Jonesburf 24 months

Dear Jonesy -
Holy cow you are two little man.  You are so full of energy, joy and spunk.  You make each day better but it's always a challenge.  
You talk so much and we have whole conversations.  You make decisions like chicken or hot dogs.  You repeat most everything you hear sometimes you pick up phrases from people like "woo bro" or "ya honey".  
You run, jump, walk backwards, sideways and waddle. You love ball any kinds but especially basketball.  Each day  we play between two and four ball related games. You often dance to music or no music but you wiggle your hips all the time.
You like building blocks and crafts.  And we paint, draw, do beads, playdoh and sticks regularly. 
You absolutely love to go out.  Favorite places are downtown, target, museum, and the park.  And let's not forget live music any event with music and you are so in. 

You love parties.  Weddings. Birthdays.  New babies.  Any excuse for party and you are all signed up.  (Birthday party post coming).  
Thea is your pal.  You explain to her where you are, tell her it's okay, try to comfort and breast feed her.  You are a very serious big brother.  
We digress on potty training, and have had several episodes of "No" or times where timeout was necessary. 
Mommy is so excited watching you mature and change.  I love you to the moon and back at enjoy when you grab my face for a hug and a kiss.  I also like that you still want to be carried and snuggled.  
Love love love. Mommy
These photos were taken with a wall at The Tube Factory they are less that perfect and most were super blurry and I had to change his pants into unmatching basketball shorts before I snapped them because he had an accident, but real life people real life. 

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thea said...

Happy Two! So glad we got to spend some time with you in June. I need to plan a trip to Indy - maybe next year.