Tuesday 10 - End of February

1. Trips to Museums with this guy.
2. Ceiling fan installation
3. Nanna Anna so thankful for this.
4. Finding my Fitbit after losing it at swim class.  Still works too.
5. #babyburfs delight in his new seat and seeing out the window.  He also likes when I scrap ice from his window.
6. Quilts to cuddle up under in this cold.
7. Gyros - there's a not a lot of Greek or Mediterranean places in Indy but I love finding a good gyro this one was $8 with a lemonade at Big City Diner and Lemonade.  Very good too.  
8. Babies visiting my home office and saying mamamamama over and over.
9. Getting to spend Saturday with a friend at the museum it was like old times with a baby - LOL
10. Planning vacation.

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