Jonesburf - 31 months

Hello 31 months!
You are rocking potty training finally.  We are having less and less accidents.  
You love going places and often ask to go downtown, Target, museum, chicken place, etc. 
You love doing projects.
You are very excited for following directions.
You can't wait to play outside.  
You pick up phrases we say all the time. 
Your favorite thing to eat right now is blueberries. 
You had your first dentist visit, you rocked it.
You often ask Thea questions like "you want a snack? You want to take a bath etc"
Sometimes you are very aggressive with her we are working on that. 
You notice all sorts of changes, new calendar, moved lamp etc.  Hawk-eyes 
You love moms new van and the tv in it.  
You keep telling Kathleen she needs a husband, and kids. 
Keep learning keep growing mister.
Love mommy

Ps this might be my favorite mural from the fountain square eye doctor.  

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thea said...

how fun! can't wait to see you guys ... just don't know when that will be.