Tuesday 10 - Why it's valentines this week??

Last week flew by this week is dragging, ever so slowly Tuesday feels like Thrusday!  I am going away for the weekend with my quilt guild super pumped about that so let's make that number 1!
1) quilt guild retreats.  (Maybe their will be some amazing inspiration like this quilt by  Darcie pattern by Amy seriously these girls are AWESOME)
2) Finishing up our family photos shoot with Miranda (this snap was by me however)
3) house hunting - I love seeing the potential/lack of in all the different places.
4) sunny winter days.  It makes your furnace going out better.
5) making it to Day 10 no soda (that real impressive).
6) Babies ready for swim class
7) finishing project life 2014!  (Photos soon)
8) babies in sweaters (this could be on my list weekly)
9) google seriously I google something new everyday Google is my homeboy
10) last but not least - fixing my disposal myself!  That's winning.

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