Wehoo for Retreat Planning!

We've been....

Spray Painting.
Making Goodie Bags.
Meeting for Lunch.
More Shopping.
Finishing Goodie Bags.
Chatting about Retreat.

Kim and I are hosting this years PAWs (Page-A-Week) Group Retreat and we have been planning up a storm this week. If you are coming look out this retreat is going to be FUN and PINK (that's our theme).

In other news Kim and I are road-tripping to a dairy farm this saturday with her kiddos to meet up with Jeanne and a few other friends. I can't wait and then Lita's getting baptized and Darah and Caroline are graduating! Yay for fun weekend plans!


Tuesday 10 - 10 Things I plan to Grill This Summer

We got a gas grill finally. And so of course I went to the grocery store to get all these fun things to make on the grill. So my Tuesday 10 is an ode to what is to come!
  1. Steak Kabobs
  2. Pesto Pizza
  3. BBQ Chicken
  4. Burritos
  5. Campfire Foil Packets
  6. Porkchops and Applesauce (no I don't plan to put applesauce on the grill but they sound too cute together).
  7. Corn on the Cob
  8. Grilled Sweet Potatoes
  9. Hawaiian Kabobs
  10. Grilled Baked Apples
I can't wait! Happy Summer Everyone!


The Worlds Largest Sporting Event

We had a wonderful time at the Indy 500 Yesterday even though it rained. It was a great show - our seats were not as nice as last year but by far still awesome for FREE. Here's a few of my photos.

Danica coming into the pits.
Dario (not winning but before the rain).
Jacques Lazier in the Pits!
Here comes the first wave of rain. Note we were under cover so we didn't get wet until we left.


Productivity Depsite the Mess

I've been scrapbooking despite the giant mess in my room. I actually was scrapping on the floor yesterday since ever square inch of the table it covered. I guess it's time to clean up. Here are some of the pages I made.

And also below these is the little book I made Kim for her birthday, I finally gave it to her a few weeks ago so I figured it's safe to post it now.


Fun mail!

So I finally opened up all my mail that's accumulated while I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. And check out what was in the mail. Jen from Mandarin Pixie sent me these because I guessed the date and size of her new baby! How fun is that! Thanks Jen I can't wait to put them together! I also had a bunch of bills and a few magazines and catalogs.


I {heart} Free

Today I got Free tickets to the Indianapolis 500. Jay and I weren't planning to go to any of the races this year since we went to several last year. But when Steve offered I figured what the heck. I probably could use the sun and it might be a fun time. And I {heart} free. Thank you Steve!

We rode our bikes tonight. What fun that is! Makes me wish that we could ride the to the pool when it gets warmer but it's to far.


Tuesday 10 - 10 Things I Loved about Arizona

Well since I'm back now and back on Indiana time. I thought I would make my Tuesday List about my Trip. Since I already told you about the heat I guess I'll do things I loved.

10 Things I Loved about Arizona:
  1. Cactus's - These are too cool much better in Arizona than the others I've seen elsewhere.
  2. The Resort - Beautiful place by far the nicest place I stayed despite being in the handicapped room.
  3. Free Condo's
  4. Seeing my co-workers - I miss them already!
  5. Hanging out with Dawn and Kailee - You guys are too cute!
  6. Mountain, Mountains, and More Mountains
  7. Old Town Scottsdale - How cute is this place
  8. Art Everywhere - it's on the fences, almost every street corner - very cool stuff.
  9. Pinnacle Peak Patio - Neat restaurant don't wear a tie there.
  10. Seeing and Experiencing new things.


Arizona has nice wildlife

Still no Javalinas I'm starting to think I won't see any. Yesterday we had a team meeting and then Tracy and I came out to her condo in Fountain Hills. We just messed around a bit. Then went to Pinacle Peak for supper (fun place I'll share more later). I gotta stop getting ready and leave to meet my friend Dawn and her daughter Kailee. More later.


Greetings from Team Meeting's in Phoenix

Here in Phoenix and MAN is in HOTT! something like 105 degrees you can fry an egg on the pavement literally and let me tell you whoever said that it's dry heat so it's cooler clearly doesn't walk around in the sun when it's this hot. I've showered and been in my air conditioned room for an hour and a half and I'm still a bit warm (probably my sunburn).

Anyhow we got in early today YAY - Southwest Airlines You Rock! And then we headed to my boss and a few other co-workers first hotel, we picked them up and got some breakfast which was really lunch (for those of us from the eastern timezone). Then we headed to the Palms Resort (near Camelback Mountain) very nice place although with my travel cruse wouldn't you know I'm in the handicapped room which has this odd set-up. Anyhow after that we hit old town Scottsdale (SUPER CUTE). We got some lunch - Tracy and I are going back tomorrow for some shopping too. Then we went to the zoo. Boy was that hot. the one animal I wanted to see (thanks to Tory's recommendation was a javalina and wouldn't you know I missed it. Oh well I googled it. That's just as good. Now we are back at the resort and chilling before our team dinner.

Here's a few photos from our journeys (if you can't tell I was assigned Al as my KES partner for our team activity tomorrow thus why he's in a bunch of photos I need to do a presentation on him. Sorry no captions I gotta run to the drug store for Jill before dinner.


Off to Phoenix

Well I'm off to Phoenix in a few days. I can't wait! I'm staying an extra day to have fun and not just work. If you know what I can do while I'm there let me know. My co-worker who's condo we are using just wants to hang by the pool clearly that's not an option.

I also need to make some kind of decision on what kind of car we are going to trade the Grand Am for at this point I'm not sure I can make a decision as anything sounds better than Sam (that's my Grand Am). Jay's front runner is the car we have this week a Buick Rendezvous which drives like a mini van (which I never thought I would say but I like it. I think I'm still leaning toward the Highlander or the Vue but I like the price of the Rendezvous and there are other perks to it as well. Perhaps I'll flip a coin.

BTW sorry no Tuesday 10 I worked until 8 last night and then completely forgot to do it. Have a great Wednesday!


Happy Mothers Day!

Hopefully you have a fabulous day mom. I tried to find photos of all of us when were were babies with just you but naturally I had to do some cropping. Sorry we aren't going to make it to Grandma's.

And here's a layout I did last night. Nothing fancy.


Jonathan -

I'm starting the door project today Jay and I heading out right now! I can't wait to show you want we come up with. Thanks for the reminder yesterday.

Love ya!


Do you think it's possible???

I'm walking around with some kind of weird electronic charge?

In addition to having some kind of weird hiccups and some kind of weird static when I touch things. In the last day I have touched or used the following electronic devices and I've crashed, locked up, just died or jammed all of them -
  • My laptop - crashed (it's really dead this time)
  • My Cell Phone - died (luckily I found a new battery unfortunately I now can only talk on it while holding it above my head as no place I go I have a reception except above my head)
  • My iPod - Froze up I didn't even do anything but want to skip a song.
  • The Baggage Tag Printer (3 of them in fact) - Jammed up
  • One small commuter jet - Technical problems back to the airport luckily we were able to get another plane.
Yes all of this in a single day. Is this a weird freak coincidence or is there really something bizarre behind this?


Tuesday 10 - 10 Reasons why I love me some Kim Shrum

Today is my friend Kim's birthday. So wanted to make my list in honor of her. Happy Birthday Kim!

"10 Reasons why I love me some Kim Shrum"
  1. She's not usually on time. And so she doesn't notice when I'm late! :D
  2. We can stay up all night scrapping.
  3. We can stay up all night chatting. ;)
  4. Because she's super sweet!
  5. She's always brings me fun presents.
  6. She's a fabulous lunch date.
  7. She loves a fun road trip! (Who else will go 4 hours with me to see some Corncrete among other things).
  8. Because she shares her Cropadile with me for months.
  9. She knows how to have a good time.
  10. Because everyone should have a few friends like her! (Try not to be jealous).
Happy Birthday Kim! Sorry your gift will be late this work thing is really slowing me down.


More from my travelog...

JJ and I went someplace "new" today Alexandria, VA. It's got the cutest little strip of shops and restaurant I wish they were still open. But I did get to see some of the sites here's a few of the hightlights of our adventute.

The steeple at the old courthouse.

Here we have JJ and I with a celebrity colonial (FYI he's like on the cover of the Alexandria Times or something. I almost went back and got his autograph.

A Lion Door knocker. How fun is this??
This is the view from our dinner table. We ate on the cutest little porch just big enough for one table. Too bad the food was so-so. And yes my favorite photo. Here I am mailing Jeanne her check that's been riding around in my purse for far too long. Note how stinkin' cool that mailbox is.

Tomorrow even more fun will be had as I'm going off to see Pam!


Just being lazy...

taking a little time tonight to just be lazy. And so I've been surfing the net here, here, and here are some fun things I saw and some more here and a little more here. And another one right here and check out these cool sewing projects here . And sometime I want to aspire to have a project to share every day in a month like this one here. And here we have a challenge to celebrate some moms. I "heart" mom.

And for those of you who aren't crafty. Here we have some other fun site. And just a few more here and yes here.

Tomorrow I'm working at the Mini Marathon giving out water several of my friends are running, and then I'm off to drop off my old washer for Joe and maybe take mom out for some Phan Shin - Nothing says happy Cinco De Mayo like chinese food ;). Sunday I have to back as I'm back on the road come Monday.

Happy Friday.


10 Highlights from the Weekend - Tuesday 10

Here's my list this week.

10 Highlights from this weekend:
  1. Tammy's new technique - Butt-Stamping what a hoot.
  2. Drinks and Chocolate Nachos at Cheeseburgers.
  3. 2 or was it 3 am run to Speedway for hot dogs and slurpies.
  4. The horrid stench in the hallway - man was that ever gross.
  5. The look on Stephanie's husbands face when I was telling my "underwear" story.
  6. Deb telling Glenna she was a lush. Poor Glenna gets a bad rap for nothing.
  7. The A-1 Sauce Experiment
  8. Jay's 19 phone calls during lunch you think he would remember what I say.
  9. Coming from behind in the Page Challenge game who would have thought Stacy would beat me.
  10. Hanging out with some of my BFFs - Jeanne, Kim, Glenna, Mimi, Janelle, Tammy, Dawn, Mandi, Stephanie, Jen, and anyone I might have forgotten.