BabyBurf 10 Months

Dear BabyBurf - 
Your little hugs, wet kisses and snuggles are awesome.  I could listen to you gibber gabber all day.  Being your mommy is so good - so good.  10 months was celebrated with uncle Jono and Aunt Lo in Colorado.  You are quite the traveler little guy.  Here's a list of things about you right now -
+ Favorite food hands down beans.  If there are beans anywhere on the table other things are not eaten.
+ Other foods tried - pizza, spaghetti, ham, raisins, and baby Cheetos.
+ You pretty much like all these things except for some spinach corn mix you tried.
+ You tried bananas again and decided they were your jam too. 
+ You can drink from a straw now and continually want grandma, mommy and daddy to share. 
+ You love to rubberneck when we go out especially when girls are nearby.
+ You LOVE to play with balls.
+ you test most roundish toys to see if they throw/bounce like balls.  
+ You crawl like crazy now.
+ You took Cruising to a whole new level and now can stand by yourself.
+ you sing along with the Elmo song.
+ You squirm and try to get off the changing table when we change you.
+ your favorite word is Addah which we have no idea what means.  
+ you also like to scream when you want something since you can't talk although we are working on sign language.
+ you probably weigh about 25lbs and are starting to thin out and up.
+you are very similar to Ivy the cat the similarities are insane. 
+you like to help aka open and close the dishwasher/dryer
+you love to go outside even just the porch, if the front door is open you love to push out the screen and try to crawl out.
+ Daddy likes to toss you up in the air.  
+ Daddy likes to take you to see his friends in Seymour.
+ Daddy enjoys when we take you places like the zoo, or park.

+ Mommy constantly wears food you smeared on her all day without noticing.
+ Mommy has been trying to take you for a walk everyday.
+ Mommy does not like how you scream when trying to tell me you want something.
+Mommy loves how you follow me around and will actually come when I talk to you. 
+Mommy often mimicks your noises which you like.
+mommy picks up after you between 5-10 times a day.
+Mommy loves when you smoosh your little face against hers in delight.
Your getting so big and smart little man.
Love you lots.

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thea said...

great pictures and great lists!