3 years Jones Boy!

Holy cow!  3 years old.  

This is three and it's so fun!

yes my child is repping a single sock and his pride robot shirt with his red sweatshorts.  

He dresses himself most days now and the struggle is real.  

He also calls these pumas his "memorial day shoes" because they are red white and blue.  

He is always super into the dinosaurs at the museum and says hello and bye bye everytime.  

He asks me a bazillion questions like what do dinosaurs eat, where do they sleep, when will they come to my house etc etc it's so tiring.  

He also insists some answers I provide to his life lessons are wrong.  

His current favorite food is cherries, he likes 80s-90s pop in the car, he requests we read transformers and Pete the cat.  

He is swimming more and more and getting more proficient.

He gives me this cheesy smile when I ask him to smile for pictures.  

He is potty trained except overnight.

He loves plants and is interested in gardens.

He asks to make "projects" aka crafts usually daily.

He has such a sharp memory. 

He enjoyed his birthday. 

He declares things his favorite. 

He often will ask "this or that" and then waits for you to respond. 

He snuggles me when he's tired.

He will kiss my forehead when he deems that it's needed.

I love you so much jonesy.


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