32 - Christian Park playground 3

For the record this is actually playground 3, one was up in Carmel we went for a birthday party, and one was Southeast way park both were good playgrounds but not close.  
Christian Park however is literally like 2 miles from our house.  We stopped at the playground bit for like 2 minutes but it was sweltering hot like 93 degrees humidity 95% so we hit the splash park which is right next to the playground.
I took no photos at the playground but I am pretty sure we will be back.  I do want to point out that this splash park is free and not with a pool which is fun however it makes for changing babies out of wet clothes a little awkward.  Thea however enjoyed the splash park as well siting on the side with a little splash hitting her and watching big kids run by.
I was pleasantly surprised though the park was very clean and the other kids who were bigger were nice enough to include jones in their games.  Note:  Jones loves splash parks and plays so hard and so joyfully when in the water.  He literally laid on top of a sprayer, and under the giant spill bucket.  And my favorite was him doing push-ups with much older boys in the spray.  
We will be back again soon new park.  

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thea said...

Looks like a blast!