Colts Parade and Tuesday 10

Even though I'm a Cinncinati Bengals Fan I went to the Colts Parade yesterday since I do live in Indianapolis. It was soooo cold like -15 degrees now that's WAY COLD. Anyhow here's a few photos and a Tuesday 10 about this.

Here's me at the dome? Can you tell I have 3 pairs of pants on and 3 shirts under my coat?

And Jill outside the dome.
Players Float - Jill is the black hood and glove reach out to touch them.
Players Float. Don't ask me to name all these guys because I couldn't if I wanted to but #18 in the middle is Payton Manning.

Jim Irsary, Tony Dungy and Lombardi Trophy. Note you can see how cold it is from this photo - I love it.

Tuesday 10 - 10 Crazy things heard or seen at the Colts Championship Parade -

  1. "Joesph Addai touched this hand do you want to touch my hand and get a little greatness?"

  2. "My skin is intentionally colts blue"

  3. Some drunk guy passed out right inside the doors of the dome. He seemed to cause a major traffic congestion and the Dome Staff seemed perplexed about what to do. Eventually they hauled him off on a little cart.

  4. "Someone stole my Free Posters" yes someone was stealing peoples free posters - never mind they would give you 50 of them if you asked.

  5. Shorts and a jersey in 15 below weather. Have people lost their mind.

  6. The Bell Truck guy - this guy was driving in circles around the dome and the movement of his truck would ring his colts bell.

  7. "Watch out for that vommit"

  8. Blue Hair - in all sorts of styles mohawks, afros, clown wigs.

  9. Cloth Helment Face Mask Hats these just look so goofy I wish I had taken someone's photo of this.

  10. Drunk lady repetitively kissing players hands she almost was having trouble letting go. I think Player #15 was a little scared by this as his truck was stalled by her for at least a minute.


Anonymous said...

I love your list of 10 crazy comments! I just don't see how you could stand the cold!


Tammy said...

I want to know if you were wearing flip flops?!?!?! LOL!

Janelle said...

Fun pics! Glad you were able to go, and that you survived the cold!

Jodie M said...

Thanks so much for sharing your Colts parade photos for us Indy girls that live far, far away!
North Carolina transplant...
still a Hoosier at heart