4:12 Rolled Sugar Cookies

I have made Sugar Cookies many times before usually using the Betty Crocker Recipe or Julie's Recipe (a friend).  But since I am trying 12 new recipes this year I found an alternative recipe.  We cheated though and used store bought icing.

The recipe I used is here from Family Spice true to form I modified it and added 2 tsp of vanilla and 1 tsp of almond extract.  http://familyspice.com/recipes/recipe/?recipe_id=458. 
They cookies turned out pretty good, Dustin said he likes the usual recipe better because it's more doughy less cakey.  But I think these were good and soft and not to sweet.  I did make 1.5x the recipe because 4 of us were decorating seems we run out of creative ideas at about 3 cookies each so we could have just done the 1x recipe.  I also cut everything in circles because I don't have many Halloween shapes, but I think that worked perfectly.  

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