jonesburf 27 months

Dear Jonesy -
You are infectious with energy and joy.  Everyone is always telling me this.
You are talking up a storm. 
You delight in simple pleasures a marshmallow, seeing a "cool bus" (school), practicing standing on one foot, summersaults, pushing Thea in a clothes basket.
You have started picking Thea up to carry her.  Surprisingly you can. 
You are doing much better with the potty.
You love to paint especially with your hands and belly.
You are very curious about new things.
You spot something that's new everytime we change something or put a letter on the table.
You are learning the days of the week and we sing the happy days song.
You can do the abcs exactly, although sometimes you start at l.
You love stop signs/octagons and can recognize them even when not a stop sign.
You sometimes speak to me in some Spanish and sometimes in French.
You love singing and dancing.
You love sweaters/sweat shirts.
You are having trouble sharing.
You started a "new school" sitter and enjoy it - you actually don't cry at drop off. 
You have a memory that is so sharp.
Songs you sing on your own, You are my Sunshine, happy birthday, twinkle twinkle, and Fere Jacques 
Favorite foods - gum, chili, apples, and pretzels, beef sticks.
Mommy loves Saturday's because we do something fun together. 
Mommy loves when you talk to Thea to tell her what we are doing or where we are and how you try and help her.
Daddy reads you skippy jon jones and chicka chicka boom boom every night and you point out your favorite parts.
Love you so much mommy
Photos were taken at a local graffiti wall.  While we were there some photographers with big mega camera were also there, I think with a local hip hop star and they asked to take jones's picture too. So of course I let them.  He thought he was a big deal. (My better images were taken on my big camera (which was not so impressive next to theirs) but alas I am too lazy to upload them right now).

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thea said...

how fun! do you think you'll see the professional pictures some time?