Tuesday 10 - Ummm July

This month is breezing on by like the 20 million rainstorms we've had.  July started with my birthday and somehow now it's 20 days later and the to do list I made for the summer is not done yet!  Alas!  Anyhow here's 10 amazing things because my week needs them:
1.  Thimbleberry jam brought to me from my friends Dan and Megan.
2.  The way my baby plays peek a boo.  I think he is mimicking us but it's backwards
3. Amazing best friends.  Seriously thank you.
4. Christmas in July and getting to be crafty for a few days was a treat.
5.  I want to make this before summer ends.  Watermelon Pico from pioneer women. http://thepioneerwoman.com/cooking/2013/06/watermelon-pico-de-gallo/

6. New quilt finishes.  I am on the fence about giving this one away but jones has pretty much snatched it up.  
7. Also on my list making these craft bud pencil pouches.  We've been using zipper bags for all sorts of things around here and I need more! http://www.craftbuds.com/teacher-appreciation-pencil-pouches/
8.  Naan pizza super yummy.  I made these from random leftovers in my fridge on Naan bread and it was soooo good the naan was perfect crust.
9. The rain stopped long enough for a trip to the pool. 
10. YardSales! Also on my summer list I need to visit a few more and we need to clean out some stuff as usual.

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