Another week in the books today we are officially 40 days till our wedding - crazy! Crunch time is here but it won't really hit until after Dustin's birthday this weekend. I really had the best intent to take more photos but it didn't happen so it was slim Pickens this week again. Monday - closed subway stop, Tuesday - trip to the fabric shop, Wednesday - dinner of handmade pasta and veggies, Thrusday - tiny plane in Cleveland (I got stuck there this week, Friday - hot dog date with Dustin, Saturday - flower samples, Sunday - children's church complete with batman.

Moving on.


To Incredible Pizza

Dustin and his siblings aren't that close so when we got the opportunity to babysit young Kane (his nephew) we thought we would invite his other sisters to come with us to Incredible Pizza Company for laser tag and pizza etc. Then Dustin invited a whole bunch of other people we know and it was a full on party for no real celebration reason. Good times were had by all and I am pretty sure all his sisters and his nephew had a blast. Oh and best of all we used some groupons so it was like less than $12 for $25 of fun.


Tuesday 10 - Febuary Lovely

1. White Macadamia Nut Clif Bars - I'm not usually a fan of power bars (ick and ick) but Dustin likes these Clif Bars and I tried this one and it's delicious. It makes me want to learn how to make these ourselves since its like $2/bar.
2. Markers I really to love markers.  These Mr. Sketch ones are oh so fun.
3. Homemade bread - Dustin and I made Hawaiian Bread for our Valentines weekend.
4. Pops of pink neon here and there.  As see here on My Attic:  A Happy Home.
5. Printable Post its - I haven't printed any but I totally will when the printer gets fixed from How About an Orange.
6. Ampersands 
7. This Poster found here.
8. $4 Lined Leggings found in Brooklyn.  Best ever they FIT.
9. This adorable craft.  Who doesn't love pom poms seriously? (Via Design Mom)
10.  Having Spare Rooms again!  I love having roommates don't get me wrong but there's something so fantastic about having rooms that are just rooms.


January2013 Best of Life Video

First one for 2013. Song is Little Talks from Of Monsters and Men. Mostly video only used two photos so it's a shorty. If the thumbnail doesn't work click here.


I'm starting to notice a trend - when I'm on the road I take photos of places and things eaten when I'm home I take pictures of people and things I do.   Clearly travel is about place and food, this seems especially the case as I'm trying not to go out shopping and spend any extra money.  This last week all together I didn't take that many photos at all probably 25 - I want to try and take more this week including ones with me in them; although I haven't taken any yet so that might already be a lost cause.   
Anyhow photos from last week are Monday - Remains of Chinese New Year in Chinatown, Tuesday - Pizza from Little Buffalo, Wednesday - Pink and Purple Empire State Building, Thursday - Doughnut Plant Heart shaped crystallized ginger, Friday - Incredible Pizza, Saturday - Bouquet search, Sunday - Metro Kids.  


The End of an Era

Almost 4 years ago my brother and friend Jono moved back to Indiana (don't we look so much younger then?).  And we spent the last several years creating adventures big and small, becoming a closer family, and making memories here in Indiana and on our ridiculous our road trips.  Today, he sets out on his next big adventure.
He's packed a UHAUL and driving west with Lo.  To Omaha they head, where they have new jobs and a new place waiting for them.  As sad as it is to know he won't be 10 minutes away now, it's exciting to know we're all moving on with the next steps of our lives pretty soon two of the five of us will be married and it's surreal to think that we are mostly all grown up. Its truly the end of the era for the Jones and Co crew, but with that here's to you young Jones and miss Lo - see you soon.



7 more moments captured. I had slim pickings this week i took all of like 14 photos all week. Monday- birds on a wire, Tuesday - empty subway, Wednesday - Post Gym, Thursday - sun setting from Williamsburg bridge, Friday - snow shrine, Saturday - Glow Golf, Sunday - Hebron baptism.



Another week down lots of potential for photos this week I think every day but Monday I snapped 10+ every day. Monday - Battery Park, Tuesday - meatball shop, Wednesday - waiting for elevator, Thursday - Asiadog, Friday - $5 date night, Saturday - Dustin got his passport, Sunday - Tres Leche Cake. It was a relatively good week.


$5 date night

So in our efforts to keep saving for the wedding we did $5 date night this weekend. 5 dollar date night is where you can only spend $5 on you date. Armed with each of us bringing $2.50 we set off. Dustin tried to trick me with a detour way to Walmart but we still ended up there once there we decided yes we should spend the $5 on someone else. Inspired when we saw balloons we knew what we should get. We bought two packages of balloons, a table cloth, tape, and a car window marker. We blew the balloons up in the car and transported them to our friends doorway in a bag. We then taped up the table cloth filled the doorway with balloons and sealed it up with tape. I thought for sure she was going to hear us but not even when we knocked and ran off. So we left them for the next morning. When she got the surprise going to work! Hah! It was such fun.


Signs of regular life

When I'm on the road I find myself craving signs of regular life.   Or perhaps really I am craving  "home" because travel is part of my regular life.  I find myself walking around new york wanting a home cooked meal, missing the smells of a certain red head, wanting to be able to just pull a sweater from the closet if I'm cold, wishing I could just coax kathleen into something ridiculous, or just cuddle up on the sofa and open mail.  So today rather than continue whining about my ridiculously blessed life.  I thought I would make a special point to capture some of this "regular life" and document it.

Feeling the cool breeze coming in thru the front window which needs to be replaced.
Seeing men's shoes everywhere (when you live with four men the shoes seem to multiple who knew).

Noticing both Jono and Dustin are both now hang drying their jeans.
Realizing that the boxes piling up in Jono's  room mean that the move is approaching.
Smelling that first bagel that I burnt to a crisp.

Hearing the furnace kick on. 
Opening stacks of mail.  
Making lists of things to put away, hangup, or clean.

Cleaning up crumbs from the counter.
Deciding whether or not to scrape the windows on the car or let it run for a few minutes.

Enjoying a paper straw. 
Wishing for a new living room rug.
Remembering that you can't run the washer and the microwave at the same time.
Cuddling up under the afghan my momo made me. 
Using the last of the toothpaste.
These are all good things.  
Life is good.

Check it!

If you haven't already seen this up on the Indy Modern Quilt Guild site. We have a whole parade of Madrona Road finishes, pretty awesome even if I do say so myself, including this one by none other than Rachael... you should - Check it!