47 - National Park - Muir Woods

One of our day trips on vacation was to Muir Woods to see giant redwoods (we actually visited three other national parks too and got passport stamps at 2 of them but I am crossing this off as "the national park even though it's not a new to me park it was for the kids and kathleen).  
We made the decision to leave the stroller and as we hiked the maybe half mile from the car to the park and Jonesy probably spent all his energy.  Because once we got into the park he immediately was over it.  He demanded to be carried.  He only wanted to see the water not the big trees.  He threw his water cup down and spilled it on the trail - not my usual happy boy and he napped most of the way to the park. It was quite terrible but several other parents had sympathy for us.  
Anyhow we still did a baby hike with the babies in tow, and tried not to let Jones's attitude spoil the fun or beauty of the park.  And go figure as we approached the end of the hike he wanted to run around and enjoy himself.  He happily played next to giant redwoods while Kathleen got the car and I fed Thea. 

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