Tuesday 10 - End April

It's the of April, and we are just back from vacation.  anyhow here's a list best I love love lists:
1. Priceless Babies Riding in Carts.  Jones got to ride in the back of the cart the other day and it was like a baby rollercoaster pure delight.  Daddy was terrified but Mommy wasn't worried.
2. $4 thrift store finds that entertain babies.  I hate that it's plastic but it's moving outside when this stormy days stop.
3. Visiting with these two.  I miss them already Denver is too far!
4. Baby Play dates.  Baby scowls are the best.  They really did have fun.
5. grandma.  She is such a blessing to us.  I have been trying to capture photos of them together.  Here he is "helping" with laundry.
6. Indy - we got a lot of bad publicity lately but we aren't just a bunch of backwards hicks.  Indy is a great city.
7. Hot springs even in the snow - so good.
8. Rainbow scrap projects 
9. Zoo memberships.  We have now been to the zoo four times this year. This was our first carousel.
10. Big things like the big dog seen here.  

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