Project Life - Week 6, 8 & 9

I am still a few weeks behind on Project Life but hey look here's a few weeks I did do.  Sometimes when I do these I think that my life is so dull and boring, and these pages are too.  But it's my life and I love it and sometimes it's boring and sometimes its not and that's how it is. Now if I could just figure out a way to jazz these up a little bit.  I really need to dig out my supplies from the studio and put them into my travel kit.  I am working on using old supplies like rick rack, stamps, giant sticker letters, and  journalling spots.
Week 6 partial travel partial home week - I love how I spelled out NYC using the "c" from Mac Bar box.  Additionally I cut up pieces from a hotel marketing literature I saved to fill in some of the empty spaces.  I also used part of a Chipotle paper bag to journal on. 

Week 8 mostly just pictures and sticker letters nothing terribly fancy.  I did save the fish I made in children's church and used it one of the pockets as well as a sweet note from Amy.   

Week 9 I spent the week in NYC and for the weekend we to Omaha for Dustin's Birthday.  No real special techniques used here either.  I did use some of Seafoam kit like the title card and the True Story on the back side.  I also saved a few trinkets I want to make a pocket for Dustin's cards but I haven't yet.


Tuesday 10 - March 2013

I think I'm going to try and post one of these at least once a month kind of as a record of things I really love and enjoy. Anyhow here's this week's list.
1. Working from home for one week this month!
2. This quote by Brene Brown - "what's worth doing even if you fail?"
3. My new earbuds from Urban Ears - these things are serious.  I wish I had bought the black or gray ones though my white ones are already dirty.
4. Mostly Miriam aka my friends Tumblr blog for all things about her baby. I love to stay up to date on Miriam's latest bows and adventures.
 5. Snow even though I wish it wasn't coming two weeks before my wedding (let's hope it warms up).
6. Babies snuggled up in blankets you bought them (even though you haven't made them one yet).  (This is baby porter product of Tisha and Rob.)
 7. Pizza Cook-Offs even though Jono and Lo are 6 hours away and we can't really decide the winner.
8.  Good friends who come over and make paper flowers even though they are unsure of their craftiness.
9.  Thick Socks
10.   Pink and White Bakers Twine

Plains vs. Midwest Pizza-Off

On Friday I challenged my brother and Lolo out in Omaha to a little Pizza-Off - you might remember we have done this before but never remotely.  They instantly accepted because who doesn't like homemade gourmet pizza? Game was on it was the Midwest versus the Plains.  
The Plains Dwellers - Jono and Lolo decided to make a pesto sauced veggie packed pizza with Feta Cheese -  See all those veggies, Onions, Tomatoes, Spinach, Peppers...  Check it...

It seriously looks yummy right?  according to the eaters (Jono and Lo) it was "Yum Yum in my Tum Tum".  Obvisously the looks are not deceiving.
Here in the Midwest - Dustin and I went a little different route.  We made an Egg and Bacon Pizza, with some onions, scallions, homemade crust, homemade sauce, pepperjack and garlic mixed in.
I cooked my eggs prior to putting this in the oven (I am not a fanny of runny whites).
The Final result was really really good - Dustin more than half the pizza so he really liked it.  I liked the egg yolk with my homemade tomato sauce, but wished the crust was thinner.
In the end it was impossible to select a winner but really we both were winners right because we enjoyed ourselves.  



The days are just ticking by although some days are quicker than others.  This week I noticed a tread in what I photographed.  I photographed my feet in many places most which show some sort of life, place, event happening with them.  I also noticed I photograph what we are eating - even if it's a boring salad or a snack of fruit I ted to take photos of it - this is especially when I'm on the road.  Even though both these subject can be boring sometimes they are beautiful photos of 365 life. Anyhow here are this weeks photos enjoy...
Monday - Dean and Deluca - Felicity Flashbacks anyone??

Tuesday - Running shoes in some interesting floor found in midtown.

Wednesday - The view from Skyroom on 40th.

Thursday - Back home again (This was the single photo I snapped Thursday (sorry you have to see it twice).
Friday - My puzzle which will remain unfinished with my feet.
Saturday - Lunch with Dustin and Lynley.  Don't you love these cups and plates?
Sunday - Cutting up peppers to take a meal to our friends.  I love the color of Bell Peppers.


Favs on Friday - Thursday early flights.

I haven't done one of these in like 9 months!  Whoops!  But bringing it back this week because I can't blog about the things I've been making  just yet.  So here's this weeks Fav (see others here). 
Most weeks it's not until 10-11 or worse that I get in but sometimes when I am lucky I get home in time for a date night with my man. And I love it. So that's my favorite even if he does pose like this in my photo.  We got to go out for Gyros last night and it was yummy and the company was the best.


Book 14 - Catching Fire

After reading Hunger Games which I embarrassingly “liked”, I needed to read the second book right?? So I downloaded Catching Fire – by Suzanne Collins. Catching Fire being the second novel of the Hunger Games trilogy, it’s the continuation of Katniss Everdeen’s story of defiance against the capital. I’m not entirely sure why but parts of this book really got on my nerves but other parts kept my attention. I was kind of annoyed at Katniss’s “stupidity” and “ignorance” that seems to be more prevalent in this book then in the first and it’s annoying me. It’s like the powerful, fearless girl from before is replaced by a sissy. It did make me excited for the second movie. It also left me hanging a bit so obviously I’m going to need to read the last book now, but first I’m reading something else .  So just for the record if you read the first book you might as well go ahead and read the second and third ones - otherwise avoid the embarrassment ;)


Miscellaneous Block

IMQG is making a charity sample quilt. It's all pink, gray and white made from scraps. I tossed together this fun block for it. I fussy cut that center piece isn't that impressive? For me it is. I liked this color combo although I wanted to punch that pink up a notch.


Lets Get Married - Bachelorette Party Time

I virtually did nothing for this event except tell my bridesmaids that I did not want inappropriate toys or underwear and we needed to party it up at someplace my sister could get in since she's not 21. The girls planned a little roller skating party proceeded by some karaoke with all of us decked out in variations of green. It was a super fun night.
First stop was Southland Skate, where we very quickly learned that roller skating is not my speciality and quite honestly it terrifies me. Rollerblading was all the rage in the late 90s and as a throwback to my blading days - I wanted to keep pushing my feet to the side like I was rollerblading - Hah! I was the worst rollerskater but I only fell once and Sammie (the flower girl) knocked me over. Nobody broke anything but we spent some time laughing hysterically over our poor skate skills and my terror as CJ and Amy pulled me around way to fast for my liking. Good times.
After that we headed out for Karaoke (one of my favorite things). We had dinner at Just Wing N' It and then signed up for songs. I chose a little "Don't Stop Believin'" by Journey - which ironically seems fitting for some who waited until her early 30s to get married, but really it's just one of those songs I know the word too. Everyone took a turn at the mic and it was great fun. I even sang with some strangers.
Around 2am we headed to Amy's for a sleepover nothing like staying up til after 4 chatting with your girlies. Even when you have to get up at 8 for church.
Thanks to my bridemaids and my girls for making this night special. You are truly awesome - I love you!

Following & The Death of Google Reader.

Sad day! Google Reader announced they are going away by my birthday :(  I love Google reader so this is super depressing to learn about this imminent death.

If you would like you can now follow my blog with BlogLovin. Follow my blog with Bloglovin Additionally I am trying another RSS reader - Feedly out to see if that's a good fit for reading blogs as well. I can tell you I already like the iPhone app.



Currently I am frustrated with work.
Currently I am trying to appreciate my time in NYC.
Currently I am thankful for having the early flight.
Currently I am three weeks into giving up soda and going strong - water power!
Currently I am listening to my third audiobook in two weeks.
Currently I want to reinstate my goal to do the splits by my birthday.
Currently I am wearing "high water" work pants that are anything but fashionable.
Currently I cannot believe its almost wedding time 19 days!!!
Currently I am hoping this snow gets out o the system and apron comes.
Currently I am super blessed with awesome friendships - Did I say AWESOME? I mean ├╝ber awesome!

Photos from last week:
Monday - WTC memorial
Tuesday - $1 dumplings
Wednesday - meetup with heather
Thursday - meeting snap
Friday - haircut
Saturday - Bachelorette Party Skating
Sunday - st patty's day socks.
Currently I am maintaining the photo a day in years past like day 80 is where I lost it.


Book 13 - Detroit A Biography

Detroit - A Biography by Scott Martelle is my book 13.  This is the best book I’ve read since I started the 52 quest granted I haven’t finished 52 yet but by far this one kept my interest. It’s my kind of story – the true kind. Okay so it was sad and depressing, but it still had so much to say. It made me think. This is the story of Detroit pretty much from its first settlers. The history of Detroit is very interesting even before the mass exodus and the city began to decay. It’s surprising to me how soon Detroit starting to decline and how very little was done to stop it. It also takes a serious look at the racial issues that have always burdened Detroit. Anyhow it’s a good read – I would recommend it although it was a slow start.