Peanut Butter, Lettuce & Mayo!

Yep that's right Grandpa Kelly loves himself some peanut butter mayo and lettuce sandwiches. and he doesn't mess around with them he goes all out loading them up with lots of peanut butter and mayo. He tells us it's yummy. We're taking his word for it because nobody wanted a bite.


jen said...

heheh. my grandpa did the same thing. but added onion, pickle, and bologna too. yum?

erin said...

cute pic.
disgusting sounding sandwhich! lol!
why do grandpa's enjoy strange eating combinations?

Jodie said...

Uh, yuck! My dad likes peanut butter and bologna. ick!

Anonymous said...

peanut butter, lettuce and mayo sandwiches are surprisingly tasty... once you get over the "ick!" factor.

- jj

Janelle said...

Um... no, thanks! LOL!

Katie, I love all the old pics you shared earlier on your blog ~ how cool!!