Conversations with Jones

This morning on the way to school Jones presented all these ideas he had:
1. Him -  “Mom I need keys.  I want to be Mr Craig and teach school and lock the doors.  Do you think I can grow a beard.”
Me - “you want to be a teacher?”
“Yes Mr Craig he has keys to lock the door.  I want to lock the doors.”
Then later at school he announces to Mr Craig “Hey there are now two Mr. Craig’s.  me and you.  I am getting keys and a beard. Then I will be grown up and be you.”
Everyone had a good laugh.  The other teachers who heard are now calling him Mr. Craig.

2. Him “Mom can we discuss what is happening after school?”
Me - “sure we need to go to the store.”
Him - “sure. Before dark,  I want a picnic, and campfire.”
Me - “it’s supposed to rain all evening.”
Him - “we have blankets.  Do they have camphouses atthe store?  Do you think we need to dig a hole for our campfire? Maybe Mrs Linda wants a campfire at her house?”
Me - “it’s winter but we could get a tent from the garage when it’s warmer, we have a few.”
Him - “can we campfire? We need a hole and bricks and pokers.”
Me - “perhaps we should research the fire pit.  We could probably make one when it’s warmer and everything isn’t all wet.”
Him - “I think mrs Linda has one already we can borrow hers”
Me - “you can ask”

3.  Him - “do crocadillys like guacamole?”
Me - “no I think crocodiles like chickens and fish and birds.”
Him - “ahh so they like chicken-fish guacamole and probably corn dogs ”
Me - “exactly.”

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thea said...

Too funny! He's such a talker. Does Thea talk as much?