of ours seemed to blow away although most everything is in our fenced in yard. The wind was almost 70mph funny that I didn't notice it in the least bit. Well I better do the dinner dishes now. Later




Eagle Harbor Lovers!

Check out this little gem I accidentally stumbled across on flickr while looking for something else. I wonder is that the same slide? I do love a good postcard.


Recent Funness I Made

I've been sewing a lot when I'm home lately here's a few of the projects I just completed. This is a quilt I made for my friend Amy's baby. It's made with scrap fabric I had from another project. It's actually the size of a twin bed but it's folded here as I didn't have a good place to lay it out.
Here you can see the quilting a little better it's like scribbles there's not pattern too it - super fun. Amy is fun like that so she will apprecitate it.
And a smaller one I made for my cousin Michael's baby but it was fun to use many kinds of fabric.


The Airport List

Thea here's my list.
5 Airports that I like
  1. Indianapolis - surprisingly my home airport is the best the on time departure from Indy is like no other - probably mostly because I leave at 5 or 6am and we are not part of the eastern seaboard - chalk one up for the midwest.
  2. Phoneix - I love the little shops and the art there.
  3. Dayton - Even though I rarely fly to or from Dayton anymore something is to be said for smaller airports with lower travel rates.
  4. DCA - yay for airports three subway stops from my brother and a great place for a layover because if it does get delayed or cancelled I can see someone I love!
  5. Hartford - Despite not being able to fly direct to Indy from here this is a great alternative to Logan. It's small manageable and only two hours away should they cancel my regular flight or have fog in Boston.

5 that I dislike

  1. Philedelphia - I avoid this place like the plaque not a single visit or layover in philly has been a good experience for me, delays delays delays, nasty airport hotel stay overs ick ick ick.
  2. O'Hare, Chicago - I also despise this place although no where near as much as philly because at least if I can make it to chicago I can catch a quick train ride or rent a car to get home. But with their creepy tunnels, and horrible stories of rats in the bathrooms and restuarant kitchens - NO Thanks!
  3. Boston Logan - Despite the fact they let me cut the lines here weekly I gotta put this one on the list of not so fun airports. Most of the terminals seem to be vastly bare, and worn down. And let's be real the unpredictable weather and being on the eastern seaboard make the on time departures far and few between.
  4. Atlanta - I almost put this one in the top list because I tend to bump into other travelers I know so it's not all bad. But delays in Jackson Hartfield are dreadful and I did lose a cell phone to this airport, and seriously who wants to sit on a runway for 5 hours - BUILD MORE already.
  5. Dulles - This was a hard selection because there are very few airports I don't like as much as the top four. But with the traffic around dulles and distance from the rental car places to the airport being so far this one wins the fifth spot.


I do so love some funness...

Oh let me first start with an old trashy yet fun love of mine - everyone's favorite zip code - 90210! They have remade it into a new show which of course I must watch. And who knows in between painting the garage trim I might have to bust out my 90210 DVDs for a marathon this weekend. Who doesn't love a show that introduced us to "real" issues, babyface, hilary swank, jamie walters. Oh I have such good memories of watching 90210 on JJ's babysized b/w tv dang was that attic cold - good times.
Yummy fabulous fabrics from sew mama sew. Dang I wish my sewing machine fit in my suitcase.

Fun shirts from here.

That's it for now - perhaps I'll have funness from the airpoort tomorrow after all there are so many interesting things there.


More funness...

and Funness week continues Check these out - Album cover wall organizers. Seriously how cool is that. See how to make your own here.


Hello fun chairs...

Check these fun guys. Aren't they supa fun. I love that they didn't trim the belts.


September Begins with Ribfest

We went to Ribfest today with family. the food was very good although it was way too HOT! But it was a nice way to finish off the long weekend. Here's some pics...
Jay's rib lunch it was sooooo messy and they didn't give him enough napkins.
Josh/Reverend Peyton was playing with his band I know Josh from WFYI, but he's now touring and doing the band thing big time. Check them out here. I love that his wife plays the washerboard too funny.
Another band shot.
Mom and Lita waiting for the music to start.
Joe and his roomate Josh.
And the jayster I actually was intending to be in this one but that didn't so much happen.