Thea 4 months

Oh baby Thea.  Still so tiny but getting more mellow.  We think we know why you are fussy so much we think it's boredom.  We've been trying to keep you entertained when you start fussing and it seems to be working.  Bonus. You also are not a fan of strangers if it's not a familiar face or smell you tend to scream.
Dear Thea - 
4 months brings exploring with your hands.
You reach for everything and get it! 
You explore faces and textures with your hands.
You stopped sleeping thru the night and get up between 2-6 times a night which is terrible for mommys sleep.  
You started take two naps which is new for you.
You like to play with your dolly as well as other textured noise making toys.
You love bath time it calms you. 
You scream talk which is so cute.  
You pull yourself up and attempt to get out of your rocker.  
Your drinking between 3-5 ounces at a time.  And prefer nursing to bottles.  
You are very interested in food.
You are very interested in Jones and what he's doing and will follow him with your eyes.
You also seem to listen to him when he talks to you.  
You reach for me most anytime you see me - clearly a mommys girl.
You weigh 10 lbs and 10oz and are 25 inches tall.  Long and lean.
You can sit up unassisted for a few seconds and roll over. 
Ohhhh little birdie.
Love you - Mommy
Bonus a few snaps of you not for monthly pictures.  

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