A little incident

I was driving down Memorial parkway and it's like a mini highway (although I'm not entirely sure what the speed limit is. I was going about 60 and some guy going at least 80 maybe 100 came up right behind me like an inch from my bumper and then whipped around me and then back in front and spun me out I did a 360 and some kind of nutty zig zagging but I somehow managed to not hit anyone or anything. It was something straight out of a Nascar race. And quite a miracle I didn't hit anyone.

Then I met my dad for supper we had the cheesecake factory it was so yummy! I had some thai chicken something. No cheesecake though. luckily we walked there as I'm sure it was a million calories.

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Jodie said...

I hope the jerk looked in his rear view mirror and saw you spin and I hope that if he didn't stop to say sorry and see if you were hurt that he can't stop thinking about it and it nags him to death all day.
I am super glad that you wern't hurt Katie!!! Be careful in Boston!