preschool age 1

Jones started preschool in August.  It's really just a semi expensive daycare that has structured activities for all the children.  But I feel better calling it "school" rather than daycare.
It's been a huge change around here it's so weird not having him to hang out with at lunch or to pop in and say "hi mama" during the day.  It's also been a struggle for both me and him at the drop offs.  He cries and wants me to stay and play.  We've maybe had 4 days where there wasn't crying.  Apparently it lasts just a few minutes.  But still it's heart breaking, leaving your baby with virtual strangers day in and day out.  Ugh!
But it's also been good.  I am much more productive at work there's consistency in the sitter and he actually loves school.  He shows me his favorite toys at pickup and he's been learning things like picking up toys and blowing his nose.  It also makes me appreciate our evenings and weekends together sooooo much more.  
Anyhow I was originally only going to share his first school pic but then I got to rambling.  Anyhow here it is - no smiling Jones dressed in a ridiculous onesie because mommy forgot it was picture day. Oh well!  I love it anyhow.

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