11 Things on 11/11

1.  I like my oatmeal thick like cement with nuts and berries (or raisins).
2.  I never feel or am caught up on laundry.
3.  Being a one car family works best when I am on the road. 
4.  I am "thinking" about purging much from my craft room. 
5.  I despise yard work. 
6.  I semi cleaned the garage this weekend. 
7.  I wish my hot water would be hotter (I think our showers cap the temperature to prevent scalding - I want scald).
8.  Lately I have been watching movies on Netflix I feel very unproductive. 
9.  I matched 45 different socks this morning we still have at least 30+ with matches missing.
10.  I want a new SLR camera. 
11.  My new favorite nail polish brand is NYC Nails - for me it dries faster and seems to avoid chipping oh and it's like $.99 or $1.99 at walgreens. 


thea said...

cute idea .. I might have to copy... I like all your elevens. have a great week!

Anna said...

I have decided I like that nail polish best too.