22 months of Jonesy

I love this guy.  He was covered in dirt from the playground and dinner but we still took his picture (for some reason they look blurry in real life they aren't?) 
Dear Jonesy -
You are 22 months and so full of Joy.
Everything is exciting.  
The day I took these photos you woke up from your nap and requested "party".
"Yes" I said we decided to go to the park and out to dinner for "party".  
At the park you climbed the big kid ladder like a boss.  Holy cow you are getting so brave.
You still love ball especially "hoop ball", but you are so into soccer too you ask me every day about soccer.  
You have a new found interest in noises outside birds, rain, wind etc.  
You love going to feed the ducks.
You speak in sentences. 
I am slowly breaking you of wanting to watch Elmo by replacing it with other fun activities.  
You still like to call someone everyday.  You usually associate them to their relation to cats aka "meows".
You learned to open doors recently and opened your bedroom door and the fridge door (lookout).
You love it when I pick out a shirt with a ball on it.
We read Old McDonald had a Farm and Wheels on the bus in heavy rotation. (You like to sing along with them).
You love to use glue sticks, eyeballs, and scissors in craft projects.
You also throughly enjoy live music and are thrilled when we go someplace where there's a band.
You try and negotiate with me on things like snacks or goodies requesting 2 marshmallows not one or two stickers not one.
You sign please rather than say it.
And you continue to call auntie Kathleen more daddy although you have learned to say "KATHY" instead of Kathleen.  
You love Nana and Lita like crazy and often cry for them to come back when they leave.
You call Uncle JJ Deedee or DayDay and uncle Rob You call Row.  You have also started requesting to call them on the phone when nana or Lita aren't answering.  
Oh what fun you are.
Love you lots.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

This is so wonderfully written :)