File this under things I want to remember, pumpkin carving 2016.  Jones could not have been more enthusiastic...
As I dug out supplies. 
As we covered the table with newspaper and created a guts bin.
As he waited for daddy to carve off the top.
As he drew on his pumpkins.
As I let him hold a little carving knife and cut.
As we dug out the guts.
As he showed Thea what he was doing.
As he handed her tools baby safe.
As I pulled chucks of the pumpkin that were carved.  
As he decided it looked exactly like a snowman.
As he put the candle in and it lit up.
As he fed it pumpkin seeds and rocks while waiting for daddy to carve the second one.
His entire face was joy and awe.
To him this was all pure magic. 

Jones without hesitation wanted snowman pumpkin and spooky on Thea's.   Thea was very interested in the happenings and we had to keep her from eating the pumpkin seeds.  I cannot wait until she is helping too.

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thea said...

love it!!