Mess of Photos

Kim you don't want to read this but I am so loving some daylight savings time! Finally when I get off work it's not pitch black outside and I actually have like 2 hours where there's semi decent light so my exploration photos are a little better. So here's some things I've seen...

I thought at first this was an art sculpture but it looks as though it's some kind of new fangled playground? Anyone know?
I love to see the rowers on the river. Makes me want to try it.
Kendall Square (not so exciting).
More crew teams.
This is where I will be living after Easter.
Fun Art this one is definitely not a playground.
The Boston Skyline from Memorial Drive. I can't wait for the sailboats to be on the river.

The Galleria Mall - sometimes the clientel is a little sketchy but they have nice stores. Harvard.
And more Harvard.

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Pam said...

great photos!! Glad you are enjoying the extra hours after work.