Tuesday 10 - 10 Reasons why Jay Jones is Fabulous!

Sorry Jono, Lita, and Joe - it's not that you aren't fabulous it's that I wasn't talking to you when I was needing a topic for this week's list. So without further ado here's this week's Tuesday 10.

10 Reasons Why JJ Is Fabulous!
  1. Because he chats with me when we are at work.
  2. He is always dressed nicely.
  3. He loves Movies and I love Movies (although he loves them more than me.)
  4. He and I have the same Birthday!
  5. He takes me and my co-workers out for dinner and a good time!
  6. Because he can be as quirky as me at times.
  7. He's Super Smart and he Spells Good (nothing like having a brother that's a walking spell check).
  8. He always comes to visit me and doesn't notice if we didn't dust before he came.
  9. He Lets me complain about things he doesn't even know what I'm talking about.
  10. He always puts me up when I come see him.
I could go on and on however this is a list of 10 thinges so I'm stopping here.



Made it back Friday morning as planned no hitches and somehow my luggage managed to get here too! Wehoo! You can't beat that.

Now I'm home and I have a million things to do. Luckily I'm home all week not flying out again until 3/5 you can't beat that.


What was I thinking...

taking a new job where I could potentially have to travel 3/4 weeks a month. I thought I was over my travel trouble woes but don't you know today I get bit by yet a new facet of my travel trouble saga - my last two flights were on time so I thought I broke the curse. I've have "technical problems", "weather problems", "missing crew issues", "random cancellations", arriving at the gate and waiting for the first flight to leave, "thick fog" etc etc. It's all very lovely.
Well today I'm doing good I print my boarding pass at the office since I'm flying SWA and I want to get an "A" assignment. And then my laptop cord just stops working and I'm running on battery power. So I decide to call the help desk see if they can get me another AC Adapter and I'll pack up and get ready to leave. Well I pack up and the Help desk never actually shows up with the cord and I should have just left when the whole issue started taken it as a sign to not work. But I didn't.
Anyhow I look at my boarding pass and it says my flight is at 7:35pm and I had thought it was at 6:35 so I'm like good I don't have to rush out the door. So I don't. And I mosey on over to the airport around 5ish and I get there about 5:45 and of course I haven't a clue where the SWA ticketing station is to check my bag but I'm like no worries I have plenty of time, so I poke around until I find it. I finally find it and as the guy is checking my bag the computer is beeping like crazy and I'm like WTH? And he tells me that my bag is late and I'm like huh? He says my flight is in now boarding. I'm like WTH? this ticket says 7:35. Well it seems it's printed wrong and my flight is now boarding and leaves at 6:35 not 7:35. I'm like GREAT - he tells me they probably won't hold it so I better run.
So I run to the security line and tell the lady I'm going to miss my flight and she says "she can't move the line" - what does that mean? So I wait in the line with all 9 million other passengers and don't you know it takes for ever and I hear them paging me twice. And the next security guy could care less and the lady in front of me is an idoit and hasn't taken her cell phone out of her pocket even and tried to go through the metal detector. I get through the line and start booking it clear to the other side of the airport. And at this point I know I'm not making the flight but I still run like I have a shot. I hear them call me one last time and they say we are closing the door in two minute? I'm quit sure I can't run along 3 moving walk-ways and up an escalator and down 20 gates in two minutes. But I'm sure as heck going to try. So I run and i get to the gate and don't you know they just left me. And there's not another flight I can get on tonight.
So here I am at the airport Hilton eating room service without deodrant, toothpaste, or a spare set of clothes because naturally I figured I wouldn't need in since my last two flights were smooth sailing. Cross your fingers that I can get home tomorrow morning without any hitches. If I have to get up at 4 to catch a flight I at least better get home. And that my bag arrives safely as I checked Floppy in it and I can't be losing him - I would be heartbroken.


Tuesday 10 - 10 Things in My Laptop Case...

Okay so I'm up at 9:45 working so I thought I'd write a Tuesday 10. I didn't have anything to write so I'm making a list of 10 things in my Laptop Case.

10 Things in my Laptop Case:
  1. iPod
  2. Hightlighter a 12 pack it's fabulous.
  3. A Map from Hertz
  4. Assorted Reciepts for Expense Reports I need to turn in.
  5. Fruit Leather.
  6. Bottle of Water.
  7. Postcards I picked up in Chicago.
  8. Scrapbook etc magazine (nice light plane reads).
  9. CAT5 cord
  10. Sharpies - I love me some sharpies.



Here's the Valentine Coupons I made for Jay tonight. He won't get them until I get back tomorrow night so they'll be a little late but oh well we aren't really big "valentine" people.

Happy Valentines Day folks.


Tuesday 10 - Today's 10

I couldn't really come up with a great topic so here's 10 Words about Today.
Today's 10 -
  • Wake -Up -Call
  • Shower
  • Bagel
  • Cubicle
  • Email
  • Outlines
  • Status
  • Reviewing
  • Giant
  • Sleet
So do you have any idea what I did today?

Here's a few photos I took recently.

Ice on Bush... This was back in Indy on Sunday.

Ice on Gutter Office my Indy Office

Flowers on Coffee table. They are fake.

The Office in the snow. Look at the fun sculptures in the courtyard.

Here's a fun wall outside the office.


Art Journal Entries

I week or so ago I started doing these art journal entry cards that *e* is doing on her blog I thought it might be a fun way to do something each week of 2007. Here's my first 4. I'm just getting around to scanning them. I'm a little behind with #5 but I'll get it done.

In other recent Katie News I will be leaving my regular job for another role in my division - I think they are planning to hold open my regular job in some sort of function for me to do between projects and while I loved that I'm secretly hoping they abandon that idea. I'll be traveling to Northern Virgina for a while. And I tell you I can't wait.

Mom's doing better today after her surgery yesterday although she's still very much in pain. I think it will be a slow recovery process.


Exciting Happenings

Well I think it's official I have the flu. I've been trying to say I don't but I think I really do. I can't wait to go to bed - which is my next stop even though it's barely 8.

Today my company was acquired so there's some exciting happenings as well. I'm not sure of the workplace politics about sharing the press release so I guess I won't share by who it was acquired. Grandpa if you already bought their stock kudos to you as the price jumped like $3 with the sale. I'm sure this means good things as we will become an even more global company.

My mom's having surgery on her arm Friday. It's a pretty standard thing but I'm sure she's worried so keep her in your thoughts.

That's all for now I'm off to bed.


Colts Parade and Tuesday 10

Even though I'm a Cinncinati Bengals Fan I went to the Colts Parade yesterday since I do live in Indianapolis. It was soooo cold like -15 degrees now that's WAY COLD. Anyhow here's a few photos and a Tuesday 10 about this.

Here's me at the dome? Can you tell I have 3 pairs of pants on and 3 shirts under my coat?

And Jill outside the dome.
Players Float - Jill is the black hood and glove reach out to touch them.
Players Float. Don't ask me to name all these guys because I couldn't if I wanted to but #18 in the middle is Payton Manning.

Jim Irsary, Tony Dungy and Lombardi Trophy. Note you can see how cold it is from this photo - I love it.

Tuesday 10 - 10 Crazy things heard or seen at the Colts Championship Parade -

  1. "Joesph Addai touched this hand do you want to touch my hand and get a little greatness?"

  2. "My skin is intentionally colts blue"

  3. Some drunk guy passed out right inside the doors of the dome. He seemed to cause a major traffic congestion and the Dome Staff seemed perplexed about what to do. Eventually they hauled him off on a little cart.

  4. "Someone stole my Free Posters" yes someone was stealing peoples free posters - never mind they would give you 50 of them if you asked.

  5. Shorts and a jersey in 15 below weather. Have people lost their mind.

  6. The Bell Truck guy - this guy was driving in circles around the dome and the movement of his truck would ring his colts bell.

  7. "Watch out for that vommit"

  8. Blue Hair - in all sorts of styles mohawks, afros, clown wigs.

  9. Cloth Helment Face Mask Hats these just look so goofy I wish I had taken someone's photo of this.

  10. Drunk lady repetitively kissing players hands she almost was having trouble letting go. I think Player #15 was a little scared by this as his truck was stalled by her for at least a minute.