Halloween Crafts

We’ve been working on Halloween crafts.  We saw these cute pumpkins at Kroger’s that had hair and faces and the kids wanted them but since we’ve already bought like 10 pumpkins we just made our own.  We got our supplies from our craft bin and glued things on.  Jones glued a little of everything Thea however was very particular about what eyes and pieces she wanted.  

jones found eye cartons in the recycle bin and needed to make something with them.  I suggested Monsters.  And some we made monster puppets.  
Here’s Thea’s she wanted it to have a True hairbow (the Pom poms)
And Jones’s  this one has a package in its mouth.  
This guy has eyes in his mouth and a big mustache.

And here’s mine 

We are planning some found item fall crafts too but haven’t done them yet.  

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