Theaburf - 8 months

Thea lady -
8 months!  I actually caught myself telling people you were 9 months (shame on me).  You are just so smart and thoughtful.  We see you thinking all the time.  It's so cute.  Anyhow more about you at 8 not yet 9 months.
You like to go go go. 
You crawl and cruise with the fierceness.
You are starting to let go to walk but your balance is still not right.
You jibber jabber and sometimes we swear it's real works like "yes", "kiss", "no".  But I think it's jibber jabber.  
You don't have any teeth yet.  
You seem to like to poo and pee out of your diaper more than you keep it in.  It's so perplexing to me.
You love to eat.  Baby food. Adult food.  Things jones gives you.  Items on the floor (uh oh).  But you gobble it up and what more.
Favorites are probably baby Cheetos and apples and sweet potatoes.
You don't like peaches.
You dance to Music.
Hum the abcs.
You can clap, wave and kiss on command.
You understand the word "no".
You live to stay up late.
And napping seems to be optional for you.

Your hair is coming in and it's wispy blonde hair that sticks out all over.  
At you go to sleep on daddy.
You watch jones like a hawk. 
You like to splash in the bath.
You giggle when we blow raspberries on your belly it's so hilarious. 
Jones and I like to sing you the Tom Jones song "she's a lady".   We changed the chorus so it says "she's oh whoa whoa she's a baby lady".  
It's so fun to watch you grow little lady. 
Love always mommy

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thea said...

Looks like she's finally getting some rolls ...