Harbor Hog Roast Hoedown

Well as a special treat my arrival to eagle harbor occured on the same day as the eagle harbor hog roast hoedown so my cousin kelly and I went. Carol who also is like the best ever cabin arranger; is also a super gracious hostess and introduced us to all sorts of eagle harbor folk and shared all the details of the event like the special dances, and how the pitchin worked and all that jazz. And she even was the MVP of hog roast because when someone stole the cooler kelly was storing her wallet and I was storing my phone in. Carol chased after them and got it back. She totally rocks! Unforuntately the cops didn't apprehend the juveniles. We met some fun people and some people with long eh historys so that was fun too. Unforunately I only took one picture and I'm not sure Kelly would like me to share it so tomorrow i share pics.


Jodie said...

All I've got to say is who doesn't love a hoedown?? and so glad that you got that phone back. That's all you need is another missing phone!! Take it easy!

Aunt Thea said...

where are the pictures???