Tuesday 10 - Post Memorial Day Tuesday

1. Succulents in my yard.  This lovely is called stonecrop and it's grown under the fence from my neighbor.  

2. Handmaids Tale on Hulu - I am a huge Elizabeth Miss fan since Mad Men and so I was all in for this my only complaint is I should have read the book first but either way I enjoy it.  
3. New small groups -  Jones is a huge fan, Isaiah has a basketball hoop. 
4. Day 24 of No Dr Pepper means no calorie drink mix ins my new best friend. 

5. Fitbit zip - trying the Fitbit again so far this one I am better at remembering.  I can clip it to my bra which I am more apt to wear it seems I am not sure if it's accuracy there but we'll see.  My kids always ask to try it on and wear it so now I need to get everyone one.  
6.  Glass jars - I have been using glass jars for to go drinks lately because I can never find lids or straws for my cups.  
7. Enjoying this crazy hair today.  
8. Almost finished clubhouse.

9. That these shoes finally fit Thea.  I bought them like a year ago in anticipation. 
10. The bright light at the end of baby bottles!  My kids have been on the struggle bus sleeping for almost a month.

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