Theaburf 18 months

18 months little bird.

You talk talk talk.  At 18 months you should say 2 word sentences.  Yesterday you said a 6 word sentence. 

You run away from me when I need you and then play get me by running around the car, table, room whatever it is.

You still have wispy blonde hair and blue blue eyes.

You weigh about 22 lbs.

You are becoming a picky eater you don't want to even try foods that look unfamiliar.  But you still love peas, carrots, broccoli and yogurt.

You don't want to be left and often will run after me when I am leaving shouting "I am coming!"

You don't really want to listen to books but will sit on my lap and play when I read to jones. 

You like to write usually with an ink pen rather than crayon or marker.

The other day you picked up your toys while I was in the kitchen changing over laundry.

You get soooo upset when you get in trouble.  I have started making you look me in the eyes when disciplining you and you fight me but then will soften and say sorry.

You are starting to learn to peddle your bike.  

You looooove to pull the wagon or ride in it.  

You tend to copy jones.

You also like to play simon says. 

You are 18 months going on 3.

Love you bunches!


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thea said...

what a cutie!