Thea 3 Months

Oh Baby Thea - 
You are three months old now.  You are screaming less now which is amazing.  You also let me take you picture and sometimes you will even smile.
You like avoiding naps.
You like spitting up.
You like playing with your dolly.
You like standing up.
You like to sit upright rather than lay down.
You like to hold things.
You like mommy best.
You like watching Jonesy.
You like bath time.

You prefer being nursed than bottle fed.
You can't predict when you will go to sleep.
Sometimes we think your blonde hair is getting a reddish tint.
You have a hidden dimple that only pops up sometimes.
Your little face is not symmetrical.
You skin is creamy white.
You finally really fit into the last setting of your cloth diapers.
You were 9 lbs 13oz at the post office Monday.
I measured you at 24 inches long.

I like watching you interact with jones.
You are soooo tolerate of him, you don't mind if he smooches your cheeks or wants you to hold his ball.
You like to go out although you don't much like riding in the car.
People always comment on you when we go out they often think you are much younger or actually a doll.  
We try to explain dolls do not have this much gas or scream this much.
Love you always, 

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