Deck of Me

I'm playing catch-up with the Deck of Me Challenges I think I'm only shy two now. I love this hole idea and I can't believe we are already to 12 weeks!


Jonathan shared ...

a few photographs with me from his adventures in Florida with his real dad and his brother. And he seems to be so happy that I wanted to share with others. Especially since I know I've told a lot of you about Jonathan and his father.

One of my favorites from the bunch - you gotta love jumping shots.

Jonathan and his dad. Don't they look alike?
Jonathan and some sand dunes.
Jonathan and his brother. This one is so odd for me to look as it looks so much like young Jono and Jono today.
Jono and his brother again. Look at the same stance.
Love ya Jonathan and I'm so glad you are happy. - K

I'm sooo tired...

I need a big nap! And the saddest thing is I've gone to bed at 9 for the last few nights.

Oh well. In the good news category -

We made an offer to someone today to be my replacement. And guess what she accepted!!! SWEET!

So in just a few weeks I can cut back on all this over time. Of course at some point I have to get my office cleared out and move into another office. But It's still big news it only took us two months to find someone.


Tuesday 10 - 10 Spring Style Snafus

Since the weathers gotten warm I think so to has people style sense here's few odd style combos I've seen in the last few days.

10 Style Snafus -
  1. Mohawks on babies - not the fake I made my kids hair stick up kind but the real mohawk (ick)
  2. Giant Hood on hoodie - I think they were thinking it would snow any minute.
  3. A Nun in her habit running in running shoes - don't they have a work-out habit? This was quite interesting to see.
  4. Shorts + Panty Hose
  5. Cream Suit + Red and White Striped underwear - Okay so this was me but I seriously was too tired to notice.
  6. Fake Hair - Not a wig but that other stuff that looks a little like noodles.
  7. Green Toenails - I think this was leftover from Saint Patty's day but it was - YUCK!
  8. 9. & 10. Sports Bra + Mom Jean cut-offs + Flannel Shirt (this is really three in one) - this poor women has lost her mind I think.


Some Old Pics

I took a little time tonight to scan in some of mom's old photos. Mom I might finish these before the summer time I'm slowly but surely making progress. Here's a few to share.

My aunt thea playing in the berries or bushes. You can't hardly see her.

Here we have uncle stuart (right) and I think that's my second cousin John i the middle maybe? And perhaps Andrew at the left - Mom is that right. I love that you can see the shadow of whoever is taking the photo.
My Grandma Ruth how adorable is she? I think this is her senior photo maybe?

Mom (Right) and some of her Friends I think it's Sharon on the left and maybe Karen in the middle or something like that. I love those knee-high socks.

And here's one of mom's friend Sharon. Reminds me a bit of a coke commercial - too cute. According the back of the photos the boys are Kenny and Curtis.


CATS Recap

So here's my thoughts on CATS last night. I'm just making a list since I'm too tired to think complete sentences -

Excellent Seats!
No Plot
Fun Dancing
Good Makeup
No Plot
Boring Songs
Good Singers
More Thrusting
Still No Plot
Confusing Names of Characters
No Plot
More Fun Dancing

Overall I think we enjoyed going however I would not have paid money to see the show so I guess it was good we got our tickets for free.


Wednesday's 5 day Forecast

No Tuesday 10 yesterday since I worked all day and then ran to the airport where I refused to pay $9.99 for Wifi for 90 minutes. So today I'm having a Wednesday's 5 Day Forecast Highlighting the things on my list to do in the next 5 days.
  1. Thursday - Work and then I'm going to see CATS the Musical I got free tickets so I can't pass it up.
  2. Friday - Work (exciting times I'm interviewing a few candidates for my old job) I also want to spend some quality time with Jay.
  3. Saturday - I'm going to try and see a few girlfriends I've been neglecting for a few months. I also need to get a few hours of yes WORK.
  4. Sunday - I think I'll sleep in late and then maybe scrapbook or knit. Probably also do some WORKING and maybe some napping.
  5. Monday - Work (Interviewing a few more candidates - I can't wait until we find the right one!). I'm also having lunch with a favorite vendor of mine :)



I'm going home two days early this week since this pilot was rescheduled. The down side to this is I have to come back next week and I was supposed to be home all week. Oh well.


Change of Plans

Since we just had a day to go to Philly and Jay Jones was Sick and I have to take Jay Lanning to the airport tomorrow we changed our plans to go to Philly and we put that off until later. But I did talk to Aunt Rachel and we'll get together another time soon.

So Since we didn't get to go to Philly we did a little sightseeing today around DC. So I took Jay to a few places he hadn't been to before yet. So we went to Capital Hill - we saw the Supreme Court, the Library of Congress. Can you tell which is which? Both Buildings were closed today since it's Sunday but it was nice since nobody was around.
We also went to the Sculpture Garden. This was my favorite one. It's a "thinking hare" isn't he cute?
Here's a little squirrel that was very tame and didn't run away when I was taking his photo. No I didn't feed him I learned that lesson once when all the pigeons came in to still the food.
We also hit the National Archives to see the Magna Carta, the Constiution, the Bill of Rights. Look how blue the sky was? Bummer it was so cold.
And we saw a few buildings in the White House Area including the Red Cross. How cute that it matches their flags. Then we drove by the Jefferson Memorial it was too cold to walk over from the closest parking and we didn't have coats.

Jay and I and the Captial. this was taken on the steps of the Supreme court.
And Jono this one is for you even thought you have left the Seabees. We went to the Navy Memorial actually we stumbled upon it. It's kind of a neat little place not very large you almost miss it.


Happy Birthday Jay and Happy St. Patty's Day

We went into the city to find a few things to celebrate Jay's birthday. I'm sad that Jay Jones couldn't join us but next time. I think we enjoyed Ford's Theater the most. But had a lovely afternoon. Off to Philly tomorrow.

Here we have Jay in the doorway of a door where Lincoln's dead body was carried out over 100 years ago.
And here we have me standing next to the lifesize version of Abe Lincoln. Look he's not much bigger than me. I look like a bag lady of some sorts since I didn't have a winter coat I had to wear many layers.
Here's the box where Lincoln was shot, by John Wilkes Booth.
Arlington Cemetery.

Jay and I in front of the Spy Museum. They don't let you bring your own "spy" cameras in so I have no photos except for this one. And what the heck is wrong with me? I thought I needed to lean back or something?

There was a big war protest march to the pentagon today, and there was also a support our troops showing by a lot of vets. We preferred the vets so we took some pictures of them. A little bit later on we saw the anti-war guys being chased down and arrested by the cops for knocking down a whole slue of construction barrels and causing traffic chaos. We weren't quick enough with the camera on that though.


Guess who's here???

Jay Lanning!

He's come to see me for the weekend and we are going to road trip with Jay Jones to Philly for a grand time. I can't wait it should be fun.

Also it's March Madness time. So far poor GWU has gotten whooped up on and it looks like OSU will win their game no contest. I wonder what my odds of winning out bracket pool at work is?

I can't wait to get done working tomorrow so I can have some FUN!


Tuesday 10 - 10 Mini Crisises in the Last 24 Hours

Well this week has started out with a bunch of random chaos so I thought I would make a Tuesday 10 about it.

10 Mini-Crises in the Last 24 Hours
  1. Flight Delayed (luckily I switched to a direct flight)
  2. New Flight Delayed as well UGH!
  3. Board Plane and proceed to spill my water all over myself. Lovely!
  4. Plane having technical difficulties so we unboard plane and wait on tarmack for new one.
  5. Arrive at Dulles International Airport and proceed to Hertz where I find out that both reservations I had for a vechicle have been cancelled.
  6. Hertz is OUT of cars. How fun is that. (I finally did get one).
  7. Wake Up call system here didn't apparently convert to Day Light Savings Time so of course I get up with 15 minutes till I need to be ready to leave for the clients.
  8. Have a moment of brillance where I recall that I left my parking pass in my car last week
  9. My client escort is nowhere to be found once I do make it from the parking lot to the lobby so I have to sit in the lobby for 40 minutes.
  10. Get to class and we don't have a projector.

So there's my life of mini crisises. In other news Jono tells me he got another job, and Lita will be going to some band thing in Florida in a few weeks.


Few Pics

From my detour this morning. Can I you tell I took them from the car while driving?


How Cute is He?

We went out yesterday and I took a handful of photos of Jay in the snow. I love that you can see the snow falling.


Jeanne ROCKS!

Can I just tell you she is the sweetest ever! I'm so blessed that she is my friend. She sent me this album that I looked at a few weeks ago when I was visiting her but I decided not to get even though I really liked it. Well she must have gone back and picked it up for me. Because it came in the mail. Now I can work on my heritage album about my grandparents. Isn't that just the nicest! I almost cried since she is thinking of me when she's going through a rough time herself. What a blessing she is.

Love Ya!


Something to Blog About!

Nothing terribly exciting for you all I'm sure but it is for me.

I got home from work today and it was still light out! Isn't that marvelous. So I celebrated by walking over to Walgreens to get a newspaper.