Theaburf 11 Months

Hey Girl - 
You are so funny.  
You understand us when we talk and often chime in or nod to things.  
You love to play music and dance to music. 
You love to play with any toys jones is playing with. 
You often try to walk around carrying one or two toys.  
You are so sassy. 
You will give me kisses at bed time. 
You adore taking baths and if we say bath time you stop whatever and head to the bathroom.  
You love drinking from a sippy cup.  
If we are cooking you will come into the kitchen and try to climb into your chair for dinner/lunch/breakfast. 
You are a big fan of pouches, cheese, goldfish crackers, soup, beans, peas, carrots, apples.
Generally you want to taste whatever we are eating. 
You have three teeth and another one coming. 
You like to go to sleep around 8 then wake up an hour later and go back to bed when we do. 
You love the museum just like jones. 
Your hair is growing and you often try to put on things you think are hairbows. 
You love shoes.
You are our sweet little girl. 
Love you much, 

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thea said...

very sweet!