48 - add Photos to photo wall

So I recently discovered the spray paint I have been using has a slightly different hue.  Ugh!  So I took this opportunity to pick out a new color.  I went with a bright red.  I love the new edition and I am still deciding which frames should be red versus which ones to leave the tan.
I also am taking this opportunity to update some of the photos and add more pictures of my babies!  We didn't even have Thea on the wall and the newest jones photo was from six months.  It's starting to come together when it's all updated I will share again.


#100yeses - Update

I should be wrapping up the #100yeses project but I lost track of yeses.  I also got frustrated and we spent a bunch of days working thru things.  And having a two year old (plus baby) hello soooooo hard, some days just getting shoes on is a challenge - no joke.
But I am going to start again renewed today and try and finish out the days.
Here are a few of the "more recent" yeses as well:
55. Yes to babies in pools.
54. Yes to mini books.
53. Yes to a bolt of batting.
52. Yes to patriotic babies and rides around the neighborhood in the wagon.
51. Yes to white trash parties.
50. Yes to birthday lists.
49. Yes to after party photo props.
48. Yes to finishing out soccer with doing the cones.
47. Yes to splashing baby pools.
46. Yes to balloons, swimming cupcakes party.
45. Yes to splash parks with no fear.
Be here.


San Francisco

Both babies napped all the way to San Fran so we decided to drive over the bridge first thing.  Then of course we woke them up (Thea didn't take) so we could snap their pics with the bridge.  Jones has super grumpy face however he LOvED the city.  He loves going downtown in Indy too so it's similar.  
 We snapped some selfies then drove to the city to find lunch.  We should have planned parking better because every single lot seemed full and spot taken we ended up paying like $20 for parking which seems crazy.  Jones loved seeing the sea lions again and he also was completely smitten with every single street performer he literally wanted to watch them all day.
We stopped to buy jones a sweatshirt from a vendor because he dumped his water all over himself and soaked his warmer clothes.  But he was very excited for his California Bear shirt.  He actually walked around for a good bit in the city staying right next to the stroller.  
We went to a national park right in the city and saw some big ships and jones was thrilled to get his stamps for his book the little park ranger was so helpful with him.  then when the wind blew away his stamps he ran after them like chasing a butterfly.  And the sweetest little couple chased it down and got it for him, because we were concerned he might run off the pier.  I wish I had gotten a video.  After that we persuaded him to put it away so we could get a snack.  
We ate Boudin sourdough outside watching the city. 
On the way out of the city I took Kathleen to see the Painted Ladies she actually had no idea what it was she thought I was referring to graffiti and almost didn't get a photo! Oh Kathleen.  We sat in traffic on the way back to San Jose but the babies slept so it was all good.  Next time we visit we will remember NOT to park near the wharf and to bring an extra sweatshirt for the kids who no doubt will need a change of clothes.


California - To the Coast Part 2

So after a breakfast at our hotel and a morning of chilling.  We packed up our gear and drove up the coast to Santa Cruz and half moon bay.  The kids were asleep when we arrived at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz and it was a bit chilly and foggy so we went on to half moon bay.  We stopped at a few spots along the drive to see the view while the kids slept. We ate lunch first at some ridiculous fancy restaurant with a name that made you think it was kid friendly.  Jones naked kid spaghetti was $17 and he ate like 4 noodles.  Regardless to say we regretted that stop.  After that we went to the beach.  Jones was still not into walking on the sand or wear his water shoes.  But he did enjoy sitting in the sand and playing with it.
We put Theas feet in the sand and let the waves run up and she enjoyed it until a big wave came.  We even fed her on the beach while she watched Jonesy get excited about seagulls.  
We cleaned up then headed back to San Jose with a stop off at the store and the goodwill.  It was a good trip to the beach although I would like to take the kids to a warmer beach or perhaps to the UP soon I think they might enjoy that.  


13 - Traveled Map

We got a free map recently at Cracker Barrel.  Actually Jonesy brought it home. When we got it home I was like "Ahhh hah! We need this!"  Well I hung it in the hallway and used a highlighter to highlight places The kids have been I am not yet sure if I want to add mine and Dustin's states as well yet - I only have 4-5 left.  But jones is Blue and Thea is pink.  When I got Thea's written up I was a little  sad that she hasn't been many places yet but all the more reason for a map - a goal list! 


California - To the Coast Part 1

While on our trip to California we took the kids on a day trip to Monterrey then stayed in a hotel half way between Monterrey and Santa Cruz on the way back.  Jones loved staying at the hotel because pool and just lots of things to explore.
In Monterrey we hit the aquarium, I am all for these types of places but I must say at $50 for adults I would have skipped this if we went again because seeing the wildlife in the wild was just as fun to Jones and I actually enjoy that better.  But it was overcast and foggy when we got to Monterey so it gave some time for the haze to burn off while we toured the aquarium.
Jones liked the otters the best, well that and the little kid play areas.  Thea she just wanted to be carried so she could see things and stuff. 
After some quick lunch at what proved to be an overpriced so so taco place we went to see the sea lions on the coast guard pier.  Jones loved this he was so excited to watch them however we wished we had brought the stroller because he needed carried on the way back.  
We stopped at the beach and stuck our toes in the ocean Jones was so excited for this right up until his feet were mushing in the sand and then he was a not so amused.  Thea she slept thru it!
He did like picking up the sand however and was thrilled with seagulls.
As the kids napped we headed up the coastline to our hotel it's a beautiful drive along route 1.  We stopped at Swanton Berry farm and bought strawberries and stretched our legs it was actually a good pit stop with the kids even there was a groundhog that entertained us and the cutout strawberry for entertainment, as well as a little vintage you area inside.
And we also saw Pigeon Point Lighthouse.  It was a gorgeous day by the lighthouse we even saw a surf off the rocks nearby.
And then we hit our hotel, ordered pizza and took a dip in the heated pool, we had the place to ourselves which was nice.  We may have gone to bed super early too like 9:30.  
Aunt Thea and I did a similar drive with similar stops way back in like 2010 or 2011 as well - however now that I'm looking to find this post I can't find it.  But it's still fun with kids and if they were older they may have enjoyed it more as well.  
Part 2 coming soon.