Babyburf 8 Months

Dear BabyBurf -
You are 8 months now and on the go.  This is my favorite you yet!  Although all the others were fun too. Things of note:
- You are edging towards crawling and walking I am sure any day now you'll have these mastered.
- You think your tray on you bumbo chair is amazing its your favorite toy.
- you can take the donuts off the tower putting them back not so much.
- You can remove puzzle pieces too again putting them back is not so good.
- We started working on hand eye coordination with various foods - you have mostly mastered it.
- And you now stash puffs in your fist!
- You are sleeping in your crib now however this means you will wake up at least once at night I am guessing because it doesn't snuggle you.
- you wear size 12 months and are starting to outgrow some of those clothes.
- you got your first two teeth and its precious to see you smile and feel them with your tongue.
- you push cars back and forth and until they roll away or off the table.
- You squirm and wiggle most of the time making things like diaper changes more complex.
- you love swim class and now bath time is more fun.
- it makes you so sleepy.
- I love when you snuggle me and hug me when I pick you up.  
- I love when you gibber gabber with me and act as if it is a real conversation.
- I love when we play balls and you realize you are throwing it and clap for yourself.
- I think swim class is so fun you splash and watch the other kids and interact it's too cute.
- I am not looking forward to the day when everything needs to be put up as we are running out of space!
- Daddy is always trying to keep you from pulling his beard but you do anyway.
- He likes to buy you surprises like cookies and toys.
- Daddy likes when you wake up at night and he's just home from work so he can snuggle you.
- Daddy had a whole weekend with you for Valentine's Day and he introduced you to some of his friends and you wore him out.
- daddy throws you up and swings you - you love it. 
I love you little baby man.
Love mommy
PS these photos explain it all you are ready to move.

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thea said...

Can't wait to see him live and in person .. also can't wait to see the pictures of each month side by side showing how he's grown. Such a cutie!