The British are coming & the birth of a great nation...

Jay and I toured the Freedom Trail today. We saw every site along the trail - it's so rich in history - truly awesome. My favorite part was Paul Revere's house and the North End - Italian restaurants and cobblestone - hello that is Fantastic! I just want to know how horses and carriages navigated that cobblestone without breaking their legs or wheels? And who the heck laid out all those bricks? Talk about hardwork grandeous! Jay really liked the north end as well and the birds eating fish at the charles river.
I won't bore you with all the details of each site you can read about it online I'm sure. But here's some of the pictures we took...
Old North Church and Paul Revere

Bunker Hill and a cannon in the Boston Naval Yard

Jay and Bunker Hill.
The Cobblestone at the North End
Cobb Burial Ground. How cool are the old headstones.
Me and a donkey.
Boston Meeting House.
Fanieul Hall & Me and Sameul Adams
Ben Franklin and the Courthouse
Jay and a Puritan
Birds fishing.


Anonymous said...

One of my students spent a week last summer in Boston and saw all kinds of historic places. She often talks about it when we are doing American Lit. I would love to go visit there sometime.


Jodie said...

Katie, your pictures are great. The colors really pop! Great day for sight seeing. I really love the cobblestone road photo!